Oreo Maker Hit With Lawsuit Over Deceptive Label Claims

Consumers want to know what kind of foods
they’re putting into their bodies. We understand that some things are going to
be healthier than others, but even when we buy those things that really aren’t necessarily
health foods, we still want to make sure that they’re not hiding anything in the product
that we don’t know about. And unfortunately, one of the most popular
cookies on the planet, Oreos, has now been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that
what they’re saying is on the package that’s in the product isn’t actually in the product. Joining me now to talk about this as Scott
Hardy from Top Class Action. Scott, Oreo, you know, America’s favorite
cookie, I think it says on the package, but that’s not what this lawsuit’s about. It also says always made with real cocoa and
a lawsuit says that’s not true at all, is it? No. Oreo is breaking my heart. I’ve been taking their, their overstuffed,
not just the double stuffed Oreos, now they have like the most stuffed Oreos. So it’s essentially all frosting and just
a couple of cookies kind of. That’s fantastic, if you’re a fat guy like
me and you enjoy these things. But it really made me sad when I saw this
class action come through that you’ve got Oreo, like you said, America’s favorite cookie
and they’re getting accused of not having real cocoa and right on the package it says
real cocoa. So people will buy these cookies thinking,
hey, it’s real cocoa. Yes, I’m having a cookie. Yes, there’s a lot of sugar in it. But cocoa has fiber, cocoa has flavanols. These are things that are good for you depending
on all the sugar you’re taking, but you know they are, they are helpful for you. And unfortunately the class action is stating
that the manufacturers behind Oreo actually cook out most of the real cocoa. They do it through an alkalization method,
also referred to as dutching. So the actual benefits that you would get
by ingesting real cocoa, those are pretty much gone because of the way they actually
prepare the cookies. And this covers pretty much all the cookies,
everything from the mega stuffed Oreos. Oh be still my beating heart, to peanut butter,
birthday cake, regular original Oreos, dark chocolate, red velvet, double stuffed because
all the cookies are prepared in the same manner with their cocoa. They’re all included in this class action. So, you know, what you’ve just explained there
is something I didn’t know. I didn’t realize, you know, really that there
were any health benefits to cocoa. So, so it starts to make a little bit more
sense, right? Not to mention the fact that obviously going
through this alkalization process, you’re processing the cocoa. So this now at this point becomes even more
of a processed food. And as we’ve seen time and time again here
in this country, people want to move away as much as they can from these overly processed
foods because as you correctly pointed out there, the more you process it, the more you’re
taking out of it. You’re, you’re taking away the, the good things. And believe it or not, yes, cocoa does have
some, some health benefits. But once you do all this, once you put it
through the machinery, the, the alkaline substances, you’re taking a lot of that out. You’re just left basically with a lump of
sugar that tastes amazing. But it’s certainly not what is represented
on that package. Right. I’d be curious how this one, kind of wakes
this way through the system. But since the, the, the big part of this claim
in the class action is that you can’t say that you’ve got real cocoa in it if you’re
processing out pretty much all of the actual cocoa through this process. You know, will it just be a labeling claim? Will we be able to get diehard Oreo lovers
like myself, some money back in our pockets? We’ll have to see, you know, so far we’ve
received 648 comments, and 14 shares on this. So we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of people
out there that are actively following this. And I’m sure once it becomes, once it airs
on, on your channel here, we’re gonna get a whole lot more. Well as, as they say it right there on the
package, it is America’s favorite cookie. So I’m sure there’s a lot of Oreo eaters watching
this saying, wait a minute, this isn’t what I thought it was. So hopefully they go to your site and if this
is something that interests you, make sure you follow the link in the description of
this video. Head on over to Top Class Actions. Get all the info on this particular story
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consumers. Scott Hardy, Top Class Actions. Always a pleasure talking to you. Great talking to you too Farron. Thank you, sir.

60 thoughts on “Oreo Maker Hit With Lawsuit Over Deceptive Label Claims

  1. I don't think it's worth even pretending that there could be health benefits to eating an Oreo. If you want nutrition and fiber with your sugar, eat some fruit

  2. It's a white owned company. white people are the biggest liars on earth(see trump) is this even news?

  3. “Made from real cocoa”. Hate to say it, but unless real cocoa isn’t one of the base ingredients, what claim is there? It doesn’t matter that the health benefits are cooked out.

    If they start with real cocoa, and there are no health benefit claims stated or implied, then what basis does this claim have?

  4. Holy crap. The bald headed dickless faggot actually is talking about something other than hating Trump and Republicans.

