Pelosi Reveals Her IMPEACHMENT Decision

>> So obviously today, Robert Mueller does
his testimony. Was it a good idea? Well, Ana and John discussed that earlier. I have my own thoughts which I'll share with
you in a second. But Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Adam Schiff
go into a press conference afterwards. Now Pelosi's the one that did not want to
pursue impeachment. Has Mueller's testimony changed her mind? Because remember, she's like, no, no, we can't
do anything, we can't do anything because we gotta wait for Mueller. And so finally after waiting for Guido slash
Mueller for all this time, he has arrived, and what does she think about impeachment
now? Let's watch. >> What you saw today, did it change whether
or not you think the House of Representatives should launch impeachment proceedings? >> My position has always been, whatever decision
we made in that regard would have to be done with our strongest possible hand. And we still have some outstanding matters
in the courts. It's about the Congress, the Constitution,
and the courts. >> Some of your members told us over the course
of today that they were expecting imminent action of some kind. >> No, no, we didn't. >> One of the very next step-
>> I don't know why they thought that. But they came to me and I said I don't know
why. It's about what information is there. And this isn't endless. This isn't endless. The American people, I think that if we go
down that path we should go in the strongest possible way. And that's all I'm gonna say about the subject. >> Okay, there's no end to it. I mean, she says it's not endless but it sounds
endless to me. So we do one more hearing, give you one more
good judicial court proceeding. One more investigation. I don't know if you notice, the election is
about 15 months from now. >> She said nothing there, she said nothing. >> Yeah, but that was frustrating. I think that there's a way especially now
that so many people who aren't children of politicians and politicians themselves are
interested in what's going on in their country. That nothing could have just been said like
that I think that we've got to start speaking to people clearer. I was trying to translate, what is the nothing,
okay. >> Yeah. >> I just wish, that is just what bothers
me just in general just, speak to people. >> You're 100% right. You too, Anna. Basically, what they came out to say is, we're
not going to impeach. >> Mm-hm. >> That was the essence of this press conference. >> It's so pathetic. >> But, we are going to have strongly worded
comments against Donald Trump. Woooo. >> That's worked out real well for the Democrats
so far, right? >> Yeah, so I think that the so called master
legislator is a serial bungler. And this was yet another case that she bungled. So she thought, my God, we'll bring out Meuller. But think about the dynamics of that. As they discussed earlier in the show, look,
my thought sounded like this, you know Meuller could not answer any of the Democrats' questions
cuz he was gonna say, I'm gonna refer you to the report. So, okay fine, you wanna have a bunch of Democratic
Congressmen say the report and hope that people watch, okay. But then, the Republicans are gonna yell at
him and he can't answer. >> Mm-hm. >> So when he doesn't answer because he says,
I can't get into the investigation, I refer you to the report, that it seems one sided,
it's almost like he's taking the fifth amendment, right? The Republicans are like, isn't it true there
was a conspiracy hedged by your mother and lizards? He's like, I can't comment. And every Republican in the country goes,
aha, it was, right? And so this is an ill conceived strategy in
the first place by Nancy Pelosi. And then it lead to, what most people think
was a bad result today. Yes, clearly Mueller said he is not exonerated
and he could be indicted after he leaves office, but does anyone think that anybody's going
to pursue Donald Trump after he leaves office? >> No. >> Right, or any Democrats gonna pursue them
or any prosecutor is gonna pursue him? Of course not, she bundled it again. So then they asked her one more time about,
hey, what is your stand for impeachment and are you still waiting on flipping the Senate
ahead of time? You know that you're gonna get the Republicans
to agree ahead of time to impeach the President or to convict the President of you impeach
him. So let's see her answer to that. >> Speaker Pelosi, you have long said that
there's no point in moving forward with impeachment inquiry because Republicans control the Senate,
it's gonna die in the Senate. Is that no longer your chief concern? >> I have never long said that. I have never long said that. If we have a case for impeachment, that's
the place we will have to go. The fact why I'd like it to be a strong case
is because it's based on the facts. The facts and the law That's what matters,
not politics, not partisanship, just patriotism. I don't care, I mean, I'd like the Senate
to be responsible and honor their oath of office, to protect and defend the Constitution. To see the challenge this is to our national
security, the Russians trying to do to our country. But the stronger our case is, the worse the
Senate will look for just letting the President off the hook. >> So I could be wrong, and if I am wrong,
please correct me. >> Mm-hm. But it's my understanding that she lied there. Because it has been her opinion that it's
a bad political strategy. Her concern isn't about doing the right principle
thing or protecting the Constitution. Every decisions that she's made in regard
