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you know where you are [Applause] [Applause] what's up link to my star oh my God he's doping my cookies yes dad today's our Maori presence in our school on Friday Rosa's the director I'm the cameraman Desmond is the father Ariella and Cameron and his beloved kids is a story about a man who loves his kid so much but love smoking and drinking alcohol when it was time for him to enjoy with his family he later developed kidney problem and I'd his kids so far the Mara of the study is that smokers and alcoholics are liable to die [Applause] Galco be speaking to me to the minds of my wonderful kids this could also be a profound warning so what are you looking at me like that tell me what's going on since you got here you haven't said nothing about the results and you just sitting there you gaping at me let me hear it damn well mr. Hari stuff yeah you did blow by coming for this checkup I'm sorry it's too late really miss the way there's only what you can see here the heart is damaged young medical help do you medical help doctor talk to me I'm so surprised you physically healthy but must tell you our days are numbered space Yogi's smoking lifting your hearts with hard drugs alcohol don't you feel severe pains for your tests yes a little bit I suppress it with some hard drugs painkillers dinner so sad this is true I'm sorry there's nothing we can do about it the way the good attire will need you can tell with this Jack qvv father Abraham okay hang your kids grandma's come here to stay with us for a little while as you reject it auntie Chelsea we want to enjoy a loving and caring and you were raised by your own mother where are you denying us descent through village you possess a 300 person yes all has a mother comes ready sick ah she looks she could finish off so this only wrote like a big casaba well I bet like meet them I will make a dough is a big nobody saw like a computer listen kid we did we didn't grandma is gonna take care of you and she's not gonna eat all the food chubby you're the one gonna finish on the food collected insanely we said that they talked to Grandma when he caught visits he turns they hear their work they did he stops me like that be addicted from good father they roll you're not like a bond of an atomic or anything if they're not America then they get the care of them [Applause] please I beg you you have to consider this New York show I mean half a million dollars mapped out for you for this concert you have to reconsider a matter for you three concerts we still have to turn down this you have to accept this my dear superstar look happy I beg of you the organizers are willing to talk the money the moment you are set to show the moment yourself to perform one week you don't leave the concert I mean with over 500 million naira for ourselves I beg you don't condemn the show you just have to say yes Rico you know don't get me wrong the only thing that matters to me now or my kids and let me tell you something they are the ones I love the most in the whole wide world and about the travels in the cars we mean the drugs and whatever you names and I've seen it all I mean we've been around together – you came upon those but the most important legacy but it's gonna give me joy in this earth before I go to the great beyond I my cakes Rico my kids are you talking about you're making this money for your kids anyway remember that yes I said this I have just removed everybody from my spirit giving they're my jobs and everything taking this one year to be responsible father to this kids I want to give them love and caring and in not sure then would a lot of good stuff me how can you ever expect me to leave the skates foot look I want to make sure I give them a good mother who would be my wife a woman of virtue who submits it to me who loves my kids and what about Chelsea I mean you have Chelsea they have accepted her yet Rico we lost another huge box and the black is good to them love them written [Applause] [Laughter] if we public was aware between the ask me a less demanding management quick what kind of question is that this one asked me see if you like Plus this anything close to my wife I studied it with you right you say no Bella for me why why why why if you know a book leave me alone haha they cut begin taste of my life I'm begin they stopped me yet I know if you better make it like a fun day come aside mom my kids are intelligent kids yeah sorry just kids Betty little debris you know guessing this one don't ask me say [Laughter] you look up very well I'm not seven already let me follow up from afar family now Yavapai December I've been accused example when I phone you you resemble your Papa rellena so I DeLuca see you do like say now add this twist will be fitted a forward or 100 bump in yourself now Papa for my turkey neck look at very well now the secretaries are booyah no see sweetie no resemble you are so lucky fish now your face resemble your body our city uploader doggies for stealing yes or no maybe food failure for my life for my life what they've taught me they make me yeah I mean you're a listen to me so your when I come back kids mom I don't like this for you Anderson away