Perguntas de homens brancos para os justiceiros sociais (legendado pt-br)

why do you claim to speak for LGBTQ people women and ethnic minorities but when LGBT people women and ethnic minorities disagree with you you harassed them do you realize that your war on language through political correctness has made you bedfellows with true rape culture in other words Islam the world’s most misogynistic ideology do you want women to be equal or do you want women to be a protected class you can’t have both if you expect society to treat women as equal with men why don’t women have to take responsibility for their own safety what are you afraid will happen when you leave your safe space how can you possibly justify the idea that it’s somehow racist to disagree with black lives matter and yet it’s not racist when a black person tweets something like kill all white people here’s a question are you aware that the present is not the past I’m not kidding are you familiar with the concepts of linear time because you seem incredibly comfortable traveling back through time to talk about how bad things were for women or black people or whoever and then by using some form of sjw magic you then claim or imply that those problems in the past exist today are you aware that this trick that you’re doing is not working why do you think that would work do you really think you can spend your entire life in a state of perpetual emotional immaturity do you actually imagine that you’ll be able to stretch out your adolescence for your entire existence there are 13% more women in college right now than men so if the whole goal of feminism is equality shouldn’t we have some men only scholarships in order to equal everything else if feminism and egalitarianism are both for equal rights then why does one start with a gendered prefix while the other one is entirely gender neutral what do you hope to gain by bringing back racial segregation when my granduncle was dropping bombs on London did your grandparents get out of their bunkers in the morning to protest with signs that read not all Nazis why do you think every system a Liz born racist racism is a learned behavior how can you possibly say that the phrase all lives matter is somehow racist it sounds like something that Dalai Lama would say would you rather be right or popular it seems like your primary objective is to score social points and get public validation you speak publicly in the same way that people write their dating profiles stop trying to demonstrate how awesome you are and get real so if a drunk man sleeps with a drunk woman the woman is incapable of giving consent but the man is is it really easier to spend your life attempting to pacify the world and subdue all around you instead of accepting that you of the person who has to change when I’m singing along with rap music is it okay if I say the word nigga how do you reconcile your opinion that gender doesn’t matter or even exist with your need to invent new genders each day in your version of equality will white men ever have a voice in society or will white men always be too privileged to participate in discussion what makes you think that the power of censorship that you are so desperately trying to establish now will at no point be used against you why is it that if a woman dresses sexy or even topless in public you support it but if a female video game character is dressed sexy then you want her clothed more modestly what is your favorite song to sing really loud when you’re confronted with a different point of view well row row your boat gently down the stream why are you afraid of dissenting opinions your continued attempts to silence all opposition either by smearing them publicly or labeling their content as hate speech and having it remove only serves to insulate your bubble even more and maintain your echo chamber it also prevents you from taking on new information and hearing different points of view different points of view that are sometimes superior to yours which tends to happen whenever I talk what is reverse racism like what the actual fuck is it it’s just racism right I mean am I going crazy here am I taking crazy pills do any of you people actually remember all the pronouns you know the list right the one with 76 fuckin genders why do you feel entitled to control what artists and entertainers are allowed to express why do you think your sensibilities should be placed above the sensibilities of actual creators have you ever considered that using the terms racism and sexism as haphazardly as you do to describe everything under the Sun that makes you feel uncomfortable devalues the word to the point that it actually hurts the people who actually suffer from real sexism and real racism have you ever fuckin thought of that those are my questions TJ I hope you I hope you liked them hope I hope I delivered on your on your fucking video have you guys tried drinking this shit it’s great [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. Humor Legendado, me permitiria postar esse vídeo no meu canal [dando os devidos créditos, claro] ?

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