Our clients’ opinion: Validata Group

My name is Harm Voogt. I am the founder and CEO of the Validata Group. We specialise in the screening of people, for instance for employers and owners of rental apartments. So we do pre-employment screening but also the know-your-customer process. My role, being ultimately responsible, includes among others the risk side of the whole, o the processing of data. We do have a DPO now, but eventually I also oversee that end of the spectrum. In the end we hope to help our clients with trust and integrity when entering new business relationships with people. Before we worked with PrivacyPerfect, we tended to get to work quite quickly with specific data processings or data transfers. A lot of it was done on an intuitive basis. We knew the law, but in the end we also wanted to make progress business-wise. Therefore I think there was some risk involved, and with PrivacyPerfect you see that we can comply more clearly with this law, because we can test within the system whether what we do with the data is correct. I think it’s good to realise that it’s justified that the privacy regulation exists. I realise that a lot of companies see it as a threat and a burden to comply with. Our experience, especially with Validata Group, is that if you work it well into the DNA of your company, it can work in particular as a USP. That’s how we have always used it, and it should be. There needs to be a balance between the way that data is processed and what companies can do with it. So use it as a USP and make sure you comply with this regulation. PrivacyPerfect supports this perfectly. PrivacyPerfect
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