Oversight Cmte. Member: Republican Deposition Stunt Like A ‘Fraternity’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Oversight Cmte. Member: Republican Deposition Stunt Like A ‘Fraternity’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. And the Sargent at arms was standing there thinking wtf!? give me an order to arrest them! But the Dems failed and the Dems who failed to issue the arrest orders should be arrested too! I just can't believe how weak the Dems were at this point!

  2. while congressmen recede back to childhood this happens:
    MOSCOW/BELGRADE (Reuters) – Russia said on Thursday a division of its S-400 missile defense system would take part in a military drill in Serbia, underlining Moscow’s wish to keep a traditional ally on side even as Belgrade pursues links with NATO and the European Union. 
    Well played Donald trump, regards, Satan Thedevil

  3. Grown men and women behaving like children. They are taking their lead from Trump, who also behaves like a child. Pathetic role models. Says a lot about the Republican Party.

  4. There are armed guards? What die they do? Why are there armed guards if people who are not supposed to get in there can just walk right in?

  5. Hey, if Barr can keep the Mueller Report secret while he reacts 20% of it (and 100% of the best/worst stuff) while declaring Trump innocent, then the Republicans have nothing to (whine) about.

  6. There should be an investigation with the security team that is charged with security procedures in the congressional buildings.

  7. Do those spineless republican politicians know they just made things worse. It’s not Quid Pro Quo for them. It’s Quid Pro Joe

  8. Republicans had closed door meeting for bengize?? How many times hv these hypocrites block Obama nominations?? Freaking cowards behind a coward.

  9. Shouldnt they be arrested for obstruction of justice , trspassing. Are they above the law like trump is above the law

  10. Every one of these invading republicans have broken security laws by both intruding into and recording a secure meeting. This is not a lighthearted stunt. Every one of these persons must be charged and i hope arrested, with this action on their arrest record. This was neither funny nor helpful. We do not know what their smart phones captured for enemy agents. They must be punished.

  11. Uh, what are the security guards there for? A good paycheck and healthcare? Why didn't they stop the ineligible Reps from barging in? I want a great paying job and government healthcare where I can sit around and do nothing.

  12. Impeach the Russian agent in the wh. Putin ordered trumpf to get out of Syria, shut down the govt, lift sanctions, and create chaos,. Trumpf obeys Putin’s orders.

  13. So trump was in on this, knew in advance and may have even been in on the planning of it. This is a clear obstruction of justice. Why did the guards just let them walk in?

  14. I thumbed down the ad that was playing, then I realized that wasn't the video. I left it down because you tried to make me watch an 8 min commercial.

  15. Never thought GOP, the conservative party, will be acting like third world government; so uncivilized the stunt they pulled.  And these are supposed to be the elected officers who are adults, either have kids or grandkids.   Makes you think twice where is all the good and real GOP are at; looks like KKK in those black and white movies when say, let's try to get in. Lets force our way in.  It was pitiful.

  16. Where is the list? Who were the Republicans who illegally entered the SCIF?

    [There is a list below posted by gr33kb0i, but it's self-contradictory]

  17. The rubes just don't get it. They LOSE bigger than they can face reality. And Matt Gaetz? HAW, he wants to be the next nut job to make an international fool of himself.

  18. The thumbnail looks like a male choir and Steve scalise is the lead singer. If only they were that honorable.

  19. That's a great word fraternity. They did look like a judge kavanaugh crowd. A bunch of fraternity Brother's INSTEAD OF ELECTED OFFICIALS.

  20. It's well past the time to be 'appalled' by these traitorous Congressmen/women. It is time for them to be impeached.

  21. But i don't understand why aren't democrats saying ok turmp investigate this Ukrainian scandal we democrats haven't done nothing wrong think about it if democrats haven't done nothing wrong this would make democrats look good and tump look bad but their not doing that are they so disgusting turmp win are you going to lock up these criminals and traders up for treason against AMERICA and crimes thay have done all of AMERICA nose democrats are criminals and traders turmp 2020baby

  22. If what those republicans did was against the law and therefore illegal as Rep. Khana described, they should all be put IN JAIL . Rules and laws are worthless unless there are penalties in place which are enforced. They should be immediately removed from office, arrested, and put on trial for violating this law, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and witness intimidation.

  23. Marvels, Assemble! Beta's, Unite! Now, chins down, avoid eye contact with the confident people and huddle together for support, we have food coming so we have a moral boost on the way.

  24. There is a reason why the Republican party is known as the stupid party and this demonstration is a perfect example of that. Just straight up creme de la creme of stupidity.

  25. Stop talking about what "they did" and start talking about what's going to be "DONE" about it! They should be arrested and have their clearance revoked

  26. Never have I heard of this in America but it does happen in the Middle East and Asian. They are lucky they are not arrested.

  27. Distraction through drama, live tweeting, violating security precautions, ordering fast food. Hmmm. This smacks of Dotard.
    Betting the farm he did not just know about it. He orchestrated this.

