just like I just took fishy what's up you guys should go Gianna J Here I am back with another youtube video and I got my baby back with me what a prize I get it well as you could tell by the title we are going to be doing aq and a I feel like it's time for Q&A we haven't done one in a while and now we are a couple so so yeah let's get started so I posted a post on Instagram and actually guys to comment some questions you have for us and we got so many comment you can see we got there 457 comments now we're just in three hours so I had to archive it so y'all wanna keep asking questions so that's a lot of questions like yeah so I'm gonna put some questions I want to answer and and prime is going to be not as continues it is how does prime feel about you moving out we're moving in together because you guys know we've got a apartment and y'all wanted to know if well yeah yeah yeah yeah y'all want to know we were moving in together and stuff yeah yeah this is good this is a great question did John go to Houston together as a package deal okay let me explain on this like did we did we go to Houston together like no one was going to youtube together the texture is it like a couple type thing let me tell you almost all right so I lost toy truck all right so how Houston came about Janos was coming to see me in Atlanta for my birthday you know on December 19 this is December we got into it I told her hey don't eat bullets in my birthday detail so few days go by I told her if you wanna you know party with me I'm going there but I'm going to Houston to my brother Trey you know saying to his hospital or to Houston are we going out for New Year's so I don't know if you want to see me meet me in Houston she was in County at the time so she bought the flight where do you still can we make those heels bill okay that's show me a lot like oh you willing to do that you willing to go the extra mile be a lot no I did yeah you never tell me today yeah I introduced her to Train we all went to the club that night that's when y'all frickin late it was live no saying musi it was late and next thing you know because I but I was wondering if I was gonna get to do you to myself just on some meet like awesome Easter she was already doing you too next thing you know we sat down and we just came up with a master plan it wasn't really planned for us to do you two together like that God was going to me have a meeting with Trey I pulled her into it life hello you know one second would be time you know and then we all sat down together in there it was like boom you know that was a great it wasn't really a package you're like wait a minute Ryan like everything just be flowing like nothing is really how good is the fake one I was good yeah how come it took so long to be together in causations oh you know like really like I just like to see I know for me I'm speaking for myself you know I'd like to see certain things he sir actually before I make that executive decision because that decision means a lot to me I'm just going doing that with everybody you know saying hey me encounter you know cannot we been do a lot of stuff together you know and I just wanted to you know be friends for a little mini I wanted to get to know him before I just just went and made that decision doing I'm saying and I'm sure she wanted to get to know me as well I stuff like that like it takes a while to get to know my it takes a while you know somebody stuff like that what to media does I gotta find that's why to so long you know we just be you wanna do my little personal thing and stuff like that everything else move all the time which I get you know whole kiss first like who kissed each other first I kissed prime first when I when I first met him not the first day but like Oh Saturday now I was arrested we had just left that party with T Kenya that one I don't know it was the first time I came to land to meet him but I kissed him first and he told me that he could I release it in the car like thief I was like this and a little closer and I was looking him like his son thanks so much so yeah it was chill just like I'm not gonna say nothing but you just know you know no I'm glad you asked you know this involved you know we've got you know we've bosses so you already knows what's gonna happen sorry sorry we're working on we ain't talking better right now we know say to my book is coming into play right now you'll notice anything different about each other since you are officially to get there a little bit yeah I noticed a little different since we became official it's a little different not like I'm like was different like with him he's more like he's more affectionate and like he's more I lost later like he tripping on me a little bit more and shit like this acute shit like he's more affectionate yeah a lot of differences for differs with you is like III don't know like she always beneficial to me and stuff like that so like I don't know we just know that we gotta you know really – how do you guys keep the relationship spicy I mean it's not like I feel like we don't rise is how I am oh no no I'm just nobody like a college spicy like I never heard a word in some time I join you – like spicy spicy that like like I don't know as you know like yeah like you know look good I just show my ionely that's affection what's the word for that night oh I'm saying he wasn't good as I wanted to be showing