Patricia Ione Lloyd on the Haunting and Comedic Aspects of EVE'S SONG | The Public Theater

EVE'S SONG is about an American Black family trying to love each other, trying to stay together, like any family. But their house is being haunted The haunting is a psychic toll that's happening to people of color in America that we're not supposed to talk about. Like its a ghost, like if you said something, people would think that you were crazy. One of the things in EVE'S SONG is being queer. I haven't seen a lot of queer love stories where both women are of color and I really wanted to celebrate that and show the trials and tribulations of that in America today. EVE'S SONG is also a comedy. I know you're like "Ione, how could that be, you just told me all of these things?" But, EVE'S SONG is very funny. We have people who are being oppressed and repressed but they're holding onto joy, and light, and laughter. And because of that you get this roller coaster effect. You're scared, you're laughing, you're crying. You really go through all of the emotions in an hour and a half or maybe an hour and forty five.

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