Pet Dish TV – How to manage jumping and mouthing in dogs

On this week’s episode of Pet Dish TV we tackle the issues of jumping and mouthing and how to get the best version of your best friend. Hey everyone, I’m Zach and this is Pet Dish TV. One of the most common questions our behavior experts at Animal Humane Society get is: “How do I get my dog to stop jumping?” Jumping and mouthing are completely natural for dogs but there are some simple things us people can do to help curb these behaviors. Jumping and mouthing are very natural behaviors for dogs and remember, if your dog is only a year old your dog still has a lot of puppy behaviors. Dogs play and explore by using their mouths. Jumping is also a way that dogs attempt to get attention. So the most important thing to remember when a dog jumps on you is to be a tree; simply ignore the behavior and turn around, and once your dog has stopped jumping and has all four feet back on the floor that’s the time to interact with your dog, give them attention and give them treats for remaining on the ground. It’s also very important to have a lot of toys around. A dog that is mouthy needs an outlet for that behavior. So instead of mouthing on you, give them a toy. Squeak a toy and toss it away from you to get your dog’s attention on to that toy. That gives them an appropriate outlet for that energy and for that mouthy behavior. Also, always have treats on you. It’s a great way to reward your dog when your dog is demonstrating that appropriate behavior when they’re not jumping. Give them a treat. That increases the likelihood that your dog will offer sitting instead of jumping over and over again. While it’s really cute when puppies jump on us and mouth remember your puppy is going to grow up and when that puppy weighs 50 or 60 pounds, it’s not that cute anymore and it can be a lot of work to manage. That’s why it’s so important to address the jumping and mouthing behaviors when puppies are still very young, or when any dog is young. Now even if your dog is older, if you’ve adopted an older dog you can still address these behaviors. But if you have a puppy, it’s never too early to start. Redirecting that mouthy behavior on those toys and reinforcing your puppy for not jumping on you and remaining on the floor to get attention. And if you’re looking for more ways to get the best version of your best friend training classes are a great route to go. AHS hosts more than 100 training classes each week at four different locations throughout the Twin Cities metro area For a full listing, check out our website at And for more animal-related stories be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check out our Pet Dish TV playlist. Thanks for joining us for this week’s episode of Pet Dish TV. We’ll see you next time!

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