Oversight Cmte. Member: ‘If You Have Evidence Of Wrongdoing, Come Forward’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Oversight Cmte. Member: ‘If You Have Evidence Of Wrongdoing, Come Forward’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. great job everyone, facts laid out clearly and concisely, ty! one further point though, those government workers, whistleblowers and others who bravely testify, are the truest of patriots and deserve our thanks!

  2. It's getting to the point that if any Republicans want to be reelected they'll have to knife Trump and impeach Trump and remove him from office. To continue to support him would be political suicide.

  3. I hope all those brave and patriotic officers get re instated in their jobs after this dysfunctional and disastrous President is ousted.

  4. Every day when we wake up and hear the news we stop and think, "Is this America? How can this be happening in America?"

  5. Trumplestiltskin the flipper in chief. He must have ran out of adderall so he had nothing to snort when his pea brain decided to pull out of Syria.

  6. How in God’s name can the GOP continue to ignore what is patently obvious? We have an out of control President who does not in any way have the best interests of the US and democracy in general, in place. He could not even accept the proven fact that he did not have the biggest inaugural crowd EVER. This was day 1 of his presidency and a trivial matter. And he has gone downhill ever since.

  7. Trump is going down in flames and he's taking the Republican party with him! I would advise GOP Senators to think about abandoning ship and try to salvage a small part of their dignity. And vote to remove him from the White House before he commits more crimes or gets more people killed.

  8. One statement would get you many talkers. ‘ If you know of anything and have witnessed illegal activity, come forward. If you don’t speak up, you are in danger of criminal conspiracy alongside of those who lead the actions.”

  9. That fact the Trump made the decision in Syria without ANY consultantion, speaks to the danger of his narcissism.
    Trump thinks he is the smartest person on every subject. He sees no need to confer with the Dept of Defense, State, the Senate or our allies.
    He should have at least given our troops and our Kurdish allies a heads up.
    His impulsive narcissism has now resulted in the bigest stain on our honor … and the death of innocent Kurds.
    How does anyone continue to support him?

  10. who do you believe ? Ms. Pelosi has always kept her cool-T.Rump always melts down publicly and on TV.
    he needs to bectemoved before he impulsively does something unforgivable and irreversible !

  11. I wonder just how much Mueller was working with Barr and Rosenstein to minimise the effect of his report on the GOP and not so much Trump. Nothing surprises me from this Whitehouse.

  12. Can someone explain how anybody can ignore a subpoena, without being charged, arrested, or fined? If a subpoena was issued to ME, could I just tear it up? Or do you have to be part of trump's gang?

  13. Daily reminder that America funded and armed terrorists of Pakistan that attacked and killed Indian civilians. USA is a terrorist country

  14. That 52% doesn't reflect the reality. I smell a lot of 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀the chosen moron must go today!

  15. It still surprises me that neither media, nor Republicans (and Democrats alike) have given any attention to what an atrocious breach of the Budapest Memorandum, and by extent the NPT, this Ukraine extortion is.

  16. As the psychiatrists warned us, with Trump, THERE WILL BE NO LIMITS to what he'll do. I never dreamed we could be in this much danger.

  17. Remember, earlier in the Trump administration forced the previous Ukraine administration to stop investigating the criminal Paul Manafort and to stop assisting Mueller in his investigation of Manafort. Again this previous intervention seems to be tied to withholding US Congress appropriated aid to Ukraine.

  18. I can’t wait until this cry baby gets impeached. tRUMP is going to cry like no other president had ever done. He’s going to cry more than any other president in history. That’s what a lot of people tell me, Very good people .. that what I hear. A lot of good people say he’s going to 😭 and 😭 and 😭 and 😭. And his blind stupidity supporter are going to get 😤 and 😤 and 😤 and 😤 and 😢 and 😢 and 😭

  19. Best phrase from former Ambassador: "I could no longer look the other way …" And, that's how I feel now about impeachment.

  20. Trump supporters don't care about corruption, even Trump thinks he can shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave and those suckers will still vote for him.

