One Punch Man Season 2 EP9 – I heard your call for help, Suiryu. – A true hero | Epic Cover

45 thoughts on “One Punch Man Season 2 EP9 – I heard your call for help, Suiryu. – A true hero | Epic Cover

  1. This episode showed the difference between a warrior and a true hero is. I’m not talking about Saitama but Snek and Lighting Max

  2. Límits?
    Who decides where youre límit is at ?
    Instead of thinking of the overcomings its better to move forward.

  3. Suiryu is just one great character.
    He started as an cocky and arrogant master of martial arts, who wanted to live easy and fight someone strong.
    It took almost his own death and the deaths of the other martial artists to make him realise the truth of being a hero.
    And when Saitama came to save his life, despite him telling to Saitama's face that heros are useless, he couldnt feel anything but happines and shock that his cries were heard. And now he has an chance to become a great hero, a great martial artist and a great man .

  4. I hear this tune with this image of Suiryu on the ground, I just remember him dragging behind Saitama, desperately trying to protect the man that influenced him so much that he had to say to himself "He isn't supposed to die here!" That ugly struggle from a man that once mocked and insulted the concept of the hero profession, as he tried to do EXACTLY what a hero would do in his position.

    It brought tears to my eyes

  5. es hermoso escuchar que respetaron el himno de uno de los heroes mas sencillos y humanos de todo el anime, el terricola mas poderoso del universo

  6. This version should be in the final épisode. The music before the very last one of the anime. The music to make u understand you reach the end of the story. The music you hear while listening to Saitama's last words.

    It has to be that theme. Maybe different beginning, but you did it fckin well. Love it. GG

  7. I guest this cover not your own original composition, because i heard this composition in One Punch Man season 2 episode 12 (at the end of the episode). CMIIW. So, everyone free to reupload, right?

  8. Saitama motivated Siriyu, now he wants to be a hero.

    what does goku do? Nothing, he just wants to spare with you

  9. A man unknown to the world and with his God like power bestowed by his own willpowe, he dishes fair judgement to all for his fists unwavers at neither moment of conflict, he is hope personified. A man made sword & shield to those who cannot. A light to those who're lost. A true hero!

    He is Caped Baldy!

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