#OSCEyouth for #UnitedCVE (part 2): Giving youth a voice in the society

When we talk about radicalization, in itself it’s not necessarily a bad thing in political forums. We see it’s what led to the abolishment of slavery or to giving women votes. Which at their time were very radical ideas. But we need to be careful that these political avenues and channels are open for young people to contribute and voice these ideas, so that they do not have to go outside the mainstream and seek perhaps violent means of getting their message across. I truly believe that young people need role models and this is the best way to prevent them from getting radicalized. When they lack job opportunities, when they lack education opportunities When they do not have a say in the society, they can fall victims to dangerous narratives. It’s very easy to draft youth policies in offices But it’s the situation at the grass-root and local level, on the ground, that is very different. I think that there is not a single situation where you cannot do your best to help young people to live up to their dreams.

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