Overland Designs – Alcantara Shift Boot unboxing and install for Honda Civic Type R FK8

what's up YouTube coming to you guys back with another video today we have an unboxing from Overland designs we have the suede Alcantara shift boot and shift the ring and the the factory assembly I went ahead and won with that option as well so we will do an unboxing on that will also get that installed really quickly I'll take you guys along so you can see the steps and getting that installed but before we get started just want to thank everybody for all the support that I have getting if you guys have subscribed thank you so much this is your first time on the channel and you guys enjoy several type of art content or just automotive content in general please take a second and hit that like button if you liked the video and hit that subscribe button if you want to see additional content but with that being said let's go ahead get started with the video all right guys we have a package from Overland design so I will go ahead and start with the unboxing all right so we got some industrial create paintbrushes pretty fun box I – this is easier with a Alcantara suede boot with the new collar already attached and brand new shift boot assembly I'll put a link in the description in this product for your car I just want to change it up you know maybe go with some higher higher grade quality with this shift boot also have some other pieces coming in as well so stay tuned for that I have I'll show you those pieces once I get in the car but some pieces that take a little bit longer just due to them being on backorder through Honda so but this piece right here at would face I believe on Sunday evening and it was shipped to me on Wednesday so I very quick service and from the feel of it good high-quality material as well so that's enough with the unboxing let's head down to the car and let's get this installed everyone so we're in the car now and like I said we're so I'll be removing this trim piece I'm really replacing this om leather shift boot with the new Overland designs Alcantara shift kept the same red stitching just to kind of match the look just upgrade in quality in my opinion also while we're at this I went ahead and switched from the J's racing knob and the J's racing shift boot back to OEM just started with the with the direction that I'm going with my interior that the OEM look would be a better would be a better fit for what I'm looking at are looking for so that's already been sold on the shift knob and the J's racing ship they have both been sold so I will be using the stock shift knob to go with the new piece the new Alcantara shift boot the other pieces that I've ordered that I'm still waiting on are these wing trim pieces that go around here I am looking to also have those upgraded with the black Alcantara with the red stitching and also the hood are the over – hood so I'm looking to get this replaced as well up top I ordered the black Alcantara with the red stitching as well and the underside did get that in red I'm just gonna change it up a little bit I'll also looking to do something with the steering wheel the oleum Super Bowl is nice I have no complaints about it but the Alcantara ones do look really nice but I am a little just rarey on how that's gonna wear with this being touched a lot how's that Alcantara gonna hold hold up over time so I may and I may go with a different option but I'll definitely keep you guys updated on if I do anything with this theorem all I want to see how the other pieces look first and then if I the steering wheel is sticking out like it needs to be modded as well then maybe I'll look to make a change there but with that being said let's go ahead and get started with the install the first things you'll need is you will need a Philips head screwdriver I have a 17 millimeter wrench you'll need that to get the shift boot ring you need to get that to remove that and also have some just some auto trim removal plastic removal trim so you'll want to use this as well so that you're not scratching your interior using like a something like a flathead or you'll want to stick to the plastic pieces so let's go ahead and get started with install okay so the first thing I'm going to use is the plastic trim piece here we're going to squeeze in between this piece right here it just kind of push up and then you can kind of label the rice out and then with these just when I kind of pull straight back sad a little put these down here and you'll want to use your Phillips head screwdriver we'll have four squares one two and then three and four left two on each side right here and then your two right there then once you get those taken out its kind of lift up on this assembly there we go and you'll have three connections to unplug one here and then two on this side one there then the next row second one so now this piece I can move and then we'll go just loosen the shift knob over here then to remove this piece you're going to want to separate this black ring lock and this silver piece right here is silver trim so just get a plastic removal trim let's kind of wiggle those in add some down pressure and should be able to separate those then from here this is where we're going to get a wrench and we're going to just loosen this piece and we'll just loosen this piece off all right so once that piece is off put that to the side as well and we'll just lift it straight up and then here is our um shift loot and we will be using will be reusing these side pieces and we'll take off of this type our piece as well and we will connect that to our Alcantara piece all right so for this part you'll have what looks like six Phillips screws so I've worn two three four five six and looks like one and two three and four we'll take off these two pieces and we'll use these three pieces of reattach them to the new ship so let's take these off so that piece comes off which we need to go here make sure it goes to pieces those two screws are aligned over so we have 1/2 the pieces in [Applause] you used to go up on Mulholland Drive and visualize seeing yourself is yeah I would visualize yeah right having directors interested in me and people that I respected saying you know I like your work or whatever that is and visualize things coming to me that I wonder whatever drive home and think well I do have these things they're out there I just don't but they're out there I wrote myself a check for 10 million dollars for acting services rendered and I gave myself five years heard three years maybe and I dated it Thanksgiving 1995 just before Thanksgiving 1995 I thought that I was going okay so now that we have both pieces from the sides removed all the screws removed as well the next thing you're going to do is you're going to want to press this piece and and that should pop out the type-r piece right there so we'll squeeze this just kind of press and it will remove the type-r piece so this is our old leather or LEM leather shift boot and we have now removed that and taking all the pieces off that are no longer needed this is our new piece we have these two pieces which are now attached and next we will add the type-r piece and so first I will connect this piece here connect these two pieces here go ahead and press this in oh my there we go I think about the way that is secured gonna move this down just a little bit screw this back on there we go all right and then attach these screws you alright guys so that's gonna do it for this video hopefully you guys are able to follow along with the insulation really nice quality good piece from over lien designs I'm very happy with the quality of the piece yeah I'm looking forward to the other pieces that are coming in the gate hood cover and the wing trim pieces on the side of the shift boot as well so yeah really excited for those and once I come in all on boxes and install those for you guys as well but if you guys enjoyed the content definitely hit a like button and if you enjoy watching sunset bar content and just general automotive content in general in the subscribe button as well and once again thank you to everybody who supported the channel if you've left if you watch the video hit that like button are indefinitely the subscribers definitely appreciate it guys so with that I'm out

10 thoughts on “Overland Designs – Alcantara Shift Boot unboxing and install for Honda Civic Type R FK8

  1. Ayyy!! At first, I wasn’t sure about the alcantara material, but it complements your interior well. I’m feeling it. Skurrt skurrt 🚗💨

  2. Great video. Your channel is really helpful considering it’s hard for me to find parts for the type r but you put it in the description so thank you

  3. Sweet mod, I got one myself. BTW what's up with the matte color on the steering wheel (below the honda badge)? Mine is piano black and I'd love to switch it up lol

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