Our Moral And Cultural CRISIS Of Purpose Will Be America's End

I believe America is in the midst of a cultural crisis not just America but the West in general we have no great mission we have no Great War we have no cultural objective in fact we don't really like each other all that much the the politics at least in the US and in Western nations is dividing among more than just two lines although we typically refer to the factions as the left and the right it's actually kind of different it's really funny when I hear people say things like some conservatives have said the real culture war is nationalists versus globalist menu here other people say that it's it's it's it's it's capitalists versus socialists then you have some people say it is authoritarian versus libertarian I believe it's authoritarian versus libertarian I I wouldn't consider myself a nationalist I think that given a long enough period of time we will have a global one world government or culture of some sort I'm not saying we should or shouldn't I think it's inevitable and that's why it's important to make sure we have protections against the rise of authoritarianism and some people have said to me in response to that it's about authoritarian globalism and I'm like okay okay anyway here's the story American kids would much rather be youtubers than astronauts and I saw this last week it's been almost two weeks old on this story and I was thinking about recording on it but I didn't and then I said I really should because I had a conversation about religion the importance of religion I when I was younger group Catholic I then became hardcore far-left atheist hated the religious people when I was in my early teenager teen at teen years and then had kind of a profound moment when I was like 18 or 19 that made me realize there probably is something important about religion I told the story before but I'll tell it now I met this like well-known skateboarder and so I was like really excited I thought the person was cool and it was me as like a young person hanging out some older more well-known skateboarder and I went to his house need a picture of Jesus on the wall and I immediately as the you know of a narco left-wing atheist read Jesus on your wall you a Christian or something and he was like no and I was like then why do you have Jesus on your wall and he said I just thought a story about a guy traveling around you know helping people was kind of cool and I was like oh I said that's a really good point that is a cool story like how do you argue against that that is cool like somebody going around helping people grab that that's a good thing right can't deny that so of course I've always been like you know there's a lot of bad things that have come from religion the reason I bring up the story is that was a moment for me where I started listening to other people's worldviews that I'm just assuming they were idiots and then I learned a lot and allowed me to be kind of you know I guess decently smart I don't think I'm smartest person in the world but I think I've got an edge and some some degrees and I think that the advantage I have is not necessarily that I'm smarter than anybody but that I'm willing to listen because of moments like that there are some other really like interesting moments I had argument people who are religious and maybe maybe the realities I've always been willing to listen and that's why but I do think it was there was somebody who was like a left-wing individual who who I thought was a you know who I thought was you know respectable all of a sudden now bringing to me a religious argument in a sense that was very light very simple and meant something now here's why I bring up the religion in the context of this for the longest time as a culture we are predominantly Christian we still kind of are it's like 73 percent of people in this country according to Gallup believe God played a role in in creating human life be it's creationism or guiding evolution so religion still plays a massive role in this country but there was a cohesive moral set for a long time like we were really very much aligned we're not so much anymore morals are dramatically different and changing every day and we have a left now that is defending anti-fun and far-left extremism because they believe their morals are superior and because of this you know here's the problem trying I'm trying to I'm trying to get to there are people who are driven by do good protect your family work hard to protect others etc a lot of this is based in judeo-christian values it really is whether anyone wants to recognize it or not I'm not saying you need religion to be moral but a lot of our morals do come from religion over time we've gotten rid of the bad parts we've reformed and now these values have led us to the point where most notably I bring this up innocent until proven guilty Blackstone's formulation which is rooted in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah I read about that and I was really like that's kind of amazing we came up with these concepts we've refined them and it's led us to a moral Society Jonathan heights research says that you know I could be getting this wrong but conservatives are concerned about protecting and maintaining a moral Society and that includes justice and fairness but it also includes loyalty sanctity and authority some things the left doesn't see the reason I bring this up in context to the astronaut question is because our culture in the United States is having a cultural and morality crisis most young people in the United Kingdom of the United States want to be youtubers they don't want to be astronauts why be a youtuber it's very simple because people will love you well what these young people don't understand I guess as they look up to famous youtubers is that an equal amount of people will hate you maybe not an equal amount but a decent amount of people hate you a lot of people hate me you know it is what it is being an astronaut as being something great you're accomplishing something you're risking your life and you're one of the few the best of the best of the best who has made it to be able to survive and work in those conditions to help advance the cause of humanity that is a tremendous and powerful adventure and mission and passion Chinese children have that we don't so this says something to me as a culture the reason I bring up religion is that without purpose we become depressed we're seeing people commit suicides are going up across the board a lot I could be wrong about that but that's