  28. Please read this to the end to better understand the process. The House Committees' are FOLLOWING the rules set up by REPUBLICANS in 2015. Also, let's not forget that those 23 who pulled the stunt have Republican colleagues that are in the SCIF listening to testimony during this proceeding. They also are getting EQUAL time as the Democrats to ask questions of all those who are in these proceedings. Republicans have not been left out & it is up to their Minority Leader of the House, who is a Republican, chooses who gets to go to these hearings. The same is also done on the Democrats side. So, with all that out of the way……Here WE GO! This is an inquiry, much like when someone in the private sector is undergoing an arrest for a crime. The prosecution & defense both conduct interviews (in private) to determine if a witness is "worthy" to help their case, either for or against the person in question. So at this point in the inquiry, we are at the gather information phase of the proceedings. Example: Usually the accused sits in jail during this time or is out on bail with a strict order to not leave the area, should they be able to afford the bail. Once the prosecution/defense has accrued their information, the accused then puts in a plea. Guilty or not guilty. Then that is where the defense and prosecution provide their statements to the judge on why this should go to trial or a plea bargain is given. In the case of the congressional hearings, they do not have a judge. What happens is that the House creates the list of the ARTICLES of IMPEACHMENT. It may be a list of 2 or 3 or 100. The House then has a vote, in place of a judge, to pass the articles of impeachment. A majority vote by the House then sends the ton of research/testimonies/etc to the Senate. They then release all of this over to the Senate who then takes the time to review the information that the House gathered & then whether or not that the evidence should result in a trial or be dismissed. Then, if deemed that a trial should take place, that is where the lawyers pop in and all witnesses are asked questions per their statements and evidence given, as well as the accused (the person that committed the crime or crimes). Both from Republicans and Democrats, that must be in the Judicial Committee. (Which all have a background in law so that it is a fair proceeding). After the cross-examinations and the evidence has been gone through has been exhausted, the Committee then goes BEHIND CLOSED DOORS to decide the fate of the President. Impeach and Stay in his Office or Impeach & Remove. There is the proceeding, in the easiest way I could put to make it so all understand.

  29. The stupidity of Trumpft is he's always been about visual effects. Instead of having Ukrainian prez. do the investigation quietly and behind the seens, he goes of his way to make sure everyone hears them say Biden is being investigated.


  31. What gives the republican party the right to interfere with congressional committees..to refuse subpoenas and worst of all to grant trump the right to break any law? Barr says Americans do not have the right to investigate or impeach him. OUTRAGE OF OUTRAGES. The republican party should be banned for attempting to destroy the US CONSTITUTION. This is not an American political party.

  32. Despicable Republicans. Some will remember Donald Segretti, an attorney working as a political operative with Nixon's Committee to Re-elect the President (CREP, pronounced "CREEP") during the early 1970s who was in charge of "dirty tricks".

    The "Canuck letter" typifies the tactics used by Segretti and others working with him. The forged letter ascribed to Senator Edmund Muskie maligned the people, language, and culture of French Canadians, causing the Democratic presidential candidate problems by having to repeatedly deny writing the letter, and by having to continue dealing with that recurring issue.

    Historians have pronounced that Muskie's withdrawal from the Presidential primaries was at least partly the result of Segretti and some of the other "Ratfuckers"' (a term used by Richard Nixon's campaign insiders to describe electoral fraud and dirty tricks they used against their opponents). The term was coined by political operative Don Segretti, who claimed it had come from his college days when he stuffed ballot boxes for student government candidatse.) It's speculated that having created so much confusion, and so many false accusations, that Muskie simply could not respond in any meaningful way.

    Another notable example of Segretti's wrongdoing was a letter he faked, on Democratic presidential candidate Edmund Muskie's letterhead, falsely alleging that U.S. Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson, a fellow Democrat, had an illegitimate child with a 17-year-old. The "Muskie letters" also accused Senator Hubert H. Humphrey of sexual misconduct.

    After testimony regarding the Muskie letters emerged, Democrats in Florida noted the similarity between those sabotage incidents and others that involved stationery stolen from Humphrey's offices after Muskie dropped out of the race.

    For example, a false news release on Humphrey's letterhead "accused Rep. Shirley Chisholm (D-N.Y.) of being mentally unbalanced", and a mailing with an unidentified source mischaracterized Humphrey as supporting a controversial environmental measure that he actually opposed.

    Does any of this sound familiar as in the case of Sen. John McCain?

  33. reps dont need to follow the rules or laws nor our Constitution.
    this staged 'act' was only for tRumps base and the antagonists voters, who are too stupid to know what is going on in real life.

  34. I for one would like some transparency. Why the secrecy if they are not hiding something. Schiff has lied to the American people in congress regarding the contents of the transcript as he did when he claimed throughout the Muller investigation that he had solid proof of Russian collusion which was a big lie. Also he is not following precedent with the running of this inquiry which he should be doing when there is no law stating what procedure to follow. Iv'e followed politics for over 50 years and what he is doing rings alarm bells. Its easy just to agree as a Trump hater but history shows secrecy is a cover up. Surely everyone here wants a just outcome and that will only happen through transparency not through secrecy in a one sided inquiry and selective leaks by Schiff to the media, leaks that we can't know if they have made up or not. I smell a rat…..

