Persuasive Speech

all right hello my name is Ricardo and today I'm gonna be showing you guys why you should buy an electric car all right we all know gas can be very expensive you're probably looking about spending $35 a week on just gas so I made this table so you can see how much money you're spending each year in just gas so let's say you're driving a thirty mile per gallon vehicle and let's just say you you drive one thousand five hundred miles per month and let's just say gas costs around three dollars and fifty cents which is pretty much the average you're gonna be spending one hundred and seventy five dollars just in a month and I calculated that if you multiply by 12 you'll be getting $2,100 in a year's and that's just gas so you're gonna be spending $2,100 in just gas so what if I tell you that if you switch to an electric car you can be spending only $1,000 and you can cut that into half that's a lot of money savings so so yeah many of us are unaware about the many benefits of having an electric car so you can be saving thousands of dollars each year so what are you waiting for even though I myself don't have an electric car I will be making the switch after discovering the many benefits of having an electric car after gathering facts from professionals and and credible researchers not only will you be saving money each year but it is better for the environment and it is also safer it sounds like a 1-1 to me right so yeah again we are unaware of the many benefits the electric car can provide mainly because it is new to us because technology is new and this is something new to us specifically for adults but we what we currently drive is hurting us in many ways and that we don't know about one of the biggest drawbacks of driving a gas car is air pollution yes each year the US alone is responsible for 1.7 billion tons of co2 released into the atmosphere from just a tailpipes of the gas cars and that is according to the Environmental Protection Agency so yeah a carbon dioxide can have many devastating effects as you can see a contrary some melting IceCaps rising oceans what can cause flooding if you guys didn't know and warmer climates so it's really bad for the environment and also for our health another bad thing about driving gas cars are is the expensive since almost everyone drives a gas car and everyone needs gas the price increases so you know like a long time ago gas didn't cost too much maybe it was like a couple cents but now that more and more people are having gas cars the prices are starting to increase so yeah every year the average driver can spend up to three thousand dollars and just gas each month and that amount is expected to increase so yeah gas cars have been the preferred method of driving for as long as cars have ever been in existence with its many negative effects there's only one solution you guys know it electric cars so yeah the switch to electric car can provide many benefits like I've been talking about this whole time but what benefits am I talking about well it's proven to be better for the ecosystem as well as it improves air quality and it reduces climate change just because it doesn't have an exhaust pipe like the gas cars do not only that but gas electric cars costs much less than in the overall long run not having to pay gas saves you tons of money and you can also get a tax write-off which is the government will pay you for having an electric car because you're helping the environment so yeah it's also cheaper to maintain because it has less moving parts than a gas car for example it the electric car does not have expensive exhaust systems starter motors fuel injection system radiators etc so these electric cars don't have a lot of these parts so it would just be cheaper to maintain now isn't that better than owning a gas car not only you're bettering the environment but you're saving tons of money but it's not only that it gets better electric cars have safety improvements recent findings show that electronic vehicles which are known as v's features can improve safety electric electronic cars tend to have a lower center of gravity which makes them less likely to roll over in a car crash or something they also have a lower risk of major fires and explosions in a collision the body construction and durability of these cars may make them safer in a collision and all this information I found it according to the Pacific Gas & Electric Company who provides a lecture service to more than six top 16 million people I just want to let you guys know that so that's since this is like real like it's not made-up so electric cars are far better than gas-powered cars will ever be and it hopes not only us but the world overall why not make the switch gas cars damage our environment and expenses are only increasing making the switch to electric will fix those issues and more including health benefits and our own earth tired of paying gas want to help the environment and save money what are you waiting for make the switch now thank you

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