Part 2 – Early Stages of Socialization with Michael Ellis

avoid our work at greater distances from variables that you can't control this is a biggie right again if when you're out in the world I can structure socialization experiences for my dogs around here I have friends and staff and lots of them have dogs and so I can control that environment I can say hey Nicole ignore my puppy and she'll walk by like my puppy's not there out in general public not so much you can't necessarily get people on the sidewalk to execute your training plans you have no control of how those behavioral people are going to behave or how their dogs are going to behave and so if you're dealing with variables in the environment whether it's other people other dogs that are not under your control work further away from them that way your dog can be aware that they're there but you can get out of the situation if you need to I've literally been walking through an airport with my dog and had a man a man in a business suit barked at my dog when it walked by right yeah they think it's funny people think they want to play with a puppy and they stomp their feet like this that's your puppy and they think they're being playful and they scare the crap how do your puppy at your back there's all those kinds of things happen all the time and people are just aren't aware they don't know they don't understand their effect and then other people's dogs they'll say they're dogs fine and their dogs not fine right dogs yeah well except for this one right and so be careful about those kinds of interactions if it's out of your control maybe be it go on the safe side and work a little further away

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