from us for ya oh please my mechanic una mythology we saw this away the producer by Rocky okay mom I don't like the way email treat my kids I must tell you like don't touch my kids with all that stuff we do like as if they're you know hurts main and the Malou people and all that we don't like that won't touch my kids with that you'd never make any sense go straight to the point Mick I know why you call me homicide I'm telling you mom don't touch my kids like that didn't he Russell if I never met them and overflowed the way they did do all this young nigga Kurata Whittaker fall for this compound cell it is here as our fathers victory knows my machine yo mama train you will make you become a villain not ready for you within the live young and younger like open top oh yeah mama that's my kids again right now you have got to go okay listen she can't stay here without flogging you and I don't like that but I'm was this you know the tech I let it sit idie cigarette see anywhere you see where see he don't bring cut your Road how come you don't divide up 305 where where she's going she'll be back again okay let me tell you if that's the case she stays you could not even disobey your duties you allow them to decide for you it's your cake reveal healthy up you put my heart I touch we planned this together will you betray me others boys like you know for real or never betray me okay whistling I'm trying to make things happen here you know as much as I love you I don't want anything between us to tamper with my kids happiness and that's what I'm trying to make things the way it is yeah happiness too but you never give me the look I would always work your back okay I'm gonna and we're gonna stand here in the back that's not true I'm never gonna do that but this kids you don't know how much they mean to me you stinking joking with it they mean the whole world to me man you know I'm saying they're my life please and try to understand that what I'm trying to do here is before you become my wife they would have gotten so used to you that ever balance family in that soul I feel the same way too we're in this together I really could eat a horse right now what do you think you can make up let me guess something will flip up something farce please [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what's your problem you take them to the laundry okay and here you need to pay for them don't forget love the gate when you leave behind you it's something like advice not be like they're not the kind sweet way to eat or drink great the drink I wanna share with you something like advisor my friend speak I think III they think me as your bodyguard them on the net on wrong finish make you bring in aa net we're gonna help clean all the houses Rushdie please keep everywhere clean seems plain tough your truth then don't come back at least Dom when you either work for these wars people close you got a cemetery part of grid Masterson this proceed to where sent you to the laundry good advice [Applause] [Applause] he lays my girls gave from God here means my biggest gift that the one I will kill me how new and the story they acted was Lantana to be the whole night story there indeed vanity goodbye everything I mean dog is a the thing you could do for me this point I mean can't you save my life just say yes you can I mean measure the amount I'll pay anything you got them melt you got me back help me and asta how I feel mr. Easton you don't understand you don't understand you mr. Hollister my monster D treats at this point miracle is the only solution and we do that cursed your feet God dasu these miracles good yeah I can see me god save my soul give me a salute to me that you really my life the case will soon be here okay with kids beautiful kids hey come on will you kids come come come come come meet Baba Yaga haha she's here at the pigs everything that is not being fixed in the house kids oh this is our tea I mean mummy Apple all right she's the new housemaid I told you was gonna bring that day see say hi please don't call her Auntie that title there's no necessary anymore okay oh mama yeah man ah yeah all right oh she's a housemaid okay kids see you later I love you she'll be chirpy shut the door after you please thank you let me tell you you make sure you cook with all the case of beautiful kids anything really chili inside chubby chubbie Childre can you go inside please I'm trying to let her know what she's gonna do for you to get forever to talk to mamaev oh well my kids are you know I promised to grant your wish and I just did it now look who we got here hi beautiful praise and princesses my name is Miss Olivia cΓ‘maras mother of course your mother how do you do is my mom not good enough to be your wife do you mean ever love my mother

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  1. Very funny movie 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
    You just dey run your mouth like Ogbono way jam okra for raining season.

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  3. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€this pepper is really hot thanks for uploading nollywoodpicturestvπŸ’—πŸ’—

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