Paws on Patrol: Humane Society teams up with Cañon City Police

shelter dogs going on patrol with community service officers in Canyon City double tanks are welcome because the new paw Patrol is all about second looks for shelter dog that’s awesome bill Folsom taking a closer look I think Humane Society and Fremont County he’s just back from Canyon City bill yeah going on five years now new leadership took over at the Humane Society in Fremont County there were promises of improvements there’s been a series of programs showing success starting today paw patrol is a new unique push to get dogs adopted a bruiser looking dog who is more of a buddy any chance I get to spend with these dogs I there’s a plus we’re calling it paws on patrol an officer with Canyon City police saw law enforcement in another city featuring Humane Society dogs it prompted the idea of picking up dog of the week to buckle up and ride along with a community service officer have them take the dog out for a day and we get some pictures of them get them out on Facebook and then kind of help the shelter gets get some faces of some adoptable dogs out there get them out get some notice get some of you know recognition cracker is the first adoptable dog on patrol Milly and already adopted shelter dog goes out with her service officer owner as a tool for calming other dogs and to educate kids for other reasons people asking about her is proof they want to know about dogs on patrol they’re meeting different people they can even get you know some a little bit of training throughout the day as are with an officer it’s another element of training and socializing programs a force of volunteers help it occupies them they have a little treat that they could have to work a little bit to get then there’s the pack walk team dozens of volunteers a day take shelter dogs down along the river for a walk and some one-on-one human to dog interaction we’re watching the numbers go down you know from when I started in 2014 to where they are right now they’re actually ticking down year by year and that’s the way it should be volunteers who help with the shelter are also eyes ears and a voice in the community they watch for issues and educate about important topics like spaying and neutering but nothing would have happened if we didn’t have the community behind us that spay and neuter element it is essential Fremont County has a plan in the works to increase visits by a mobile spay and neuter clinic to once a month rob bill great store

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