Pawn Stars: 5 Fake Items that Fooled the Pawn Stars | History

– That’s freaking sweet. This is fake as hell, man. Oh, shut Up. I just hate being wrong. Damn it, Rich, sometimes
I think you’re stupid. [laughs] So what do we got? This is a letter signed
by Napoleon himself. That’s really cool. I’ve been told by
my wife that I had a bit of a Napoleon complex. I can see that. [laughs] I’ll give you
$2,000 for it, man. That’s the best I can do. You know what? I didn’t pay that much for it,
so let’s– let’s– let’s do it. This is it, man. It’s supposed to be an original
document signed by Napoleon. Well, let’s take a
look at what we’ve got. There were a number of
copies that were probably made on the battlefield
because Napoleon dictated it to his secretaries, and they
would have written it down in manuscript, and he
would have sent these all over Europe
to try and explain to people what had happened. So if you’ve got one of the
original copies that would have been written out
on the battlefield, that would be priceless. The thing is, this is not one
of those original manuscript copies. So what we’ve got here
is very clearly a replica of a very important document. Can’t say that
this is worth very much as a historical artifact. The COA fooled me. It’s fake. Corey, why don’t you take
it home and remind yourself not to be so damned stupid? Fine Dumb kid. I have a Sioux youth vest. OK. I believe it was
made in about 1890. What did you
want to do with it? You went to pawn it? You want to sell it? Donate it to me? I was looking to sell it. And how much were
you looking for? I was looking at $1,800. You’re asking a lot of
money for a baby’s vest. I’ll tell you what, I’ll
give you $1,200 for it. Would you go $1,400? I’ll tell you what, I’ll meet
you in the middle at $1,300. That’s what I can do. All right, I’m
going to go with that. From looking at the bead
work, it looks to be Sioux or– its Northern Plains bead work. Unfortunately, I don’t think
this is from that time period. I love it when my
dad makes mistakes. So it’s definitely– it’s basically a fake? It’s modern? No, I wouldn’t
say it’s a fake. I think it’s Indian made,
but it’s made for sale. It’s not made for use. Hey, I mean, we
all make mistakes. I mean, who would have
thought the Indian vest would have turned out to be real? Yeah, I mean, I’ll let
him know right now. Here, it’s Mark Hall-Patton. That Indian vest you
bought is actually real. Really? Hey Mark, what’s up? Nope. [laughter] I have a book signed
by Shoeless Joe Jackson. This is absolutely incredible. It’s the rarest sport
signature, period. Wow. So how much do you
want to get out of it? I’d like to get, like,
$30,000 for the book. I go $13,000. I won’t go a penny more. OK, let’s do it. “Say It Ain’t So, Joe”
signed by Shoeless Joe Jackson. If this signature
is real, this is by far one of the craziest
things you’ve brought to me. All right, well, I
paid $13,000 for it. Ooh. So what I have here is one of
the only Joe Jackson signatures that all the authenticators
can agree upon. Look at the A. This A here
he was struggling with. This one looks like
a pretty normal A. And then the K here
goes straight into an O, whereas this, the K, he
tries to do the loop. I’m not convinced
that it’s real. But it is so rare
and so controversial because there are
some signatures that all authenticators
don’t agree on. If you can get the
consensus of the community, then you would
still be good to go. So it’s not real? Well, no. I’m going to send it
off to some more people. I’m going to try and get
a consensus on this thing. You realize that
could be, like, one of the biggest hits
we’ve ever had around here. Let me see. “Several factors
became apparent during our thorough
examination that prevented us from
certifying the autographs,” which means it’s fake. “The entire small case
E in Joe’s first name has been erased and
signed over the original. [laughter] Great job, son. I have my uncle’s
comic book collection. What exactly are you
looking to get for them? I’d like to get $2,000. I’ll give you $50 a box. That’s $350. Can you do $500? I’m going to do the $500. I’m going to show everyone
what an expert I really am. I’m taking the $500
because I don’t want to carry the comic books out of here. Find anything good? Not so much yet. What do mean, not much? There’s like a
bazillion comics there. You’re killing me. I pulled about 18 books,
some really cool stuff. Yeah, duh. You know, there’s
about $200 retail. And the other couple
hundred pounds of comic books are worth? About $0.05 a book
if you’re lucky. Well, in a couple of years
I might get my money back. Hey, sometimes investments
are made over the long run. You kids these days want all
this instant satisfaction. [laughter] I have a Gibson mandolin. What are you
trying to get for it? Well, I’d like to get
$3,000 out of if I could. Would you be willing
to go any less? $1,500 and we’ve got a deal. $1,500 sounds fair. I can make a profit.
– $1,500? All right, that sounds good. I appreciate it. A mandolin, huh? But I thought I’d get
it all checked out by you. The decal, you
can see where it was cut out with some scissors. On this mandolin it would have
been inlayed or silk screened. It wouldn’t even
have been a decal. And it’s not even a G
that Gibson ever used. You got your decal in
there like a Gibson, but it’s not the right decal. And the finish is like plastic. Gibsons are covered
in a lacquer finish. And this pick guard
is totally wrong. This is something
Gibson never even used. This is fake as hell, man. I bought a Gibson mandolin but
it turned out not to be real. How much did you pay for it? $1,500. You paid $1,500 for this? Chumlee, you’re an [bleep]. You’re going to
give me my $1,500 back one way or the other. Oh, I need some money. No money for me. Oh, I need some money. Keep playing the
blues, Chumlee. Thanks, boss. You’ve got to come
up with $1,500, so you’re going to
be here for a while.