just my general understanding from what the articles I've read why no purpose so what what people search for then is some kind of validation when there is no guiding principle I'm not saying you need religion for this but I do believe religion filled that gap for a lot of people they had a mission they had a purpose it was faith in the Lord as we become more atheist more agnostic even though we're still not entirely we see the rise of secular religions like intersectionality there's original sin there's dogma there's no real rules it's just faith to the system join or die they say they attack people in the street they accuse them of being another it's very much so like an archaic or religion interestingly Christianity grew out of the more beat the people who don't agree with you faze thousands of years ago through the modern forms the other thing I I think there's things that tie this all together especially with this story for one there is a mission in China they do want to be great they want to be astronauts teachers musicians we mostly want to be vloggers on YouTube I look at me I'm literally doing that right now I never planned to be it's not something I want to be when I you know when I was younger but I admit that I've talked a lot in my life so here I am but this goes in line with what we're saying with the rise of the secular religion of intersectionality in that a lot of what drives intersectional feminism which I believe is a secular it's a it's a non-theistic religion is likes and shares and attention people go on Twitter and they'll post a silly hot take right recently someone complained that when they ordered clothing from I believe it was forever 21 they got a free protein bar and they got angry because they ordered plus-sized clothing not realizing that protein bar went to everyone it was an Atkins protein bar which is still just a protein bar but you know Atkins is associated with weight loss oh here it comes and there it was the faux outrage where they really meant they got a free protein bar is for real you give me a free anything I'm like cool you can give me free lipstick I'll be like don't want I'm gonna do with it but hey cool free stuff I'll give it to somebody else they'll be happy but you find 1/4 hates just 1/4 but hey free quarter right now these people are outraged no they're not really outraged is what I want to say they're pretending to be outraged you get clicks and get attention without purpose we see people become depressed they then crave attention how do you get attention in the past you achieve something right maybe you become an astronaut how do you achieve attention today and praise be a youtuber because there is nothing left our culture doesn't promote any kind of adventure any kind of morality any kind of common good and that's gonna lead to our I guess destruction in the end at least the way I see it because when you have a generation 30% of young people we just want to be youtubers when they grow up well how many youtubers do we really need you certainly don't need me or anybody else at least I think so I gotta admit I'm really surprised and grateful that so many people want to watch me about my feelings I just turned the camera on it's kind of therapeutic I can vent about how I feel about you know and what I see but I guess a lot of people find value in it so that that's a good thing but what I do is is kind of it's not the biggest market political commentary is important I'm talking about the issues and the problems we face and I can recognize that critical of myself as I might be but a lot of the youtubers and vloggers are people just walk around doing nothing and I mean that Casey Neistat makes amazing vlog content or he did daily for a long time but a lot of his content was just him doing his life like you know I think Casey pulled ahead in terms of being a vlogger because he was interesting and was doing you know great things even though most of his content might be like I saw one where with a grocery store so think about the kids who want to be that what do you want to be when you grow up a guy to grocery store who films himself you ask the Chinese kid what he want to be when you grow up and say I want to go to the stars I want to colonize other planets I want to work in the International Space Station that is greatness that is that is being historical being valuable but you know what our culture is this is why I am NOT a proponent of laissez faire capitalism because when you let capitalism run wild what do you get you get people who just want to be youtubers I want to be famous they say when I grow up I'm not advocating for socialism or communism no I just think there should be some kind of cohesive cultural force and I don't know how or what it is the point is for the law for a longest time it was religion that that kept us as a community we were like these are our values and our beliefs it must protect them for a little while after that it was about our country America nationalism per se and now we don't even have that so will you get a bunch of narcissistic kids spitting in ice cream because they want to get clicks on the internet while the rest of them go around with bike locks bashing people over the head because they just have no purpose and they're depressed and so they think Trump is the only thing that gives them purpose and this is true for people for Millennials who support Trump – that is their purpose that is their fight but at least their fight still makes sense at least saying you support the president still make sense even if the president is a bad person I'm if that's the opinion I'm saying for the media claiming he is well at least they're saying I have a mission Tifa the far-left social justice is just about getting clicks in traffic and it's about a delusion the world is ending whereas the the Trump supporters mission is we're having fun and were poking fun at the establishment and they like the president's policies even if he says bad things from time to time in the end I think Trump isn't the solution we need as himself okay if Trump Institute's some kind of cultural program for going to the moon whatever he's talking about it that's what we need that's a good thing Elon Musk also does great in this regard but what I don't know what the solution is but I'm gonna end it by saying this unless we as a country as the Western world actually start fighting for something great or have a bunch of narcissistic children who don't fight for anything stick around one more Simon coming up in a few minutes I will see you shortly you

