#PerfectNever – Gigi Hadid's Women's Empowerment Panel

27 thoughts on “#PerfectNever – Gigi Hadid's Women's Empowerment Panel

  1. I freaking loved this! It was amazingly inspiring and motivating! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for doing this, from the bottom of my 💗

  2. I find it very odd that Jelena "GIGI",said her voice shakes or crack coz of ANXIETY,but it's odd she said that coz she always sounds like that,even in private settings where nobody is watching & she's controlling what she puts out there on how she puts it out there.

    y didn't she jus say her voice sounds like that inherently & it becomes more so due to anxiety. 😏 #PerfectNever.🙄

  3. I loved the idea of this campaign but no one on that stage represents me. The everyday woman who is curve. Plus size women were not represented at all. Tess Holiday would've been great on the panel or ashley graham. There is no doubt these women have worked to be where they are but you can't have a campaign named perfect never and not include everyday women.

  4. selena gomez took a break for months from instagram(and her phone) and never made a big deal of it. 😒 just leave if you feel like it, everyone will survive, no big deal

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