OTech National Technical Honor Society Intro

Hello, I’m Chad Burchell the vice president
of student services here at Ogden-Weber Technical College. There are character traits required for membership
into the National Technical Honor Society. You are here being inducted tonight because
you represent these traits and we know that possessing these traits will serve you well in your life and in the workplace. We are proud of what you have accomplished
here at the college and look forward to hearing about your future success. The first member attribute for induction in
to the National Technical Honor Society is SKILL. SKILL is the practical use of
knowledge to develop the expertise necessary to make a positive difference in your field. The second member attribute is HONESTY. HONESTY is the quality of being truthful,
trustworthy, and fair with everyone. The third member attribute is SERVICE. SERVICE is giving assistance and being both
ready and able to provide a helpful act. The fourth member attribute is RESPONSIBILITY. RESPONSIBILITY is being accountable to your
actions. It means having the ability to act without
oversight. The fifth member attribute is SCHOLARSHIP.
SCHOLARSHIP is the distinctive mark of one who has mastered an area of learning, as reflected in the quality of one’s work. The sixth member attribute is CITIZENSHIP. CITIZENSHIP is contributing to society and
participating in public affairs with wisdom The seventh member attribute is LEADERSHIP. LEADERSHIP is the responsibility of serving
as a guiding force and directing the way by going first–with courage and confidence.

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