Our survival and wellbeing as Ijaw people is Biafra.

i easel is honking on me uncle Abadi cleverly warm nokia 101 mwah mwah mwah voila no Olivia my brothers and sisters today I want also address a very important issue and this issue bothers on the cross Apocrypha of most of our so-called each other pen artists who are always hard when the who always have diarrhea when they are diamond ever but are silent on all other issues and have not provide any solution what so ever any argument to the direction that will free your people and restore our dignity as a people as a people who are equal with all other persons these are brothers and sisters and continue to cajole and deceive majority of our people with proceeded propaganda and surprisingly many of them are from the Western zone of the Joe nation would comprise these on the arrow and enter states though I've seen nothing they are seen nothing wrong none of them had come out to talk and oppose or to do a map we are all the jaws of the Western Zone I included in offer to do our republic all the jaws of the Western Zone I grew dead in the map of the world public none of them are come out to say anything but immediately we talk about the Asura in which they are not included because the Biafra we are talking about today is the behavior that was declared on the 30th of May 1907 until our progress in the Western toe decides I want to join their products in the formal eastern zone they are on the present welcome but a situation where the abuse malign and call by name but they afraid to talk when already they have been taken as colonies in the order to our Republic already they've been taken as colonies so what are these fellows which is nothing else they want us to remain in this slavery whereas you people would take Prime and become Superman while live in perpetual poverty in perpetual deprivation individual condemnation to environmental degradation my brothers and sisters you cannot continue to disavow people our people must know the truth the only option the only viable option the only perfect and considerable option the only would main absolutely terrible these are levels high only chose to join the United States of the asthma that is our only hope that is our ocean anybody opposed to read have an agenda that is the nimac are to the survival and well-being of the your people

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