about it oh that boundedness that's the word for that oh is it facing yeah but as easy why don't you try no I don't try like how we keep it spicy is just we don't try also one thing that keeps us like kind of fresh and stuff like we both have different things that we like to do and what I do in life like I'm gonna do hair and he wants the wrapping stuff stone that's having like different lines outside of the relationship is what keeps me kind of spicy too cuz like even though we're together every day I'm not all the under him 24/7 I had nothing to do like I'm just a boring girl I'm nothing that I'm gonna do like I'm just under a nickel so it's not like that which is good in my person what's your most memorable moment together hmm oh of course when he asked me being a good friend is album this party like that's the most memorable moment that I have so far is because I was like being so oh yeah 13 hours to you know 13 hours to I wish would get Cheryl I thought process do they hold no fool who's more freaking out I don't even think is close he do some I'll shoot the other day like it ain't close life well freakin oh yeah yeah you right oh these I mean but like you guys I just know oh no hey he he has a very high sex drive that's what it is like I'd be cool like I'm fine but I don't need it but he has a high sex drive like he's like the like six times a day type of person hey I'm not even lying and I'm gonna like two times a week and I'm straight but here dealing with him like y'all wanna know what I go through no yeah okay they're not plans in the next few years to get there and I see you guys together our plans hopefully we're in our career is made very successfully and our business is going really well really really well and like our relationship is going well like hopefully in a couple of years whatever we could maybe start a family and stuff like that that's what circles a few years from now you know enjoying time out of the country yeah just our life and nothing but positive vibes and just you know bankers in the Bahamas and shit few years I'm thinking I'm thinking two three from now three or four I don't know if I'll be ready for chai I still want to kick it enjoy your day what I'm saying like I don't know I see the money coming through the roof like I mean that's just what's going on right now is ridiculous to like so I just see like in the next two or three years like money coming through well yeah we saw my food years old I don't plan on having a child is a big thing Papa when it kind of been describes in the first unit and I think we gonna be up there waiting with poverty s policies my position do you prefer my wit without makeup I like her without I like even her own attitude I just like her with oh my god I mean you know I I like both but I really like both but her with got it I don't know she's more sweet my hair looks dry give me a fucking hug no wrap your arm no yeah okay – my question Johnson or if Prime was a candy what would his name be I get some sour pitch yeah because you're sweet no it would be this question did you guys know yeah like nah I don't know if you're asking that together if we're asking together no but separately heylia Oh Bournemouth are two buoys dude you see you see it you put so much emphasis on boy yeah stop not simply together yeah yeah separately I don't know how he put an injured balls I didn't know coming it was already having it like he was talking no squeeze means that's football him they need to get a hard you do that I told her to make it chilly with me like in January he was gonna do like we keep doing shit like this is we still gonna anywhere I want to be it so you know that wrap up your chair top so that wraps up today's video we hope you guys enjoyed it follow me on instagram it's Patti I knew my name something for on scores and the on snapchat is popping 1s the number one app on your own Twitter if I became k4k you know you have a follow me Graham my knees primetime seen a lot of it say it loud so that's pretty key to the back the kid big at what


  1. 99% of you wont read this …

    but to the 1% that does , you’re such a beautiful person inside and out .. the body that you are in right now is someone’s body goal no matter what size. no matter what you or nobody thinks of yourself , your gorgeous . don’t let anything make you think you’re not 🧡. i’m also a coming up youtuber and i would really appreciate it if you dropped a quick subscribe , it won’t hurt nobody 💕📝.

  2. Those are the best relationships … the ones you never saw coming. Then you guys took your time which was smart. Everybody isn't looking to just date.. Ki you so bomb 💚 .. that chemistry makes sex amazing ( grown folk shit lol ) ..

  3. It’s called NATURAL. Lol y’all are just naturally affectionate towards each other nothing is forced

  4. Awe I’m happy for you both and especially Kianna after watching her go through what she has it’s nice to see her happy with somebody!❤️💯

  5. Oop so that was before that truth or dare 👀 ya that video y’all first made together on YouTube. Real supporters know what I’m taking about

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  7. Am I the only one that noticed that the little watermark picture on the bottom right is a picture of keion and kianna since when they were still dating. She probably forgot to remove it

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