  21. Removing the likes of DJT now that he's already infested the white house is like mopping the floor while the faucet's still running. What's that they say about prevention? 🌹

  22. Trumps winning again 52% wow hes got the highest score for impeachment he has won again with the highest score i love him winning like this come on Trumpo you can make 60% if you try harder with all those wonderful decisions you keep on making with Syria and Ukraine with all your criminal acts and cons and lies, keep them coming your doing great trump you will be able to win right into jail so keep it up LOL.

  23. Oversight Committee Chair Elijah Cummings died at the hospital at 2 : 45 am in Washington D.C., USA. He serves in the US Congress after 14 years in the Maryland State House. The first black Speaker since before slavery times. Since 1996, Congressman Cummings has proudly represented Maryland’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. A 20 year man and Chair. He famously shamed former Acting DHS chief on TV over the camps in Florida and Texas. Speaker Pelosi names a new Oversight Chair as the Impeachment hearings continue. No floor vote is happening until the facts are in according to The Speaker of the USA.

  24. Mueller a republican allowed him off & The Unstable Orange Buffoon quickly jumped right back in with Ukraine namely because his small ego's unable to handle the fact that he's an illegitimate President & will lose in 2020.

  25. MIGHT BE???? United States Supreme Court: US v Nixon, Executive Privilege does not apply if there is any possibility of a criminal investigation by Congress. That's the reason he had to turn over the tapes. He resigned between that and when the full House of Representatives voted on filing the Articles of Impeachment. Because of that decision, Obstruction of Justice charges were included. An Obstruction of Justice has absolutely NOTHING to do with the results of the investigation, it only applies to the actual investigation. Any attempt to block or hindering an ongoing investigation is an Obstruction of Justice.

  26. Yeah… pro-Trump trolls tend to shy away from broad daylight… we have to keep the sun shining through the windows, draw the curtains open, so the moist Trump mold can dry up, crazed cockroaches and a multitude of long-legged spiders flee, and moths and bats fly hastily for the exit. And for everybody to observe the creature that lives amongst them, the creature that is the real Donald Trump, a James Bond or Batman villain come to life, brought out of the shadows and into the light.

  27. I'm am shocked by how long it is taking for America to realize that Trump the traitor & his family & admin are a cancer !!!

  28. Too little too late. This imbecile was voted as the leader of our country and then recklessly and through many illegal actions runs our country and we can't agree on throwing this moron and his family out of office. Good bye free world, your welcome, god bless America.

  29. As long as the criminal zionists and nationalists like the Trumps, Obamas, Bushes, Clintons etc. all hold together and make sure that no investigation into 9-11 can finally take place as we speak (October 2019), this whole political "show" continues to make no sense. It's just blablabla for the masses and it helps those illegally in power to win time. The US system and basically the world system has been hijacked by the illegal Vatican-BIS-FED-ECB-BRICKS-world financial mafia and their agents (Trump, Putin, Merkel, Netanjahu, the two "Popes", the Windsors, etc., all illegally acting German "politicians", the illegal Chinese One-party dictatorship system, etc.) run the show. You all had to make deeper research and go a few steps back in order to be able to provide legal facts for all the wrong doings. We just had a big war in Syria and you don't wonder why ?? Let me add that the US and Allies had commissioned and implemented the higher German Reichsbahn Officer Dr. hc. Wolfgang G. G. Ebel to be the new head of our German State – Constitutional 2nd German Reich. His commissioning had been ordered by Ernst Matscheko from the US Department of State, by US ambassador John Christian Kornblum, by ambassador Richard Burt as well as indirectly by US Foreign Minister James Baker. Video proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7yaRLxA07E&t=470s These Americans all being aware of the ongoing US occupation of Germany and the US-Israeli involvement in their home-made self-staged 9-11 murder of 3000 innocent people it's quite clear why people like the Bushes, Bakers, and so on probably don't want to talk about Germany and Laws, Constitution, Occupation status, etc. anymore. Had not their co-zion-man Rudi Giuliani not approved the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers months before 9-11 while being the mayor of New York !?! Had the controlled demolition not required written approval by the City of New York ?! Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOq-LbQ4erM&t=5s Well, the opportunistic evil zionists like the Trumps and Rothschilds have since then been working together in order to get their own elbow man, white supremacist, racist, mass murderer and antichrist D. Trump out of his corporate insolvency and into the presidential seat. Let's not forget the 10 million dollar personal gift of Lynn de Rothschild (among others) for Trumps campaign. While others like myself have to struggle with ongoing Court cases and with fake, criminal German judges, this Trump and the rest of the millionaires and billionaires have basically buying the whole show and using the momentum to defeat all opponents and competitors worldwide. The independent journalist Greg Palast has produced a movie on Trump's stolen election but few seem to take interest in the truth and facts these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILsxj9nX_V8&t=5s

