Pet Friendly Places

[MUSIC] [SAM]>>Hey everybody. I’m Sam,
and this is my baby boy, my best friend, my puppy dog, Rocky. He’s a 4-year-old English Bulldog
and on this episode of My Pet Children, we’re going to answer the age-old question, “Is a dog a man’s best friend?”
Yes. I can tell you that this baby boy is
my best friend. He’s my baby,
he’s my glory, he’s everything. We love to entertain all 17
of our fans on social media. Hey, what’s up? Hey everybody!
We’re back for our morning episode, The Sam and Rocky Show.
I’m Sam. He’s Rock. We take our meals very seriously.
We don’t take ourselves very seriously. And we love to explore our city. Breakfast is the most
important meal of the day for a dog. Ever since Mark Wahlberg partnered with Hy-Vee, Rocky’s been taking his fitness very seriously. That’s why after his bowel of dried dog food, Rocky eats egg whites, chicken sausage,
peanut butter, topped with a vitamin by his request. After he’s done eating my food,
it’s time to do a little cardio. [ROCKY]>>Grrrrr….
[SAM]>>After that… … it’s on to self defense.
[ROCKY]>>Woof! [CRASH] [SAM]>>Yeah… Get it buddy!
Now it’s time to hit the road, baby! Stop one of the day, caffeinated beverages. Here at Starbucks to get myself a drink
and him a Puppuccino. Ohhh… here’s the Puppuccino. Here. Want to finish that while we’re waiting?
There you go. Rocky understands in the dead of winter,
walking outside is not very comfortable, especially for your owner, so Rocky did his research and he discovered this craze
that’s been going on since the 1960’s. It’s called “Mall Walking.” Actually, I don’t know if that’s entirely accurate. However, I only advise “Mall Walking”
for your furry friend if he or she are potty trained. Watch out for that escalator, Rock. After Rocky picks up his baseball
from Pet Friendly Shields, it’s time to go to another pet shop. Unlike all humans, Rocky
knows exactly what he wants. Whenever he goes into a pet store,
and after he finds his toy, he waits patiently in line to give it
to the cashier while I pay. [MUSIC] [SQUEAKING TOY] Thank you.
Wait Rocky! Look both ways! Good job! Well, buddy, you have 3 toys.
It’s been an hour and a half. Maybe shouldn’t have taken the day off.
Just kidding! Another one of Rocky’s favorite
business establishments is Lowe’s. Not only because he is a renovator,
but because it is puppy friendly. [ROCKY]>>Oh, hey guys.
Oh ho! That’s the spot! [SAM]>>After a long day
of spending my money, Rocky needs to recharge his mind.
So he looks no further than the state of Iowa Historical Society.
That’s right, ladies, he is a thinker. Again, I also want to note
that before you take your puppy into the state of Iowa Historical Society,
make sure he or she are potty trained. Hey Rock, we better hurry up so we
don’t miss that picture with Santa Claus. Do you mind if I get us in the holiday spirit? [HOLIDAY MUSIC] Just like any young
girl or boy, after a long day, a nap in the car never hurt anybody,
except for you, Rock. Wake up! Just kidding! And finally, Rocky
understands the importance of a third impression. That’s why he takes his hygiene very seriously. How does that feel, buddy? And yes, because I love spoiling this little boy, after his bowl of dry bulldog food, Rocky gets to enjoy
some of Hy-Vee’s most freshest seafood. Well, Rock! Don’t get too busy
devouring that tasty tuna steak, you have a time commitment with Santa! All right buddy, look at the camera. [CAMERA CLICK]
Happy Holidays! [MUSIC]

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