Panda Helper VIP Review! Is It Worth Buying?

Ceri what should everyone do while watching my video take the subscribe button in the bill next to AJ 107 these things so you never miss a video hey guys what is up this is AJ 170 and today guys I'm gonna be showing you Panda helper VIP which is about $13 a year guys and inside this video I'm gonna be showing you if it's worth buying or not so at the end of the video I will be giving my personal opinion on this app and this is gonna be a completely honest thing now guys there it I did start a giveaway of to full membership so I'll be giving away of panda helper VIP so don't forget to check that out there be a link to that inside of the description and I'll also be mentioning again once the video starts so one of the things I did do that I didn't do inside the video I did this after I was done recording is I used the tweak called Eclipse for and I turn on dark mode inside of that app to see what it look like and it does not support dark mode so I don't think there will be dark mode coming to the app anytime soon sadly but anyways guys let's go ahead and jump right into this video so before I get right into it can I get 170 likes also of your new support the 170 an subscribe so with all that said let's go ahead and jump right into this video guys I'm gonna go ahead and meet you guys over on my iPhone now alright guys so as you see I am on my iPhone now and there is panda helper VIP right there the first thing on my home screen right there guys so as I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys the giveaway I was talking about there will be a link like this inside the description go ahead and click that little plus one to enter in the giveaway you guys are gonna have to do it to both and you do need a Twitter account order to do this so I'm gonna go ahead and go to their website right now to show you the app alright guys so here's the website right here and there will be a link to this site also inside the description and as you see it is $13 a year for your UDID to get registered so you can install all of these apps without them crashing and here's the trial preview whatever you want to call it right here which I made a video on the other day guys so I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys the now so here it is right here I'm gonna go ahead and open this up now the loading times and the download speeds are now I wouldn't now they're not horrible I promise you guys that they're not horrible but they're also not super super fast they're kind of in the middle they're like they're like decent speeds is what I would rate them but I also have a slower internet to guys so I probably shouldn't be given an opinion on that so if I go ahead and look at the Super Mario run hack they have that unlocks all six worlds as you guys could see the UI to actually see what the app is is really really nice they even put custom notes inside of there so you guys can know what to do and what not to do in case you get banned or any type of problems that the app may or may not have so if I go ahead and go back and here's some extra a little bit of more info right here guys so this is really really nice I love how simple their UI is but there is something they do need they do need to put categorization because if we go ahead and type in plus plus we can't find any of the plus plus apps and if we type in H ACK heck it only shows us three of them what I know for a fact there is more than just three hacked games so I would like to see a fifth icon edit on the little bottom navigation bar that would be called the categories that would give you hacked plus plus third-party apps and so on and so on I think that would make this app complete and that would make it really really good I mean that doubt probably topped – – because – – as categorization but it not the same so hopefully they do – they do watch this video and they do like I'm asking about anyways guys let's go ahead and look at a couple of more apps so as you see the loading time normally doesn't take this long my internet was kind of cutting in and out inside this video sorry about that but when it does timeout luckily all you have to do is tap to reload thankfully so here's a mod it's snapchat if we go ahead and wait for that image to load I have no idea what that image is I believe they put the wrong images inside of there but we're all humans guys and humans making mistakes so it is all ok so as you guys can see we can't see a little bit more information about this app which is really really nice so if we keep on scrolling through I'm gonna try and look for a smaller app to download I'm gonna go ahead and download the NDS for iOS app while we're waiting for that to start installing we're gonna keep scrolling – and looking at some of the more examples of the apps they have so as you see it asks you to install it really really fast a lot faster than what – to does as you see there's Kodi happy check there's the Mario game and we can keep going through and we can keep seeing them they even say the prices of the app there's GBA for iOS and I mean we could just keep going down the list and there's every chord there so I call it duty I mean we can keep those even retroarch which is really cool there's y'all ooh 102 and that looks like that is all he featured once so if we go ahead and go to the next category as you guys could see we can keep scrolling down and we can keep on looking at more and more apps as you guys could see it has a crapload of them the only thing I wish another thing I'd love to see inside this app is a downloads manager like not like a download manager but like when you go to the extra info about the app I'd love to be able to see extra information about it like how many installs it has and stuff like that I think that'd be really cool if they kept track of that because then you can see like they can even add a category like the most popular one and you can see which has more downloads over other apps so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna show a little bit more of this as you guys can see they have a bunch of different apps and when you actually click install them it normally only takes a couple of seconds but my internet was cutting in and out inside this video so it did take a little bit longer terribly terribly sorry about that guys so if I go out and click on this and wait and it looks like it does not want to load so I'm just gonna go ahead and give up on it because my internet is horrible right now and I'm gonna go ahead and cancel this every core download and I'm gonna wait for the NDS for iOS to download so I'm gonna go ahead and skip the video until it is just about done installing guys alright guys so it's just about done installing and about being bada boom as you guys could see it is done installing so if I go ahead and give this app a little open and we wait a couple of seconds and there we go as you can see the app does not crash and it opens up perfectly fine as you guys can see I can go to settings and it did not crash so that is my review on a panda helper guys I've showed you a little bit about the app now with everything that I've said so far if they add those things that did not give this signing service basically like a 10 out of 10 I would say I'd recommend buying it but easy even as of now I would still recommend buying this app just because the way the – – helper works is – – helpers constantly going down there their helpers they're not really contacting people anymore wellthis they're a little bit newer and they're not as famous as – – is so it is really really nice to switch to somebody who is a little bit less popular and has more time to reply to everybody else and listen to everybody else's opinion it's better to start with somebody who is new rather than somebody who's older like not with bug wise but with more like kind of like you can help them out and tell them what you'd like to see in there to actually listen to you type of stuff but anyways guys this is AJ 170 signing out see you guys next time

21 thoughts on “Panda Helper VIP Review! Is It Worth Buying?

  1. The most suspicious thing that there apps that have IAP free
    But what if it's taking your money?

  2. If I trust panda helper.. does it give me a virus or anything? Does it actually work..?
    Please don’t lie to me, I’m only 9..

  3. Someone answer please, so if you buy vip the app doesn’t break down and you have to reinstall all the applications you downloaded again???

  4. El problema principal es acostumbrarnos a recibir todo gratis, por eso no nos funcionan muchas cosas y pierden muchos el JAILBREAK, no queremos aportar ni un centimo, de vez en cuando es bueno comprar algo legal para que no de problemas y este programa vale la pena comprarlo, ya lo tengo y me funciona perfecto.

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