On this island off Duluth, a race to save a threatened bird

I’m Dan Kraker, a reporter with MPR News and I’m on Interstate Island in the Duluth harbor and the St. Louis River Estuary. a small man-made island just off the
bridge between Duluth and Superior. And it’s home to thousands and thousands of breeding pairs of gulls. There are about 7,000 gull nests on this island. And in the middle here, you see in this this enclosure are about a hundred nests
of the common tern. The common tern is an endangered bird here in Minnesota it’s
endangered in Wisconsin. It’s considered threatened in Minnesota. And
researchers have been working here for years and years to try to protect terns
and enable them to nest. The gulls will eat the terns’ eggs and even the terns
themselves. They’re much smaller than the gulls. And researchers arrived here today
they’re putting radio transmitters on the terns to be able to track their
migration down to South America all the way to Peru and back. Remarkable lengths
that they’re going to protect this endangered bird.

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