OnePlus 6 : Open Beta 20/23 w/ Fnatic Mode + Digital Wellbeing!

hey guys we'll come back to tech draft as of today this a new open beta update available for one plus six users this update is for open beta 20 but don't get confused as the update notification says it's for open beta 23 the bleach size is 324 MB and this update comes with June security patch Android pass digital well being feature and phonetic mode so I'm done downloading and installing the update by OTA method but you can also use the manual local upgrade option if you want to and you can find all they require download links in the video description I have dated my phone first let's go to settings about phone as you can see the oxygen OS version is open beta 20 Android version is by June one security patch and the build date is June 10 about the other changes now you can find the digital well-being option in this settings panel it's set by default post update which means you don't have to download the digital wellbeing app from the Google Play Store to get it displayed about the app it's the same nothing new here this is the app homepage this is the dashboard and it displays screen usage time and you can set timer for apps next the window on feature which turns the entire screen to gray and some other known stuff like dnt mode and notification management next new feature you get with this update is the phonetic mode so in order to use this feature you need to enable the gaming mode first going to settings utilities tab gaming mode and here you can find this new mode with this mode you get advanced D&E mode which blocks all the notifications and calls barring some minor exceptions and hence process regulator that focuses performance almost entirely towards a gameplay and finally prioritizes the primary SIM card signal strength to minimum interference for low latency gameplay if you care about the benchmarks it is 2 lakhs 86 thousand 3 xx and you to version 7 and with Geekbench for single core and multi-core scores are 2 3 six and eight seven four nine let's say benchmarking scores compared to open beta 19 but these scores vary from user to user so that's it thanks for watching and thank you so much guys for supporting me all these days goodbye and see you soon

22 thoughts on “OnePlus 6 : Open Beta 20/23 w/ Fnatic Mode + Digital Wellbeing!

  1. Alert slider bugin one plus 6 in ob20, only vibration and ring is working. Am i the only one who is facing this bug?

  2. Welcome Back! Was really hoping you'd return and you did. Glad I didn't unsubscribe. Hope we see more quality content from now on

  3. Welcome back bro… what happened to you? I missed your videos a lot
    Even i used to check whether there is any new information

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