  30. Has anybody in the Republican Party seen the movie The Three Amigos. It is a story of extreme bungling by three idiots who happen to be friends. It is a fairy tale that has a happy ending because that is what Hollywood has brainwashed America into expecting in all circumstances. But it is bungling on a gigantic scale and exactly mirrors Giuliani, Pompeo and the other amigo in their corrupt dealings with Ukraine at the behest of the corrupter in chief Donny small hands. .

  31. GOD Help me hold my vicious tongue. Ewww..
    I wasn't bsin.. right on point..
    He is even worse.. keep watching.. the sob had 3 years.. so much crud..

  32. When he speaks of "decorum" in the hearings, is that because the juvenile obstructionist Gaetz- types are not part of the process?

  33. This network is a joke.
    I hope you guys re-elect Trump.
    Trudeau’s out in less than a week! 🇨🇦🇺🇸

  34. This is a President gone rogue. The Republicans will be remembered for the actions they take now. They should think twice about circling the wagon.

  35. The only polls that matter are the ones in the districts of the Republican Senators that will have to decide the President's fate. National polls don't mean anything. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Didn't matter.

  36. Media back chatter has it that Trump was part of a Turkish bank laundering scheme coverup and Turkish president asked for a favor but at same time this meant he had trump over the coals and then made him pull troops out of syria so they could have free rein. Edit: bloomberg report coming soon. Involved guiliani and turkish bank client of course with bill bar and mnuchin blocking sdny bank laundering case from being developed and prosecuted.

  37. He's a sociopath. No empathy, sympathy, or conscience. He has no regard for the blood bath that he 's inflicted on Kurdish men, women and children.

  38. All you "all" who have remained silent about the wrongdoings of this joker in the highest position on earth should not be in politics at all. No more heroes left to step up to the plate. Looking the other way is not acceptable in the spot this country has been in during this horrendous fiasco. All roads lead to Putin.  Nothing is as it should be in our political system.

  39. Make sure to spread the word and make sure to vote!

    If you don't vote, we can still lose. They plan to hijack votes and supress others and cheat their way. Even heard evanka has a patent for voter machines now.

    Vote sanders 2020 and spread the message that trump is a criminal along with his office and that Sanders will undo the damage that has been done!

    Kinda glad trump won becauase we just exposed all of the snakes that have been hiding that are currently trying to get away by running back to the shadows. People like Steve banon, mitch mcconnel, jeff sessions, lyndsy grahm and even putin also need to be reexposed. They are trying to get out despite them being the ones arranging all of this and the less we hear of them, the more we will forget.

    I am proud of us, America. We did good. back pat

  40. The people have been asking for long, "Haven't you got enough evidence yet. How much does one need. Are you really waiting for him to shoot somebody on 5th ave?

  41. I hope Trump gets to put all the Pelosi's, Clinton's, Biden's, Ocasio's, and Omar types, in prison, where they belong !!! The only thing I don't understand is why President Trump hasn't had these people euthanized for Treason. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT IN 2020 !!! I WILL VOTE FOR THAT GREAT MAN AGAIN !!!

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