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hello crimes put em in this video we are going to discuss about the sociology as an optional for you versus Civil Services Examination friends in this video we will discuss about the importance of optional second how to choose an optional for you pasty civil services third then we will discuss the importance of sociology as an optional fourth we will also discuss here your the expectations from your PC and then lastly we will also discuss here that why to choose unique academy let's start first thing that in you pacem optional plays a very important role why C for that matter you have to compare optional with the GS in comparison of GS optional is a well scoring paper in this paper you will get maximum 70% of the marks okay and when we compare it with the GS its energy as a securing at least even the 55% of marks is a very sell multiple tasks and for that matter optional plays a very important role the second thing is that it is a predictable in comparison of GS you can predict the questions about the optional and it helps in advanced and third thing then we will compare the optional with the jeers the optional has a very limited and definite kind of scoop of study so that it will help you in your study very well that will save your time and efforts also then when we decide an optional for the social launch as for the UPS ill service examination see we have a lot of options to choose an optional and for that matter we have to also discuss here what are the basic criteria regarding choosing an optional for the Civil Services and so according to mean the first very important the criteria is your interest because you are going to prepare this subject for next two and a half year and when you are going to prepare this subject at the time your interest is very important because without interest you cannot study it very well that's why second thing that the second criteria is thus conciseness of syllabus because conciseness of syllabus will help you to save your time your efforts and so that you can use these efforts time in other subjects in the preparation of jesus or in the preparation of si for that matter the third a very important thing is that a usefulness in two GS and SL you should choose an optional for your examination which will help you into your preparation of GS as well as in SF so that again that will save your very precious time and as well as your efforts also next is that the next very important criteria is this and that is the availability of resources and resource person because if you are choosing an optional which doesn't have resources okay miss you you don't have availability of such kind of resources then how you will prepare and resource person is very important to get a critical feedback and without critical feedback you cannot improve yourself and for that matter these are the very important criteria while choosing an optional next then now we will discuss here why socialism the sociology the first thing it's known subject matter just go through the syllabus and question paper and you will find out at your own that the syllabus is a highly known because in the syllabus the UPC has mentioned all those topics which are related to you day to day life and for that matter it is a very interesting second that it's so very having very concise syllabus only ten points you have in paper first and only ten points you have a per second and this is one of the most concise subject we have in the UPC itself so that it can save your time and this even efforts also third thing that is the highly useful in GS and SM every year at least one or two essay topics you will get from the sociology directly and as well as as the sociology is a general science so that in the sociology whatever you will prepare that and everything is going to help you helpful in UGS for example history for example geography the third is what the quality we have politics and society in the syllabus then third is what economics in economics again we have urbanization industrialization agriculture land reforms so all these topics are going to help you immensely in the preparation of GS and for that matter again and this is applicable in a vice-versa manner and so whatever you are going to prepare for these years that is again you going to help you in the preparation of sociology and for that matter sociology is one of the favorite subject for the students next is the loner of background because of its nature of general they as a syllabus is a very general so any student from any stream or branch of education can read itself with the sociology very easily and for that matter you can find out that see this syllabus is a very general so there is a no need of any background next is highly predictable see in the sociology you can predict a lot of questions for example thinker spot so you can easily find out that if you go through the all previous your question paper so you can also find out that your own that how much it is a predictable and when the paper is predictable then it is ultimately going to help you to achieve a good score in your examination and at the same time the abundance of resources is another very important characteristic of the sociology you can find out the availability of material in English as well as maratti also everywhere and for that matter it helped students to prepare everything in a very concise and the precise manner next we will discuss here then when we chooses sociology as an optional then what are the requirements okay from the students perspective the first requirement is their analytical ability see though the general nature is there but sociology demands the analytical ability from the students because questions get asked by the UPC – you are highly analytical and for that matter you need to develop this key with you the third second point is that sociological perspective UPC demands this particular team because as the nature of question is a very general word UPC says we need a sociological perspective from you and for that matter you have to be a would command on the thinkers and third thing is that awareness about the society because just ice to do that here just few minute be about that the sociology okay he's a known subject for you and they have included everything whatever is there related in your own line and for that matter you have that much curiosity with yourself start what what is going on around me in my society in day to day life okay next is then why unique Academy why do choose unique Academy because we have the following characteristics first we have separate batches in English as well as in Marathi and the separate batches will help you to gain hone your skills second the focus on development of critical skills just I told you the one of the critical skill you need here is the analytical ability and this analytical ability we try to develop here in our day to day basis okay because this ability you cannot develop within one or two days it requires time efforts plan and for that matter you require a continuous guidance and for that matter we are here okay third thing that continuous and comprehensive evaluation see again in this process okay as you PC the preparation for you pace is a process it's not a just a one forget and do n forget okay so it's a process and in this process the continuation of efforts and continuation of feedback is very important and for that matter we believe that each and every student need a continuous and comprehensive evaluation this critical feedback will help you a lot in your own improvement and without this you cannot achieve a good success in this examination the four thing the updated notes we also provide the notes regarding each and every topic so that that will help you to save your time and the next is a personal counseling we give attention to the each and every student we try to build the capacities and develop the abilities among each and every student here within the classes we have again the class tests for this matter we discusses the each and every topic with the students so that each and every student should get adjust with itself with the classes so friends every everything about the sociology as an optional thank you first the bell icon on the YouTube are never miss another update from the unique Academy don't forget to Like comment and subscribe go channel stay tuned

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  1. Ghodke sir is world best teacher .
    SOCIOLOGY padane ka tarika vunke jaisa kisika bhi nahi hai. Padate time kapil sharma bhi piche pad jayege etni comedy karke padate hai and jab tak student ko topic samzta nahi tab tak samzate hai. Thank you so much sirji.

  2. There should be a afternoon or evening batch for sociology?? Because of some students have college or other gs class at morning time..so plz yr time will be conducted on afternoon or evening time..

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