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hey there guys this is Hendrick calendar and I'm joined by otaku shower today we're looking at a handy little tool called Eve's pirate little helper you find it at Eve – plh calm and what it does is it combines several different tools into one usually for people trying to do PvP primarily this is geared towards lowsec dwellers it can also be used in null sack and parts of it can be used in high sec for those to do high-tech warfare so what it is is an overlay program that works similar to lead to how Eve Mon works in that it doesn't interfere with the game but it takes game data and allows the user to use it sort of like how various dscan tools work and other programs so one of the first tools we're going to look at is the local scan tool simply what you do is you control see everyone in your local and it puts it into the pirate little helper window and then from there you can see various traits such as whether or not they're a Care Bear if there's likely to be a sign O character what their last kill was and what their kill death ratio is and so attack a shower what do you think of something like this as a PvP R and E I mean I got to tell you it seems really useful this is interesting for me to talk about having not used this piece of software myself personally I will admit but I have to tell you that one of the things that drives me up the wall is always feeling like I need one more screen I is three monitors and if I'm running multiple pvp characters and I'm in IRC or jabber or whatever having to have a whole separate area available for a desk and tool or a local analyzer or whatever could get annoying it certainly has in many cases yeah and that's as one of the benefits this game has or this tool has is that it is more of an overlay program which is pretty nice but it also can be somewhat annoying but you can quickly just minimize it and pull it back up on your main monitor until you go into the settings you can do different things such as select coalition standings you can pull API data from your API key that you put in to eliminate blues that you're friendly with you can also determine what type of actual warfare pilots you want to see in local on the local poll and you know some other things such as blue members or whether or not a members in the coalition or not you can also pull data from EPA Lindsay kill that's how to determine whether or not they're sino characters or ECM characters one of the things you mentioned earlier is the the minimize ability that's one of the things that I actually really like in looking at this tool and I'm actually playing with it on one of my clients right now is that I can move it around and I can check it wherever I want and it doesn't take out the screen space in the eve client is already at such a premium even on larger screen sizes it just is incredibly crippling when there just isn't enough room you know when you when you've got another overlaid tool that wants to pop on top and I like that I can get complete rid of this if I want and it's back in seconds yeah one other handy tool that it comes with is a coalition mapper so basically when you do addy scan of local or a scan of local you can see who is in a certain coalition based off their Alliance which is always changing but I mean it's quick and easy to update get the big picture it's broad strokes as better than nothing yeah and so after that we're going take a look at the D scan tool which is another way to find fights all right so now we're in Kanaka and what we're going to do here is we're going to hunt down some ships or try to hunt down some ships so what you do is you open up your directional scan tool you hit control-c you then go on to pull all the relevant ships into your D scan locator and what's also really nice is it doesn't just hunt down on what moons and custom monsters the characters on it can also hunt down what sites they're in so with this D scan tool I mean a lot of players a lot of PV peers have spent a lot of time and a lot of effort getting good at D scan and good at narrowing in on what they want really quickly they know the ranges they know the angles how does this tool supplement for someone who's a bit more experienced how could this tool help a pilot like me I cut stone on the time needing to do all those things simply what you do is you hit ctrl C you can control your ctrl C puts all the data into the D scan locator then gives automatically puts a range on your clipboard which you give them control V into the range scanner and then it slowly eliminates down areas where the ship most likely is and then you get down to your last system or two and then it tells you exactly where that is what you're saying in a sense is that it takes the logic out of it on the player side it does the analysis of the results that the player is generating yes okay alright and what probably is problematic though is when you do use it it does end up a sum of log work if it ships moving across system you can pick them up and then you could lose them so you have to do it like multiple times and obviously that's kind of the whole point of a D scan tool but at the same time you have that speed on your hand so you can do it rather quickly yeah I understand all right so we found a slasher so what we do is we control C we control see all the anomalies so that we notice to pull from those anomalies we double click on the ship we want to find then gives us a control V we control V in we scan and we do this like several times as it whittles down areas that it's most likely going to be in so as after a while you start to see that hey there's you know a lot more anomalies than customs offices or planets so that's a good sign for us so then we see it is down to just two anomalies and now we found our final