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are you very welcome back for my channel today we are here in our London house and it was our first night last night sleeping in the new house it was a lot different than before it was a lot of traffic going past it's actually very noisy living in a town compared to living in the country but Simonian and we're gonna be doing a lot of things today so I'm up early with what things to do I'm gonna take all this in a bakery I will mix all the town so yeah I'm up in the morning we'll make some breakfast for family can we have for breakfast this pancakes please pancakes pancakes please yes look we have pancakes every morning I love pancakes I will see them okay here we go but I have meant like much of this I'll have to go grocery shopping later we just stir this well you smell good let me put those down I'm gonna go and get audio and the chickie and apparently even making noise I'm making it hasn't come downstairs I want oh hello I can smell them now yes they're downstairs go get him oh thank you thank you for all there they are oh yeah good morning oh my gosh I'll live okay yeah we're gonna a bath before you go out today yes do you mean many oh yes okay though they were bar from right next door put you in a bar in a bit but first of all this they'll have and pack a beautiful pancakes thank you so much your face I'll leave you thought you were paying tapeless even though under Nathan yeah but you get him you just gave them back a changing drinking I come and I leave come upstairs can you to have a bath I feel okay LuAnn a new bathroom we brush my teeth for those delicious pancakes I can you rich doing his hair huh you blow-drying your hair yeah it's gonna look good yeah well your hair looks exactly the same yeah but now no he looks better actually Howdy's hair I combed it has feathers who's got hair okay oh just not being here let me out oh my god the hedge dam stood watch this Oh is he dressed to do it it's hard to glitch I use a toilet oh you can't do it you're not telling I don't know you can't do on this one arm jump out the window help me I can't do thank you know my thing time out boy what'd I do taking the pancake okay alright what do we do today what's the plan well today we're gonna go grocery shopping we're gonna go to the bakery we are going through and there's other things as well and think we don't have a look there are seven you know Ritz you could have had your hair done at the salon what smell what usually tries out that moment beforehand you have it professionally done stand I've done by an amateur I guess so is everyone ready to go yes exploration around the town yes wait wait it's your top a dish of me I'm bad why fashion scene I always feel like you this my fashion I don't known fashion I'm just I'm just oh my god no you say you do know fashion house I know I do i do know fashion I was just saying I was doing that pretty wrong let's go guys you could walk around town like that there you should have a true Sun in the paper when the cars right so this is well this is the kind of bike you can use and you can like on them oh no oh my god oh my gosh I'm fast bus is there no no no don't just jump on say hey no girl you can't ride your bike under a chickadee Lee Road right so then if we need to make a phone call like I'm wet what the heat from Pisa from here how cool is that it's called one fashion disaster hey he's saying right here right so and then there's a grocery store here we can come and get some of our food laser and a giant carrot yes you can right let's go to the bakery look students Debra cross in first frost there's no cars wait let me go quick quick quick quick a little ducks things behind me hello miss yeah y'all know a guy had ever seen her – shadeija laughs I'm just trying to work at the bakery and I'm getting Beast unbelievable yes we was like – well I was like a blueberry muffin would you like all this saying that oh okay donut over there's a selection of donuts behind you can take your peak no no you can't just take him off of that you can I don't know how to make donuts why do you work at bakery then it's why first I am a child where are the donuts do you guys know how to get down oh okay well I would like a chocolate muffin please right what is for chicken one over chicken would like done one donut Lisa okay come up Stas not Ando knocking the hell myself actually bring that through for a chicken there we go I thank you very much right there you go Tom's a good king it spends only two seats but oh are you gonna choose I've still got my Donuts I would just put it on the table for you oh yeah a friendless face for her advertisements to be on the buses Barry's amazing logo tickets for free tickets there's two adults and one guy over you 4.50 please what the prizes are so expensive it's London you know the price is round there is crazy I don't make the prices and afraid's okay well we'll take that then yeah we've been to the bakery it's very expensive in there it is okay well thank you thank you have fun yeah yeah not good Peters friend okay looks like I'm driving it is the only thing the bell when he'd stop there we go he's not even there yeah we did a full circle round exploring around London oh cool right so let's go to the underground great language betwixt the buses here in the trainer's does that stop this a stop oh I roll over I pray my simply always done there but a bit bit but that was fun although it's kind of hot down there isn't it on this it's very nice alright yeah let's go and get some groceries in both the food right yeah cuz all this fresh fruits and vegetables know what a great selection it's more injuries yes more'n juice watermelon yes I'll be nice can we get some hollandaise sauce looks tough show off oh you're the hot one yeah it prepares us Oh Alif is ready to go in the state in the trolley why chicken I know you can have it you can I just picked it up and any stone this to me unbelievable nice selection of food you got here beep beep beans and crisps I hope you ain't as as separate times and the orange oh we use as a gift on one word that sounds horrendous right let's take it home and make a beautiful meal with miss beans cream watermelon some oranges we put them all in the blender it's like Ready Steady Cook mean to say given all these random it's a saphenous like walking with make of this noise live that Joe are you going BRR I bought you some flowers a lot of working recently and you deserve nice a nice treat it's so nice if you raise chickens you're too young for flowers we baked you young for flowers cuz the part the pollen I think it's awesome flowers too ah candy hold on there you go Oh pink pink ones Wow even mum got you some flowers oh that is so sweet of you Molly thank you oh my my powers hey he got it it's very hot changing change yes and I see it two viruses Oh as I would say no I would also save I don't mind uh how you try to say how I say it wrong because you're a northerner but you also say vodkas English don't tell me that's beans crisps our engine woman it is Chris the bass my favorite place and then the beans and it's a watermelon feeling lovely really nice that's actually quite good you get a lot of women say from the oranges too yes and it's very good for here very health I have a breast of people coming out very soon I can't wait I think it's now time for us to go to bed I am exhausted from all the walking about yeah I'm real tired no leave me yes Nick unique are you cuz now can you applause going fast cause I'm not used to it but you know at least at least if someone breaks in with what neighbors will hear it too yes good points it'll oh it's safer maybe yeah it brush your teeth I did this morning okay all right well you know I rechecking Inc about hourly you know I am Barry

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  1. You know what I'm not a fan but I maybe like ur vids a little

    BC I don't like vids like this so much

    Be ur ugh love ❤️

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