  35. These republicans 'who were involved in this makes one question if they are some type of back-channel to Russia/putin. How can it be that they've seen/heard the Facts pertaining to donald j trump, yet they still condone and support donald, instead of The USA's National Security?! Maybe these republicans 'who were involved in that act, should be investigated to see if they're in cahoots with donald j trump. 'Because criminals flock together, like the birds of a feather.'

  36. Don’t forget Dumbo used his own iPhone instead of the phone given to him in the beginning of his term. Dumbo show GOP follow.

  37. Great eyeroll from the young lady in the middle at about 00:20 , lol
    Calling this stunt clownish is insulting to clowns.
    The stunt was infantile. Pardon me for insulting infants.

  38. Any chance Hannity will mention the fact that around fifty Republican's are entitled to attend the behind closed door hearings and ask any questions they want, including eleven of the clowns who "stormed the room" complete with their cell phones thus jeopardising national security.

  39. I can imagine college guys rushing into a room shouting and disturbing the peace and thinking that they are being really rebel and cool and eff-the-system, but adult politicians???

  40. A new sacrificial lamb… Matty Geatz. That the men followed the frat idoit should have pay frozen, locked out if their office and prohibited from being on the oroperty.
    They work for us , kers get some backbone .

  41. 6:42 I thought Lawrence was gonna burst out laughing. It's UTTERLY ridiculous–REPUBLICANS HAVE FREAKING ACCESS. They're on the committee.

  42. This ignorant fake republicans should be held accountable for its stupid actions of bringing cell fones in a restricted area exposing US security – threatening highly sensitive information that are ongoing unrelated to the impeachment inquiry – they are well aware of their actions but broke the law- They should be arrested and have their high clearance revoked – like the ignorant Gaetz who was arrested in Florida for driving intoxicated – They should all be held accountable – officers in the military are jailed for these types of ignorant actions

  43. They where actually probly putting in a direct line to putnikums I'd be sweeping thatcentire building them guys are not to be trusted snyofthem!"

  44. Those Republican politicians need to be held accountable for their crimes and those pizza delivery people need to be investigated to make sure they are not spy's

  45. Republicans show their voters how strong and intimidating they are by leaving their empty greasy pizza boxes behind.
    They must scare the crap out of mothers and children in the local park picnic area with that kind of terrorism.

  46. Don't put it passed the Russian operatives among these Republicans to have planted listening devices in the SCIP. They work for Putin, not the USA.

  47. Those who stir the pot should be made to lick the spoon. They are really trying to reach for anything but nothing is holding up.

  48. It was disgusting the way the house representatives behaved, they look like a gangster, moron. No respect for the law of the land. This is what Trump to see distractions that what he is.. sad. Seeing this kind of House Representatives behaviours, did they gain anything for they Master Trump. It appalling and it just difficult to put it in words,We were shocked 😮 Trump cronies and himself working for Putin and Erdogan of Turkey 🇹🇷 against Americans,They want to destroy America. America in exchange of lots of money for their pocket so greedy so sad . Trump has two Tower in Turkey what do you expect..trump has no morals or dignity same as with his cronies , they using the white white like a meeting for a mobsters making money for themselves.

  49. Trump was trying to be like the movie.The God Father "I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse" What a choice the. Russians knocking at the back door and a US President who has the weaponry you need to defend your country. Asking you to phony up charges against apolitical rival because he knows he will lose.

  50. That showed us there are NO LEADERS IN THE REPUBLICANS, they came so low that they are following a MAFIA MONEY GREED UNFIT POTUS MAFIA MOB BOSS, dragging with corruption and greed fo perpetually stay in power, lying, denying, distracting with FAKE NEWS AND FAKE TWEETS!

  51. Are they going to be charged for this? I think Gaetz lead it so at least he should be charged. I don’t get why there freaking out there are Republicans in there so there not in secret or there wouldn’t be any republicans. So maybe all those with a phone in there should be charged. They must be awful people to protect the no. 1 most awful person!

  52. Hee Haa good old boys being illegal and pulling a juvenile delinquent stunt, except that they were in a highly secure room, breaking the law. Not a pizza party boys! Old fat boys!

  53. If they broke the law, why aren't they held responsible? Why aren't there arrest warrants? Are these GOONS OF PUTIN/GOP above the law? They won't think it's all jokes and giggles if there are consequences for their behavior. Just like with Adolf tRump, if when he experiences consequences he'll reconsider some of his actions/words.

  54. Trump is surging to be America’s ruler. He wants to be a dictator and if necessary, will encourage a hot civil war to succeed. Democracy and Trump can NOT coexist. This struggle will end in one of two ways. Either he will destroy U.S. democracy and be America’s ruler or he will be gone.

    GOONS OF PUTIN/GOP are sycophants of tRumputin. I wonder if their relatives were sycophants of Hitler? Maybe their character flaw is genetically based, or just aggrandizing cowardice.

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