Our Socialization

before technology became so powerful people were more involved with the world of society in 1951 most didn't even have a black-and-white TV cell phones were that of one's imagination and iPods or something the children saw in a sci-fi movie shows that today is so much more advanced than it was yesterday there's not as much interaction between strangers as there used to be no hellos good morning how are you unless it's on their cell phones everywhere you look there's your cell phone when you get out of class that's the first many pull out when walking to your car you have to be on one but when you're sitting alone you have to be on one and if you're not you feel alone when I started paying more attention to the way we socialize I noticed one key thing if you don't have a cell phone you may be the one that's not connected here's a chart from 2000-2005 the percent of the United States population that all carried cell phones in 2001 percent of the population carry them well in 2005 a percent of the population carrier dome and growing when growing up around these devices what else do you expect for our future and today there are no more reading books but waiting for it to come to theaters the newspapers but we'll see it on our laptops and starbucks on Wi-Fi I notice everybody on a cell phone or a laptop or walking around with the mp3 player to their head I see people that when they feel uncomfortable reach for one and put it on cell phones were made to be fun but without the high advances on the cell phones today it's kind of hard not to depend on one but when you find yourself constantly needing your cell phone that's when you know there's a problem rush into work rushing to class driving with one hand while the other ones up to your ear you start to see the problem that society is starting to have closing themselves off of the world by text messaging in class reaching for your phone every 10-15 minutes you start to realize you're addicted to your cell phones stop once a while look around engage in a conversation never know what my pass you up so next time when you see yourself walking down the campus of Northwest Vista college so to your car from work and you notice that you have a cell phone in your hands put it away

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