Online Safety, Security, Ethics, and Etiquette in using ICT – Empowerment Technologies K to 12

the day guys need another ICT lecture brought to you by icy detectives Philippines I'm your host they are in the bottom and this episode we'll be talking about the different ways that could help you get the best out of the technology that's available to you we will provide you with helpful tips and guidelines for safe social media life as well as setting out the expectations for using the ICT equipment in and out of the school so let's get started first always be secure you should always keep your passwords to yourself and do not share them in any one event your closest friends but if you're a kid or a minor let your parents know it for your own protection you should always plug out or log of your account on any of the devices that you're using in public places like in computer rental shop or in public libraries you never know what other might do their account if you leave it you should always lock your computer when you walk away from the screen even for a short while especially in computer and will shop other people make the up front at you that can lead and hurting you or your friends second be respectful you should always be polite and use the appropriate language the people chatting with you never know is on the end of the other line should not access create store or distribute files that could be thought as offensive indecent or cause harm or upset others this may land at a serious crime of friends like cyberbullying you should not look at anyone else files without their permission always remember respect others privacy you should know that bullying by the use of pecks multimedia messaging email or on social media sites is unacceptable and may lead you to a very serious consequence on your part and the victim third be safe you should not share any personal information or other people's home address phone number in the social networking sites so now yes yes no joy yes you can just do it pause this video and edit your personal information on your Facebook Twitter Instagram and other social networking sites I'm back next you should be very open emails that ask you for any of your personal information you might be victimized by identity theft if we answer to the spam mail sent by hackers you should check with an adult about anything you see that concerns you or your friends and report it to the proper authorities you should not put any personal details about other people into emails post comments or updates remember but people are just lurking everywhere in social networking sites you should never meet up with anyone of line that you have only met online without a parent or a trusted adult with you kidnappers are there waiting for a child to fall into their drops and do not let yourself be one of them for it be responsible you think carefully about the places you go online and keep focus only on the things you are working on don't enter on suspicious and appropriate websites you should take good care of the ICT equipment you use you should understand that if you are irresponsible and using the ICT you might lose your access to it you should understand that you may be able to use your own device or mobile phone school only at a grid time if you use it in class without permission third device will be confiscated and your parents or guardians will be informed fifth the illegal you should only copy upload publish and distribute materials that are appropriate to the public should only take images or video of other people are friends with their full knowledge and permissions you should not copy upload publish and distribute imager videos of others without their permission you should know that you should not copy materials music videos or picture from the internet and use them in your own work unless they are copyright free or with proper citation and credits of the owner we should remember that anything you do can be traced back to you including your browsing history and the content you uploaded copied published or distributed remember anything you do or upload will be there in the internet forever forever forever forever FoF an app and even your grand grandchildren may search you in the internet so thanks for watching if you want to find out more information and how to keep safe with any aspect of online or digital safety support us by clicking the like button and sharing this with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to see more future content like this and down there is the link to our Facebook page that you should totally follow so as always stay curious

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