Orange Animal County Services | 2017 Best in Shelter Awards

hello everyone and welcome to the 2017
vest and shelter competition I’m your host Shepard Stevens and I’m
kitty Couture and we are coming to you live from the beautiful Orange County
Animal Services in sunny Orlando today we’re officially kicking off the great
summer adoption challenge among orange Osceola and Seminole County animal
shelters that’s right kitty this is the second time these local shelters have
held this great summer challenge together it is catapulted the adoptions
of more than 5200 deserving animals from these local shelters that is so close um
I’ve got to tell you this year the competition is looking rough you see
these shelters are open admission meaning they don’t turn away anyone any
dog or cat ever and their populations can really multiply especially during
those summer months that’s for real Shep and we know these shelters work their
tails off every day to find loving homes for these Forever Friends not only the
staff that your volunteers rescue partners and even the animals themselves
have been preparing to pounce on the summer long event just today I saw a
number of animals sniffing out the competition and I got to tell you it
looks positively ferocious this year we have some new best in shelter categories
to introduce you to let’s take a look category one is the fast and the
furrious this is zero and boy can he run he’s
able to go from zero to 60 in seconds there’s no greater you want to come stir
this down the next category is retention fetching over in Lake Dales this year’s
finalists is Oreo he is one fast cookie Wow he sure can’t swim what our
effortlessly he glides through the water he’s a regular dog Cousteau
from lake Dells let’s hop on over to the other world to category the pole vault
this one combines pole dancing with jumping just look how gracefully this
little guy scampers out he is so cute oh and look at this one this guy’s our real
pro oh did you see that you just let across the floor
unbelievable this dogs having a ball can we get an
instant replay Wow so cool and we know how much this
community loves their animals even Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is out
here herself helping these animals to win over your heart and look all of the
commissioners showed up to join her that’s incredible and look at this
handsome guy oh that’s right he’s this year’s when it was a ladies man
challenge so dog God cute and just look at these precious kitten how can you
read this they’re adorable faces well kitty I think it’s time to wrap things
up so our viewers can get down to the local shelter to adopt one of these
awesome animals today right you are chef joining us today is Diane fellows from
Orange County Animal Shelter to explain how you can adult what is having scary
friends third thanks Jeff you can check out Orange County’s available text
online at OSI net pets calm or even better check our mountain person we love
all dogs but especially the American shelter don’t

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