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– Peek-a-boo! (laughing) Peek-a-boo! (laughing) (cheerful music) – To see him just walk through
a whole hallway of people is, you know, they’re excited and
they’re happy and something as simple as a dog can kind of change the atmosphere of a room. (cheerful music) The point of having Ace is to
kind of break that barrier. And he de-escalated quite a
few that were very visibly anxious, worried, upset, frustrated. He laid with them, he laid on their feet, he laid on their laps. So he was really comforting. (inspirational music) It could be post-traumatic
stress disorder, it could be from long term
depression, things like that, ongoing suicidality,
things of that nature. Literally everybody’s body posture and everything changes
automatically when they see him. He’s licking everybody, everybody’s trying to
touch him and hug him and get kisses from him. The whole demeanor of wherever
he walks through changes. (inspirational music) I know my husband’s like,
“Well, Batman had a dog.” I was like, “Okay, well
what was his name?” And he was like, “It was Ace.” I was like, “Okay, I
like Ace, that’s good.” And I was like, “Oh, Ace is perfect.” Assist, care, escort. This is great. That teaches soldiers at the lowest level, from basic training on, if you have a battle buddy in need this is how to help them or at least initially get
them to the right place. And not to leave them alone. And that it’s okay to be
there to care for them until they are in the right hands. (playful music) (laughing) – Peek-a-boo! (playful music) Peek-a-boo! (playful music)

5 thoughts on “Our favorite fuzziest member of the Army National Guard | Militarykind

  1. Welcome home soldiers and we miss you soldiers and thank you for our service women and men and I always watch soldiers are coming home from work like afghanistan

  2. That is so neat to have him around when soldiers need help. He is a sweet blessing from God to help others see they are very important. Thank you all for your service. You all are awesome. 🙂

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