‘Parasite’ becomes the first S. Korean film to win Golden Globes Awards

in other news it’s yet another award for
the South Korean film parasite has been honored at the Golden Globe Awards as
the years the Best Foreign Language Film becoming the first South Korean film to
achieve that distinction Eamonn son tells us more another historic achievement for South
Korean film parasite as it becomes the first South Korean film to win a Golden
Globe it won Best Foreign Language Film at the award ceremony on Sunday local
time in Los Angeles before parasite no other South Korean film had even been
nominated for a Golden Globe amazing and unbelievable that’s what director boom
said after receiving the award he added it was a huge honor to be nominated
along with fellow international filmmakers and said once audiences
overcome the one install barrier of subtitles that will be introduced to so
many more amazing films this is the third film from East Asia to win a Best
Foreign Language Film award of the Golden Globes it’s a great achievement
for both South Korea and East Asia also at least in the u.s. parasite has laid
the groundwork for Korean films as audiences and film critics came into
contact with South Korean cinema through parasite in May last year parasite
became the first South Korean film to win depend or at the can few more and
that was just the beginning the black comedy has picked up awards from film
critics associations the most recent auditions being the Best Picture and
Best Screenplay award from the us-based National Society of Film Critics over
the weekend and the best picture from the Australian Academy of Cinema and
Television Arts Awards all of these are paving way for a possible win at the
Oscars which would also be another unprecedented achievement for a South
Korean film parasite has been selected as South Korea’s entry in the category
of best international feature film and for Best Original Song at the upcoming
Academy Awards in February the final nominations will be announced next week
and critics have been saying parasite could even be nominated for Best Picture
and Best Director amines on Arirang news

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