  5. I don't think I have had an Oreo in decades, tho I used to like the ones dipped in chocolate.
    If I want a sandwich type cookie, I reach for the Keebler brand as the …..frosting(?) in the middle of an Oreo tastes like Crisco with a touch of confectioners sugar added to it. UGH.

    BTW, EVERY time you bring that chucklehead from TopClassActions on…I immediately change to another video. This subject should be discussed by a nutritionist NOT a lawyer.

  6. Funny thing is, I wouldn't really care whether it's real cocoa, just because I didn't know any better. But, now, since I found out they were misleading people, I do care. A lot. Lies = dollars. Greedy corporations who claim to love capitalism really are taking it for granted and making people dislike it.

  7. No!!! When I want unhealthy food you better be honest about your unhealthiness!!! If you actually BELIEVED Oreo had fiber and coco, you're an idiot I'm sorry.. LOL… This is a dumb CA suit, really?!? 😒

  8. Who cares? Oreos are good tasting garbage whether they have cocoa or not. Nobody's buying Oreos thinking they're a health food, and nobody's eating Oreos for the benefits of cocoa. This lawsuit is frivolous nonsense. Just more lawyers trying to get richer from bullshit. Unhealthy fat people don't care what's in Oreos. It's all fat and sugar and chemicals. If they cared about what they put in their bodies they wouldn't be eating Oreos in the first place. Eating Oreos for the health benefits…get the fuck out of here man 🙄

  9. Who ever is suing OREO if they fuck with my cookies they should be hung upside down by there balls and beat like a penta with a sharp sword.

  10. After opening up a chips ahoy I'm shocked there isn't a class action against them for being about 40% air. We expect this from our chips not our cookies.

  11. Wow. People are stupid. Crying about their sugar, oil and corn syrup drowned cocoa powder not being healthy enough. Fuck off.

  12. Why are you covering this? The merits of this lawsuit seems shaky at best as well. Cocoa without health benefits doesn't change that it's still cocoa.

  13. Im already predicting a respond of "we werent lieing, it has cocoa. Its only like less than 1 percent but hey, we never said how much real stuff it had."

  14. I bet there are a lot of other companies that also fake you out with their false advertising saying that it is with a 100% ingredient and it actually is a chemicalized substitute without any actually true blue ingredient they are advertising….On a side note, I think moms are great when they make actual cookies from scratch using 100% ingredient's including love in their cookies! 🙂 just saying!…anywho, I hate Oreo's, I never buy them, they taste like sweetened chalk to me! :p

  15. Wow what a coincidence for Ben Carson to find out that OREO's can actually relate to also being as much of a complete fraud as he is!

  16. If we’re smart we wouldn’t buy anything we didn’t make ourself so we know what’s in it, but modern lifestyle doesn’t allow us to, so we have to depend on some processed foods. Most processed food labels lie to their buyers as some of us have found out. Read those labels like you’re taking an exam that your life depends on,because it might.

  17. The class action attorneys will make millions and the "victims" will get a few pennies. Class action attorneys basically suck, but without them, consumers have absolutely zero protections.

  18. Maybe they can RELABEL the package so it says: "Starts with REAL Cocoa and ends in yummy goodness"
    (By the way, if they DO change it to that, I want the credit and a cut of the proceeds)

  19. NEWS FLASH!!! Processed food is unhealthy! 😛 Sarcasm aside, if you're going to advertise your food as having real ingredients, it should have real ingredients.

  20. Corporations should not be allowed to lie about what's in their products, but I never believe the packaging anyway because it's more about what they don't tell you is in it than what they say is in it, and just hope I don't up eating sawdust, like what's in non-refrigerated parm cheese.

  21. Hmmm… This explains some things. I developed an allergy to chocolate, my absolute favorite food, about ten years ago. The two symptoms I get that shows up within minutes of eating is a very weird headache and my tongue feels burnt and raw, and I usually get mild hives. With Oreos the headache takes about a half hour to set in and my tongue just feels weird for a while. So now knowing this in this video, it really explains the different reaction to Oreos compared to other chocolate.

  22. I don't believe that Oreos qualify as part of a "whole food plant based diet" that all Americans should be eating for optimal health.

  23. that's because these goddamn greedy folks at nabitchgo and it's corporate creator should have never moved their plants to mexico, looks like trump is right and nobody gives a flying fuck, I haven't bought oreos since 2015, so who the fuck cares.

  24. Oreo, the original shit n cum cookies. Trust me, don't eat them… I think you know where I'm going with this (foot lettuce BK anyone?)

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