Patrick Pinkowski: 2017 Difference Maker

Right when I was nominated as a Difference Maker, I was extremely surprised. Mike Callahan nominated me and me and him worked very closely on a bunch of projects and so forth and so when I got the email right when I woke up it was like very humbling and very, it just was a great moment because it just showed how much all my work paid off, it’s given me recognition of like at a university awareness scale and so having that nomination and then eventually getting accepted was a great deal to me. Being a part of Finance Association as a treasurer helped a lot. Also in charge of National Society for Leadership and Success. Those two leadership positions really gave me a lot of experience of handling very diverse eboard and just trying to accomplish challenges and overcome obstacles. I see myself in the future working for a space exploration company whether it be NASA, Space X, Blue Origin or what have you, really me being a science nerd and wondering what’s out in the universe you know, I really want to physically go there and so the biggest obstacle to get there is essentially finances and so that I tried to shape myself in the way to help that need and overcome that obstacle for the future. My name is Patrick Pinkowski and I am a UM-Dearborn Difference Maker.

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