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: 5 Fake Items that Fooled the Pawn Stars | History

  1. Okay I don't watch this show so when I saw the first few seconds of this video, I thought the gray-haired guy was a customer trying to give the Pawn Stars a hard time by asking for more money, when he said "Oh shut up!". 😂😂😂

  2. Customers that take half the value counter offered to them in a heartbeat. I mean isn't that enough to know its gonna be a fake?

  3. I could totally screw you guys for thousands i recreated a 800 year old book and was able to pass it by 4 different people

  4. Nobody is talking about how confused they were after hearing that dudes laugh every single different slide

  5. So idk about y'all but in my state an employer can't charge (it's illegal) an employee for lost money or merchandise…

  6. Why is the comic books segment in there? The comic books weren’t fake they just weren’t worth what they thought it was worth

  7. This has to be so fake.
    With other items they get experts but with these it just one and done. Also their reactions seem so fake and dull. Man lost 13k and is just like "awww shucks".

  8. All those seem like they could be just stage cuz why would they not check it before they spend so much money on it but it adds drama to the show and I guess that's the point LOL.

  9. Rick: loses 13k for a fake signature
    "I'm gonna get a concensus"

    Also Rick when an employee pays 1,500 for a mandolin
    "YoU pAyEd 1,500 fOr ThIs?!"

  10. How are you gonna think a dude with a Miller Lite/Under Armour shirt was selling a legit Native American artifact?

  11. There's no way they actually fell for the Shoeless Joe Jackson that's fake everyone knows he couldn't write…

  12. "$1500…"
    "Chumlee you're an a**hole."
    Sees him on the streets
    "Keep playing the blues you're gonna be here a while."
    Lmao RIP The Old Man.

  13. Morons… tell me where you can buy a comic for less then a dollar. Worst appraiser ever. Throw them in the corner and sell them for $2.00/piece. Doesnt even matter of you get anything stoler. Theres thousands. Its a nice cheap souvenir for fans to take if they cant afford the average expensive items

  14. even if these deals were real, most pawn shops make you sign paperwork that says many things – including that you have presented all of the actual facts of the item. basically if you sold a pawn shop a fake item IRL you'd get a letter from a lawyer if not taken to court.

  15. Has anyone ever been in a comic store where they had comics for 5 cents? Uh, no. 50 cents to a dollar or two each times 300 books a box. They’ll get their money back.

  16. How'd they expect a single person to have the exact same signature every time? I myself struggle to sign just like the original signature in my ID from time to time.

  17. Isn't there a legal recourse that they can use against the people scamming them? They say it's authentic but they know it's fake, in my country that's enough to be illegal. I wonder if USA has a similar law.

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