Peter Morville – Getting Back to Basics – From Being Human #79

So what I see in the
business world today is an amnesia, a lot of
the knowledge that we developed, the skills
and practices around information architecture
that we developed in the 90s and early 2000s
have been forgotten by many UX teams.
So very often, when I’m working today, I’m brought
into an organization that has a significant user
experience operation going. They might have 10 or 20
or 50 people, none of whom have any deep information
architecture expertise. So before we worry too much
about how to advance the cutting edge of information
architecture, we really need to figure out some
ways to make sure that people who are
practicing UX have a better IA tool set because
people are just making mistakes that we figured
our way around in the 1990s. Part of it is just getting
the basics right.

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