to impeachment has been about how is this going to affect the Democratic party politically? And her political calculation in my opinion
is the wrong calculation, is that this is not a good move. It's gonna look bad on Democrats because he
will be exonerated by the Senate. And then he will be able to say, Trump will,
look I'm being targeted by the Democrats, I've been exonerated, they've wasted all this
time with this investigation, but guess what? That's what's happening now. That's what's happening today, right? I think that it was a terrible miscalculation
by Nancy Pelosi, she's completely lying. Look, the senate doesn't care about the Constitution
either, right? So sure, you can go ahead and point fingers
at them. But let's keep it real, you also don't care
about protecting the Constitution. Doing what you think is best for the Democratic
party is more important than actually doing the right thing and the principle thing when
it comes to protecting the Constitution. >> And of course your political calculation
on that is wrong as always. So in terms of the reasons she has stated
for not pursuing impeachment yet, which is now starting to be funny as time runs out,
like as if she's gonna do it at some point, is, well the Senate wouldn't convict anyway. She definitely said that, 100% said that. >> Yes. >> It's an alternative fact on her part to
say she didn't say it. She even went as far as making up this idea
that if the Senate does not convict him, that that would prove that he is innocent and could
not be pursued criminally. That's not remotely true, and every legal
expert said that's not true. So she even further elaborated on why she
didn't wanna pursue him based on the Senate not being on their side yet. >> Right. >> So she just didn't tell the truth there. She has given other reasons including Donald
Trump helps me with fundraising. She said that as well, okay? And then she talked about of course the main
thing, over and over again, is the one Anna mentioned, which is how does it affect the
Democratic Party? And that is not how you're supposed to act
as a responsible Speaker of the House. Today she again talked about, quote, it is
a crossing of a threshold in terms of public awareness of what happened. >> No it's not! >> First of all that's not true. But second of all, even if it were true, how
is that relevant to whether he broke the law or not? >> And more importantly, how is that relevant
to the influence that it'll have on the Senate, right? So she's trying to make it seem like no, no,
these hearings, these hearings are great. It's important because it's gonna inform people
and it will have more support if we do decide to impeach. At least that was implied in that video. But, I mean, based on your calculation, there's
no way the Senate is gonna do the right thing in convicting Trump through this impeachment
process. You saw the way that they handled this entire
hearing. What makes you think that they're gonna do
the right thing? They don't fight, she doesn't fight, she doesn't
fight. So my point is, you should do the right thing. And you should hold the Republicans feet to
the fire by constantly talking about the various cases of obstruction of justice, or the various
examples of obstruction of justice that Mueller laid out in the report. There's specific examples. I mean, Ted Lieu today laid it out for you. Why aren't you doing press conferences on
a daily basis and going on Cable News on a daily basis to talk about what a criminal
Trump is? Put the Republicans' feet to the fire. That would have way more of an impact than
this nonsense hearing that actually made Democrats look worse. >> I thought what was fascinating there is
that she kinda gave a speech about her frustrations with the Senate, and that it was almost word
for word what voters say about her. >> Mm-hm. >> Yeah. >> That's such a good point, yeah. >> Yeah, absolutely. And so bottom line is she again helped Donald
Trump in drawing out these proceedings and running out the clock on his behalf. And so here we are, this was supposed to be
the big moment. And I guess they didn't know how the optics
of it would play. I mean, no one can disagree that it was at
the bare minimum, a political miscalculation. And does anyone think, I know the media loves
the defender her. Is anybody gonna go out and go, you know what,
Pelosi nailed it again, what a master legislator. Brought out Mueller there and now their case
is gonna be rock solid. They can either do impeachment and they're
gonna win elections. Does anybody think that? No, everybody in the press is saying that
it didn't go well, right? So are you gonna still call her a master legislator? She bungled it and there is no question about
it. And so she now comes out and goes, I'm not
really gonna impeach but boy, I'm gonna yell at a her one more time. That'll show him. But I wanna say one last thing guys about
the overall proceedings. Now Trump's doing a victory lap, right? And he goes around and he said, we had a very
good day today. He said it was devastating day for the Democrats. One of the worst performances in the history
of the country. Media, can I also get you to stop analyzing
Robert Mueller's findings based on how he sounded today? He sounded very frail. And that relates some obstruction of justice,
how? Right, it doesn't relate to the facts at all! That Donald Trump committed crime. Well, Mueller didn't sound good today. How are those two things related? So I get the optics of it in terms of politics. But the reality of it still is the same thing. Donald Trump did commit that crime.

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