give me gay let's dive all the way ye worldwide exclusive yo give me gay stand up with your boy metal sale we in the building fed Tamara is back man I was officially put on the map last time when I did Cowboys from Hell I did that like five days ago but first of all before anything man rest in peace died back and rest in peace Vinny once again man we miss you I mean I can't say that condolences to the real fans to the to the people that then loved ones and all that sort of thing I didn't know you personally but it's all respect thing and I'm rock with hands here in a long way just like we about to get liddie six cities to cemetery gates we wish y'all was here to continue to make more by mass music for us Brian pilots aka to bling-bling throw them things on haters I know y'all gonna find something to say my comment sex you go have a probably me and shirtless whatever it is cuz you ain't got no games and you ain't got no Middies like this whatever it is I brought some for you ass eraser for the haters still drop that car belongs to go park this thing just cuz I know what pisses you off but hate banger shades aka the opens with autumn or for dying baggie and Vinny today right from the jump before I even hit press play cemetery gates talking about I found this old Wikipedia if I'm wrong let me know some of the lovers that died and like their cut to contemplate suicide and joining them in the afterlife so I don't know who lost the lover but they talking about a lover a female lovers so cemetery case let's get it poppin I know y'all won't let me damn you recommended this one like crazy and my comments oh no respect there you got to take the bangers off for that okay this will be a big one I don't know if it's disrespectful to put them on I'm gonna put them over Jochen said you tell you we're all you want but I'm riding for Pantera music another size that's a move with no disrespect my man did that same movie jump after that cowboy smelly burst it on the scene I took down the house what but we still fight alright it's gonna live all babble baby we got we don't represent no hey don't do it now what's going on – never forgotten – I got annoyed you don't be that something anyway I know you looking down on me I can [Applause] we got boxes only got some gilding boxer-briefs on what is you racking my dog okay if that's your thing do your thing he's speaking life into this situation like it's it's okay to miss people just don't live in the past every we're all gonna die someday you gonna be there don't speed up the process you go it's a eternal fact that you gonna die someday nobody's lived forever so you're gonna die someday it's unfortunate that some people die sooner than others especially the good ones seem to die younger than the bad people is still alive walking this planet but don't end your life early the man upstairs got a plan for you whoever you believe in is already a plan laid out for you so live your life the best of your life make it however you want it to be and just don't end it early me you go be there and join them someday until they're their memories always going to live on they always gonna be looking down on you send up a prayer talk to them everyday and keep going about your business let's go Bob McDonnell it works out Wow Oh [Applause] protect us director the back door each other jump into great [Applause] [Applause] no no that bag is on the guitar correct and it Vinny is on the drums I'm not sure y'all let me know no disrespect intended you were once new to the group – yeah I just need y'all to let me know I believe dime bag is on the guitar if Vinny is on the drum I might have that mismatch but either way all right people this next level for real iconic well I gotta hit that guitar solo one more time yes sir you're all bi it's okay with a her memory told me Ivana we don't leave a legacy for her and her other baby yeah all their revenue let it lay down let it play out there we go right there hold on wait wait wait wait wait bang bang let me stop that thing except the Ryan pile is over here hey if I miss if I messed up any of the people man is one day legendary long-hair blocks like ruthless I don't mean it's a name if I mess it up my band I'll learn the next time but I appreciate the music man hey the cemetery days y'all did not disappoint I appreciate it man bang that thumbs up button down below if you rocked with it if you didn't hear that thumbs down but do your thing man all my social media on the screen go follow me if you were real ones links in the description Givi gear is at the end of this video I believe I talked about that if you're interested in really rocking with your boy and you love me like I love you man found that freckle fizz but for right now I ain't talking about nothing man leave me a pantera reactions that you mean need to do next but right now Oh Cindy out and I would never I would never I would never fall I know you've seen my face enough but I want to do a quick message real quick gimme gang gimme gear is down below listed in the description actually it's below for the scripts I got tons of clothes maybe you can make your own little cut off you get your little t-shirts soft quality very soft hugs the nipple was just right I got some goodies down there I got the ladies gear down there I got whatever y'all what y'all uh comment my comment section send me a email and get a hold of me on instagram whatever you got to do man gimme gear is available down below if you want to rap the gang and you really are get me gang you really want to get Lydia six cities why would you not buy some giving gear and help me out one not that much but I just want to see y'all rockin McCallum and I'm gonna see y'all rockin the same stuff I rock to know that we're family to keep growing together whether it is metal country rap whatever we reacted to or whatever blog or I decide to post y'all are giving gang so go ahead copy you giving gear down below let me know what you want to see if nothing appeals to you down there there's tons of colors tons of different options and yeah I appreciate y'all man for watching for rockin with me for two years over two years now and I love y'all so get to give me gear down below case

34 thoughts on “PANTERA – CEMETARY GATES [Official Video] – METAL REACTION!

  1. Love Pantera.. but this 1 is literally ma song. He sings exactly wat ma heart feels in this song. After a spouse passes away this is exactly wat ur heart feels

  2. You need to check out Pantera Domination in Moscow Russia live it was in front of a million people 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  3. Gibb my brutha, I enjoy your vid's bro.
    Pantera was my hometown boys from Dallas/Ft.Worth.
    Check this one out bro.
    "Live in a Hole".

  4. Great reaction. More Pantera please. Post 1990 they haven't done a bad song so you can't go wrong. Try "Living through me Hells Wraith" from their Great Southern Trendkill Album. Awesome Brutal groove.

  5. Really want to see you react to Im broken… the most energetic Pantera video if you ask me, Phil was a beast then!! and revolution is my name… that one is so funny!

  6. Oh, they cut out the intro part of the song on this video. On your own time check out the Cemetery Gates video from Demon Knight soundtrack. There is an acoustic intro that is a important part of this song.

  7. Pantera's We'll grind that axe for a long time & Revolution is my name…come on guy, subject matter matters. Whatcha think of these Pantera songs. Type Of Negative, Anthrax & Slayer are needed next. Come on fellow metalheads, show this comment some love.

  8. Awesome intro brotha thats respect beyond anything ive ever seen ! Dont know if you heard "this love" and or "floods"…. both songs are just beautiful

  9. you should check the free concert they did & also was killed live while performance and also sad because it couldn't be hidden because off the place, R.I.P Darryl DIMEBAG, forever in our metal historic book of best
    And yes his brother later died not long after, man life can be so unfair

  10. I saw this video as a World Premiere on Mtv's Headbanger's Ball. I said right then and there, Metal will never be the same, I was right.

  11. You got it right dime on guitar and vinny on drums. Great reaction video homie. Next time you should do this love and hollow

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