One Month Old Puppies Are SO CUTE!!!

We’re back home now after our latest Caribbean cruise. I’ll have some videos about it
here on my YouTube channel
in the coming weeks. But today, I want to tell you about
how happy we are to be back home… Because we’ve been reunited with
our foster dog, Abby, and her two puppies. They had to go to a different foster home
for ten days while we were away. But Abby, the momma dog,
was sure happy to see us when we
picked her up again at Woods Humane Society! You don’t have to be an expert in dog body language
to be able to detect Abby’s happiness
in seeing Kellyn again after ten days apart. And we were amazed to see how much
the puppies had grown in that time! When we got ’em home,
Abby was sure happy to see our back yard again. Her tail was really wagging with a lot of energy
as she enjoyed being back here again. And it was fun to see the puppies
enjoy the grass for the first time. They’re fully able to walk around
and explore on their own now. September in California is always
some of our best weather of the entire year… And we’ll have these puppies until
around the end of September… When they’ll be old enough to be spayed and neutered
and go up for adoption at Woods Humane Society. Look at that happy, confident tail
sticking straight up in the air! When you see a dog with the tail pointing
straight up like that, that’s a very good sign. Inside the puppy palace I built in our garage… Where the dogs will be spending their nights,
as well as nap times during the days… You can see that tail
sticking straight up in the air again. And the pups are certainly able to stand upright
and walk around and explore now. In this video clip here,
which I shot before we left on our vacation… You can see that the pup was only just
barely able to pull himself up on to the bed… And the back legs just weren’t quite able
to support the puppy’s weight there yet. Back to a current shot,
you can see they’re getting around much better now. They’re standing fully upright
and walking very well. And getting up on that bed is no problem at all now. They barely have teeth at this age,
so they’re not quite ready
to eat that puppy kibble yet. But it won’t be long. Abby still nurses the puppies at this point… But once the teeth develop a little more,
they’ll make the transition over to the kibble. Puppies this age are very playful. It helps to have lots of little toys
for them to chew on. Just like young human children,
everything goes in to the mouth at this age. It’s almost impossible to tell the two puppies apart. Their weights and coloring are pretty much identical. One is a boy and one is a girl,
so the only time we’re ever totally sure
which one is which
is when one of them goes belly up. We’ve named the boy Andy… And he is every bit as cuddly and gentle and sweet
as these pictures would lead you to believe. And the girl has a name inspired by the classic old
Pure Prairie League song from 1975. We call her Amie. That’s an update on the foster puppies. I would think there would probably be
another video about these pups here
on my YouTube channel around the end of September. I’ve also got videos coming about our cruise
on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator Of The Seas. It was supposed to be a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas,
but hurricane Dorian made that impossible. So, it turned in to a 5-day cruise
to the Western Caribbean
at the 3-day price. A heck of a hurricane deal! Also, you know my friend Thomas The Tank Engine. He’s been very popular on my YouTube channel,
getting over two million views
in just the last month alone… Bringing his total number of views on my channel
to over 11 million… One of four of my videos
to top the ten million view mark… And one of 17 with over a million views. The reason I mention Thomas is that currently
in my collection of G-scale model trains… I’ve got Thomas… Percy… James… and Emily… And my friends at
have been so appreciative of the attention
I’ve brought to G scale model trains… That they are sending me, at their expense,
Thomas’ friends Toby and Winston… So that I’ll have every one of the G scale
Thomas & Friends locomotives in my collection. Look for all of them together in one new video,
sometime in the coming weeks. I’m putting links up on the screen right now
to two of my videos that I think may be the next ones
to join the million view club. These are two of my G scale model train videos
that don’t yet have a million views… But I think it’s just a matter of time
before they get there. And if you’re a fan of my puppy videos,
I need your help. YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t seem to think
that these puppy videos are
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Thanks for watching!

11 thoughts on “One Month Old Puppies Are SO CUTE!!!

  1. Abby is beautiful, I would have to keep her! Puppies are super cute, great names……. guessing you're a Vince Gill fan, like me….Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm glad that you took my advice from the last time that you did a video like this. Even though it's not necessarily the best youtube content, if it makes you happy, then you should do it.

  3. We're vacationing in Florida and left two shepsky puppies in California with a friend. I cannot wait to see them again, two weeks is very long. You have beautiful puppies Jim! Edit: can't wait for you to add Gordon to the Thomas train collection!

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