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  1. Intersectionality is not primarily about sin, sin is a method to achieve a goal. Only the far right focuses on this sin, because they see it as a personal attack in their own identity politics game. Intersectionality is a fundamental powerstruggle between different identity groups with the goal to make everyone equal in all aspect, only problem is, humans can live in a free society with equal rights but they will never be equal in all aspects and this is why Intersectionality creates absurd rules that make no sense, intersectionality is nihilistic, their goal is actually to erase any diversity, to either kill everything or turn everyone into a drone without personality. They just don't realize where they are going, but you can see the symptoms among insane transgender activists, who try to flee from their own bodies or the antifa guy who was willing to die for equity.

  2. Just a thought; I'm not saying that a uninspired generation is only a good thing, but isn't the fact that there CAN be such an uninspired generation a good thing? The fact that we've built a society where only a few inspired and driven people can make such big strides in technology and innovation can be thought of as a luxury of Americanism.

  3. Some people can find purpose in simple or immediate things. Everyone else needs a pack. They need clubs and lots of social activity, freakin weirdos lol. Its the large scale herders that are the problem, city dwellers. All of this kind of shit always comes out of the bored, soft, spoilt and listless cities. They never had a true purpose to begin with. It amounts to being a cog in a machine – which is great for the machine. For the cog though, replaceable. No real solid reason for being. Why so many men die not long after retirement and why the term 'empty nesters' is a thing. Never be any reason to be if that reason can be cancelled or given an expiry date. Pretty simple stuff that people accustomed to layers of complexity will overlook and existing in a city is a complex thing.

  4. I don't understand why this is a problem? People are earning money being entertainers, in an era where people complain about how AI are taking all the jobs. So which is it? Are we scared about AI taking all the jobs, or are we scared that nobody's going to be there to do the jobs we all need done? I assure you , this is a non issue. If it became extremely lucrative to do a previously traditional job, people would go back to doing that. If there were a labor shortage in that industry, it would become lucrative. So yeah, non issue.

  5. This generation are the middle children of history, we have no great war, no great depression, no purpose. We are simply the grandparents of the generation that matters.

  6. some conservative kids still want to be astronauts, the rest are to busy getting attacked for being white to think about it.

  7. For once I agree with you tim, multiculturalism and poorly controlled immigration along with left leaning ideaology has torn us apart and destroyed our culture and anything that has existed to bring us together. The right and center is partly to blame for being complicit and incompetent for letting this happen, but we need to take our country back and to stop letting people tear down everything.

  8. I think that younger generations were born to the situation on hand and don't have "The conclusion is too extreme to cope so your data must be wrong" filter -paraphrasing "Nature" scientific magazine refusal to publish results to Natalia Shakhova(scientist measuring methane) . They know that if anyone from their generation will live into retirement it will be the kids of rich douche bags that are mostly responsible for this. They know it is to late to do anything. So they want to be youtubers to be appreciated now, not by future generations. They dont believe there will be any future generations. They also can't talk to people from their parents and older generations because they will newer admit that what is happening IS happening.

  9. If Jesus really did ever exist, he was probably a pretty decent guy to hang around. It's most of his fan club I take issue with.

  10. Least you make good points ill give you that.. But your too much like joe rogan all wishy washey ann just followers instead of leaders

  11. Saying, “I want the benefits of religion without God,” is like saying, “I want a house without the foundation.” The religious values have to be founded on something transcendental.

  12. Been saying this for years. It was really apparent on YouTube with so many atheist channels that turned into SJWs when YouTube basically became majority secular. No money in it anymore. They were trying to start stupid shit like "Atheism+" to show that they were now feminists, cucks, etc. The thing I noticed about at least 90% of those atheist channels that joined the religion of intersectionality was that before they became atheists, they were all devoutly religious.

  13. By relentlessly waging their filthy psyops war against not just white males, but "whiteness" itself, the media and their apparatchiks have destroyed useful and meaningfu education, healthy ambition, fair and open competition and the sort of vital national optimism that no healthy society can survive without. No one looks forward to the future any longer except parasites and Communists who are so close to the ultimate free lunch – complete control of the political process (and thus the Treasury), fueled by the illusion of 'equaity of outcome' that turns nations into Somalia and Zimbabwe overnight – they can practically taste it. And after years of media-encouraged/approved outbreaks of leftist chaos and violence, we're finally starting to see outbreaks of violence from the right…..as though Antifa are good guys we need not concern ourselves with, and runamuck black youth crime just an insignificant blip on the radar that on;y a Klan member would refer to as anything other than 'teens' and 'youths' – but any violent reaction to that Establishment (remember them?) forcing the entire public sphere to suppress and persecute anyone on the right choosing to say 'no' and disagree is an unmistakable sign of Apocalypse.

