Penny’s experience of being an IAG member

I felt that, being a member of a minority group, I wanted to help the relationship between that group and the police. To make sure that things are being done properly. I was recruited following attending a conference, which I was with some friends, one of which was already on the IAG group. She passed my name to the official in the police force who contacted me and asked me whether I’d be interested in joining. The meetings are interesting they’re informative, we have good discussions about the issues which are facing, in our case, the LGBT community We deal with problems that have arisen instances of hate crime, although we don’t know all the details of the people involved I find it interesting and I feel it’s a useful thing that we’re doing. Yes, definitely! My opinions are heard like anybody else’s! I serve on the LGBT IAG, so we come across cases where people who are LGBT, have suffered hate crime, we’ve looked into checking whether that particular person was receiving the assistance that we felt they should have had.

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