Passing motorists help Flagler deputy subdue resisting suspect

not even a month ago did you purchase in new I purchased it used but I have all the play you know the original words you buy it from Penn State I bought it in state and I bought it from a car dealer a used car dealer okay have all the papers where you have the proof of insurance with you you can follow me to strings up you know I can't do that hey the law says you need to be able to exhibit it upon demand can you give me a ticket for the insurance and I'll go get it deferred at the courthouse that's an option we have yes the other thing we have going on is do you have anything in the vehicle on you to know about honesty is your best answer because I can smell it don't that don't go reaching around for stuff is there anything in the car and you know about [Applause] I got Dunkin Donuts okay well stop reaching around for me I'm Josh okay I understand you want to show me but I'm going to look okay okay I actually I am refusing the search well if you want you can call a k-9 I'd also like you to call your lieutenant captain I am late for work I have a $3,000 tree to cut down my employees waiting at my house I'm getting pretty damn pissed okay I have nothing in this car I will get out of this car I will open everything up I will show you my whole car in person I'm going to look the same call a k-9 it's we tied all right you got 20 minutes listen I don't need a k-9 if I can smell it it's called saints No okay stop reaching around for stuff and step out of the vehicle for me all right if you damage anything I'm that bad though for me all right when you step out face away from me leave everything in the vehicle face away from me face away from me [Applause] I'm not taking my back I don't place your hands behind your back and do it now raise your hands behind your back no let me go just for a moment oh you move I'm gonna let me go no anything – can you please oh my god I'm [Applause] come back here appreciated thank you dude what the what is daddy okay daddy I'm gonna get you fired go ahead search my car I look forward to it ain't got no drugs in there you damaged it I'm suing it soon you I'm gonna sue you for legal work listen arrest I didn't do a good thing wrong my name's below a my employees waiting at my house listen you have the right to me inside and you can use take him used against you in a court of law the right to an attorney and have an attorney present during any questioning all right that's like not afford a lawyer won't be appointed to represent you before any questioning if you wish you can decide at any time to exercise these rights and I answer questions are making a statement do you understand that I would like to call my lawyer right now I would have his phone number in my wallet I don't work when I have him in my phone I would like to call him now [Applause] Morgan what am I going to find in the vehicle go ahead and search I offered to get out and let open everything up then I'd start fighting with me because you grab me we're for no reason you didn't say nothing you should grab me go ahead take my knife offer to let you take it they say Oh actually I've got nine go ahead turn the car I own Florida gardener landscape and Tree Service I want to trade crews I cut down giant ants Oaks I'm an emergency responder for free service right above the tag when they came from the factory that way [Applause] and the headlights you don't know if it came from the factory that way you said your body use [Applause] are you smell marijuana in the vehicle stopped four taillights and how about you tinted I asked him to step out search the vehicle I'm a professional [Applause] all that for a little weed go

35 thoughts on “Passing motorists help Flagler deputy subdue resisting suspect

  1. Can't help but wonder how many times officers hear the words "I'm gonna sue you" and "I'm gonna have your job" in one day on the job?!?🤔🤔🤔

  2. He's a master tree surgeon and professional gardener , were the Cops supposed to be impressed or something ?

  3. Moron, You were acting sketchy as hell, shut your mouth. Who carries their attorneys contact info in their wallet anyway? In trouble regularly?

  4. "I'm a master tree surgeon" * I know exactly where the deputy pulled this guy over…. I recognize 4 of the trees near his cruiser.

  5. I watched 5 minutes of a white boy resisting arrest and not one body slam, knees in the back, or tasers or gunshots …..

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