Original Song “See you in hell” Guitar Playthrough – Scarlet Circle

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] you hi guys it’s gnarly here and today I have some very exciting news for you starting on February my patrons can vote which song I should make a guitar cover video here on my youtube channel every month in February sport we have lofaso voyage begorrah guardians of asgaard by Amon Amarth and back in black guitar solos by ac/dc if you want to vote which song should play next here on the channel head on my patreon page link in the description box and me I really hope you guys like this video this is actually an original song that I wrote together with scarlet circle when I was part of the band and it’s one of my favorite tracks to play let me know what you think about the song in the comment section and I’ll see you very soon ciao ciao [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Original Song “See you in hell” Guitar Playthrough – Scarlet Circle

  1. I love this song so much!! Hope you can feel that stoner vibe that I was looking for in the riffs 😀 "She said: Bye b**** byeee, see you in hell!!"

  2. Good stuff m8. If only the song was on spotify I would add to my playlist, quick question, what are your thoughts on the reissue jimmy page's telecaster?

  3. Original songs are always special. This one has a 70s feel to it. Like others mentioned – definately Sabbath. I almost expected Ozzy to start singing.

  4. Muito bom!! Aliás você conhece uma banda chamada Be'lakor? Banda perfeita e com poucos covers no youtube, podia rolar alguns se vc curtir hein ;D

  5. AWESOME 😎 JOB sounds GREAT!! It’s so Freakin Cool to see such a Hott Girl play Guitar 🎸 as GOOD AS YOU!!! 🤟🤟❤️❤️❤️❤️😎🤟

  6. You're a brilliant guitar player, Noelle!! 😀 So cool that you composed this yourself! Was that you singing as well? Definitely a killer tune!👌😄

  7. Cool song Noelle! I love it, mas eu esperava ver solos arrasadores, não tem nenhum,
    mesmo assim adorei mesmo, eu anseio e anelo ouvir mais músicas novas de você. :)|.
    Só tem que fazer mais músicas com letras mais bonitas, ou engraçadas, que eu prefiro,
    e manter o som pesado.

  8. Noelle, have you ever listened to the band "Lucifer". I think  they are a German band, but they have a female singer. I like their stuff but favorite female band is L7

  9. Beautifully done Noelle, I really enjoyed watching and listening to you play that. It brought me back to once upon a time.😁😎

  10. I think that you channelled Tony Iommi with this riff!
    Excellent job Noelle, I'm digging it A LOT! KEEP WRITING ORIGINAL MATERIAL!

  11. That is an awesome song, I'm rocking out at work , can definitely hear different influences , your always amazing to see and hear 😀

  12. i like the song, i agree with Anderson Vaz that it has a black sabbath vibe to it, it also reminds me of old judas priest like british steel era, anyway the song rocks and keep at it.

  13. Massa Noelle, já tinha te pedido para postar algo seu, foda esses riff's.
    Gosto do timbre que vc usa.
    Grande abraço, sucesso!!!

  14. You're so cool! I love your videos, keep em coming! You're starting to get your own style and it's awesome!

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