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  2. Most of the people does not have etiquette in countries like India, Pakistan etc. They do say things that might hurt other people whom they even don't know. We should learn from western countries about etiquette.

  3. Is moulwi ko pitne ka dil kr rha h..its natural..khuda ne inlogo ko aisavhi paida kiya h inme inlogo ka koi fault nhi pls respect them…

  4. I wish i would know how Chahat is doing now.
    Reading the comments there are people here who say she is dead ( acid attack, murdered ), others dat she is happy in Pakistan, or in Western Europe….i hope one day Chahat will be able to let us know the truth about what happened after the documentary was filmed.

  5. Alhamdulillah..may allah be easy on them..i feel so sad for them after all they didnt choose this life ,it was given to time when i see people like them nothing but respect comes in my mind.

  6. Im so happy i was born white and not Pakistani:-) bless you all and greetings from cold clean and fresh Norway 😉

  7. Mam where is Maggi and where is chahat i want to meet them and i want to help them if you have any information then please tell me, because still m crying aloot because of their painful life.

  8. Poor Chahat. She smiles, but you can see such pain and suffering behind her eyes. I hope she is doing well and hasn't resorted to something drastic. I wish they could update on her😔

  9. Why do they use capital g on the word god,they are muslim,you only use capital G on the one and only God Jesus Christ

  10. I don't understand why this is happening. These poor women! All they want are respectable jobs and tolerance. I could care less about the "gender" of my flight attendant, as long as they are polite and give me my soda, they could be a talking kitty cat. I hope all these women finds her happiness.

  11. Um, did the reporter educate Maggie on how washing off "man germs" isn't an effective form of STD avoidance? o.O

  12. My best friend is a trans woman we know each other since we were 3 and I am so grateful that she wasn’t born in that kind of society and environment… I will pray for these women🙏🏼

  13. Guru is actually a Sanskrit word, why that would be in use for a muslim country is beyond me . Its a word that is associated with a lot of honour .. I feel appalled that such lowly people who treat people like commodities can be referred to as Guru ..

  14. I don't know why the video is in my recommendations but by seeing this I m really crying and will not dare to complain about my life again…..😖😖😰😰 This is really painfull…

  15. I just dont understand as we dont have this in our country. But if they were as men why cant they just live as men ? Saying that they are women trapped in mens bodies, i mean thats crazy. Who told them they were women in mens bodies ? If God made u as a man then u are a man. U should live like a man.

  16. maggi nd chaht i am crying badly… giving you best wishes… us jahan me Allah me shayed ap logon k lye kuch acha intezam kya hoga. ameen

  17. They do it cause of easy money, that is it. This is muslim country and men should spend time with somebody, thats why. Even in Russia there are, but they do not make such kind of business from this,, position,,..

  18. I m vry upset, becoz mje apni zindgi se bht shikayt thi, ye story dekh k ab koi shikayt ni rhi upr wale se, but i wil pray to god, ki sbi ko ek zindgi izzat k sth de

  19. The world is ending very soon. I’m horrified and disgusted,men dressed like women trying to be a woman is impossible unless you are born a woman you freaks! God will punish like sodom and Gomorrah

  20. This is heartbreaking. It is a shame that an individual cannot be who they are because of these circumstances. We have to stop this.

  21. A typical Punjabi(inc me ) after seeing a Transgender: O Pendi tohadi KHUSRE.
    Its really shameful though. We need to do something for them.

  22. I felt very sad for them,but it’s all Allah swt wish we cant understand why r der like dis.its all in der naseeb Allah give them patience and many happiness in life Ameen

  23. He says that if they are really women they should get married have kids and live a respectable life.

    Well they can’t do that because of people like him.

  24. this is so heartbreaking and devastating to watch.. its unbelievable to know that there are still countries which view the third gender with loathe as if they possess an incurable and contagious disease just by looking at them.. while my country, on the other hand, in spite of having conservative beliefs and traditions regarding LGBT due to religion, still gives the LGBT the freedom to cross-dress in public, obtain a respectable job and parade their "pride" in public, and yet, they still cry for "inequality and discrimination of third gender" just because they were not allowed to pee in the women's CR 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  25. What is the purpose of this documentary? If you’re allowed to be “transgender” then I’m allowed to believe transgender is not a real thing. I don’t go out of my way to disrespect people who believe they are transgender, but stop shoving this transgender movement into other people. Just live how u want to live.

  26. Thanks to Supreme Court. Because it had give them an identity now. Now , transgenders have equal rights in Pakistan 🇵🇰.

  27. Clearly Pakistans medical schools teaches some half baked form of medicine….because its designed to conform to barbaric Islamic laws.

  28. I am sure other words will stand out to me, but for now.
    She wishes she was a dog.. just to be with her mom… the two medical students, tat are so obviously close minded, and I shudder to think that they will become doctors.
    and the last one.. (so far) The ignorant response from a cleric.. "did someone come down from heaven and tell them this?"
    Hey, Mr. Cleric shmeric, did someone come down from Heaven and tell you …anything? anything at all?…..

    wonderful documentary.

  29. Please watch Lushious Massacr discuss how friendships crack because of social media bullies and trolls.

  30. Chahat you cam come live with me. I love by the biggest arabic community in the states. You can find work here.

  31. Who is that guy to say, they make that stuff up,themselves? How does he know how they feel? I’m sure there are some fakes, or confused, but no one knows someone’s heart. Only God.

  32. I am pakistani and believe me i feel soo bad when ppl disrespect them and its digusting how ppl treat them and believe these *islamic ppl literally know nothing what islam says about trans…islam says that allah(god) made trans special and they are closer to allah then normal ppl and these ppl act like they are most pious ppl ever i jus hate it u wish i could help them but i do what i can do to comfort them and make them feel normal…but ppl hate on them soo much out here…yall help!!!😓😓

  33. 7:36 and on- an age when all you know to do is love somebody because of how a person is towards you, not because of how you live. You learn to hate from adults as you grow! 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

  34. There life is too much difficult but yr Maggie ki mjhe smhj ni woh dusri job bhi to kr skti thi why she just wanted to be a air hostess jo shyd khoubsurat or thordi educated larkiyaan hi dekhty or kch ni dekhty 😒

  35. Wow, I am happy for because they are being recognized by the govt, a slow but sure process but to hire them as tax collectors is sending them into the jungle to be eaten alive

  36. I hope they were informed about AIDS & HIV the ignorance is real! Probably some bs their Pimps (cough) I mean Gurus told them!

  37. Chahat, I hope you're doing everything you wanted to. <3
    Wishing for an update on this fallen soul. I hope she is safe and able to get by.

  38. Am a Rastafarian but Pakistan 🇵🇰 shocked me when I saw them kill a lady because she was a Christian 😭😭😭😭

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