anomaly and so what we do is we hop over to the probe scanner find the anomaly and warp to them and then we land right on top of them and we can either shoot them tackle them whatever in this case a as I mentioned a fish if moving we won't uh actually experience or actually uh get on top of them because it is susceptible to being messed with if a ship is moving across system and then this particular case with this slasher that we're hunting down it does that so that's a fault on the program but it's not a huge Pro it's not a huge problem overall it seems it seems it relies quite heavily on the use of 360 degree at least initially and on not moving the direction of the camera if you're using a narrower degree scan so I correct yeah so so what it is rather than a than a precise D scan tool is it's a perfection Allah tool it's a precise range finder more and more accurately it figures out it figures out what range that ship is most likely to be at and then just guesses at which Celestials are at that range and guesses from that accordingly yeah so then the next one we're looking at is the pause mapper now we're in on and on and write the Sun and we're going to hunt down pauses it's a very similar process to the ship scanner all you do is you open up the directional scanner and there's a little option for a poss mapper and usually you can use this for like highsec warfare pause bashing and lowsec and don't stack that sort of stuff so you just open up the possum apper you do a dscan make sure your overview settings aren't selected it's a very important thing do a maximum D scan range ctrl C it tells you we found 20 pauses in range of your D scan so then you just keep doing the control V scan control C control V scan control C until you start to pull up Ponce's and we'll start to see a couple like it pulled up in a second or two uh and this is really useful again for people who do high-tech warfare or are hunting down pauses now what you see now is is specifically what moon and what planet that pastas at the type of faucet is if it's offline the name event and your last scam no it's also important to note is the hashtag lootable that's if there's lootable modules on like a research facility of Moon goo facilities that sort of thing the ponds we find here is an online and it doesn't have any lootable x' but we're still going to go to it so we know it's that planet five moon ten and it's a medium Tower and its name is Copic oh the shoes so we're going to warp to Planet five from ten in a second and make sure that it's actually accurate it's clever actually one of the things that's one of the things that's driven me up the wall for years in in surveying pastas is having to sort of deal with rotating the camera around and incrementing your directional scanner slightly higher and all that just to try to narrow it down so I think taking out what is what is not really a skill thing it's just rote repetition something simplifying that process is quite useful yeah and it's a very control seeing and control ving the different parts of the D scan because you have to control V in the range and control C from what is on that range into the post mapper tool it's a bit tedious but it only took me about like what 20 seconds to do and I found a pause so again for people who like who are hunting down structures to grind in Wars that'll be really fast and efficient for them to map out what they what their targets are and so for guys like pandemic Legion CFC and three this can be a really useful tool now there's probably other tools out there that they already use but this is still like something in the arsenal that they could pull out and use can it can it find AI hubs because I have not being globally viewable is the most annoying thing in the world as far as I know I hubs are not scannable at a future version could maybe implement that that would be very useful for Noah's Ark folks I know because you can find SBU CCU's stations from everywhere but I hubs you have to actually dscan for or go to every planet yep alright so as you can see we found the the tower and that's pretty much it that's Eve parrots little helper in a nutshell it's a very small very quick easy to use program the guy who created it did a tremendous job making it and you know he's providing a cool little program for people to use in their warfare now we do have to stress that potentially this could be deemed not capable to use by CCP but as far as most people can understand is no different than various dscan tools eve mana and other third-party programs so it's perfectly within the EU la but you always want to keep up to date with what CCP says on these sort of things before actively using it but for right now at least it is perfectly acceptable to use for crossing zebras I've been Hendrik Khaled are joined by otaku Xiao and you can visit us at crossing zebras comm for more articles and videos

5 thoughts on “Overview: Pirate's Little Helper

  1. Feels a bit intrusive aesthetically, would be great if it matched the EVE layout dark/transparent. I admire the efficiency of this tool but like the co caster mentioned, "it takes the logic out of it on the player side, it does the analises of the results that the player is generating", and personally for me that's part of the challenge that makes this a "game", removing it through out the use external tools, honestly feels like "cheating".

  2. Great video, thank you!
    It does a very good job showing/discussing the central parts of the application.

    From seeing you use it, I have two small hints:
    a) If you don't resize the columns yourself, they will automatically resize to required sizes whenever you update the local
    b) Instead of minimizing you can also double click on the title bar

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