    So I'll say it now: I fully expect that selfsame Establishment (or the PTB, or the Deep State, or whatever your choice of nomenclature) to use every trick in the book, political and otherwise, to invalidate/postpone/outright cancel the 2020 election. The minute they realize their spineless sellout to the extreme far Left has poisoned their own well and made victory impossible to achieve, they will push with all their might to prevent the election from even taking place – and if they can't achieve it through legal trickeration, they will unleash unprecedented polling-place intimidation and violence; anything but face the music they already realize they have carefully been composing and rehearsing and prerecording in public these past few years. Hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

  14. 6:39 "Christianity grew out of the 'beat people who believe otherwise'-phase thousands of years ago". That can not possibly be correct. a) Because christianity is only 2000 years old, so it can't be "thousands of years ago" and b) for the longest time christianity was exactly that : Beat anyone into submission who wasn't a christian. Remember the crusades, the inquisition, the overall oppression of the common man by the church (forced tributes, forced labor, killing or oppressing all who opposed the teachings of the Bible) during pretty much europes entire history for the last 2000 years? Heck, what about european settlers raping and killing thousands of native americans for not accepting Christianity? Christianity becoming more "friendly" is a rather recent development but it is not done by Christianities choice, but by being dragged struggling and screaming by those with modern morals and values.

  15. C'mon, Tim. Being youtuber is just the newest trend. Before that people wanted to be famous actors, rock stars, multimillionaire playboys.

    There was a moment that everyone wanted to be a skater. It was cool. Not trying to personally attack you but you did want that, didn't you? You said that in another video.

    Would you say that you were aspiring very low? Do you think someone powerful should have came along behind the curtains, pulled some strings and induced you to aspire for more?

    C'mon, Tim. Pay attention to the implications of what you're saying.

  16. Proverbs (KJV) 29:18 – “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” or Proverbs 29:18 (NIV) -"Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom's instruction".
    Most people don't even comprehend an ideal that projects the importance in our lives such as: “Blessed is the one who heeds wisdom's instruction.” there is just far too much Narcissism now.

  17. Exactly, we need a civil war to get shit together. Evolution will show who is worthy. Facts not Feelings

  18. There are 4 big questions to life, where did I come from? Why am I here? How should I live my life? Where do I go when my life ends? How we answer these questions will determine how we think of ourselves and others. I know of no better way to look at another person than the way Jesus asks His followers to look at those around them….

  19. Some of us ARE fighting for greatness, WESTERN CULTURE IS GREATNESS, for all the reasons listed in this video and then some, as long as we can keep the traitors from within and invaders from without from intentionally destroying us, and the greatest most advanced societies ever devised.

  20. Welcome to what happens when you remove God from the core of a country. This country was founded on Christianity and thrived on it. Now we've systematically removed God from the country and we get tons of angry people whose only purpose is to be angry and violent with no real meaning to their lives.

  21. People don't need a purpose. They just need to set a goal and that's it. Work out for 3 times a week for 1 year is a goal. It's healthy and you have something to work towards. You can chill in the meantime while feeling content. What about learning how to cook beter. That's a goal… you just have to feel like you're improving yourself.

  22. Go back and watch films in the 50s, 60s and 70s like 2001 A Space Odyssey. They thought we would have moon colonies and making regular trips to Jupiter by the early 2000s. Its almost 2020 and the most important topic in America is transgender genital shaving.

  23. To be fair, why would anybody want to be an astronaut when NASA is doing absolutely dick all? If NASA were doing missions to the moon and mars and expanding our reach into the universe i guarantee you would have more kids interested. Right now they dont even have their own fucking rockets.

  24. Morality doesn't exist without God. Without a higher, ultimate authority on truth and goodness, all morality is simply subjective.

  25. Well let’s not get ahead. Are there only two answers to this question or it’s an open answer? I’m sure a few of those kids would say Elon Musk. And also there hasn’t been any space walks since the Columbia crash. This generation knows nothing about astronauts. I remember when I was a kid all my classmates wanted to be a famous singer or ball player.

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