Pershing Rifles

Pershing rifles is a drill team here at
East Tennessee State University. We present the nation’s colors at
basketball games, at football games, and military affiliated events. We’ve been a
chapter here at ETSU for two years and being a new chapter we want we really
wanted to exemplify what we had to bring to the table, as far as the National
Society goes. And I think we did a very good job of representing ETSU and Army
ROTC here. The two weeks ago we went to the National Convention of parsing
rifles. There’s a drill meet there among other things where we go and meet with
schools from all around the nation and we compete basically for bragging rights
who’s the best at drill. And we competed in seven categories and five of them we
placed. We placed first in squad regulation, we placed second in platoon
regulation and exhibition, and we placed second in color guard, as well as one of
our cadets Matthew Carson he placed first and individual exhibition. When
pershing rifles you get leadership opportunities that normally wouldn’t be
afforded to you and just going through normal ROTC. As sophomores, you’re holding leadership positions within the battery and it helps develop your leadership
style and public speaking.

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