Ohio National Guard mock power outage drill

27-INTRO The Ohio National Guard and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency are hosting the largest disaster and emergency response exercise in state history. 27 first news reporter, Briana Ray-Turner went to one of the locations stationed in Columbiana County to find out what they do during these mock drills. This year for training Ohio is a part of the Operation Vigilant Guard. It’s a national-level exercise to test the state’s response capabilities. A cyber attack will be simulated that causes mock utility failures and disruptions. LIEUTENANT TED BERRY,VOLUNTEE R: “THIS IS PROBABLY THE LARGEST..WELL IT IS.. THE LARGEST DISASTER OPERATION OHIO HAS EVER SEEN AND IT IS AN EXERCISE..I WANT TO MAKE THAT CLEAR.” Lieutenant Ted Berry is a volunteer and tells me that the goal of this training is to be ready and prepared for what could happen in the future. Peggy Clark, EMA Director for Columbiana County says for today’s training they are working through how to deal with a communication failure during a disaster. PEGGY CLARK, EMA DIRECTOR:”THE CHALLENGES THAT COME ALONG WITH IF WE DON’T HAVE INTERNET SERVICE OR IF CELL PHONES DON’T WORK…HOW WE STILL PERFORM ALL THE DUTIES WE NEED TO DO.” And the way they would perform is by using different technology. BERRY: “WE ARE PRACTICING WITH OLD TECHNOLOGY, SOME OF THE TECHNOLOGY WE’RE USING TODAY IS HAND RADIOS, WE’RE USING WALKIE TALKIES, AND THINGS LIKE THAT TO RELAY BACK AND FORTH AROUND THE STATE OF OHIO.” One thing Berry said he did learn about communication outages, especially during nine-eleven, is that people in communities start to go in panic mode. So there job is to prepare and train at Volunteer Reception Centers for these type of situations. BERRY: “WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IN A NORMAL DISASTER IS PEOPLE WOULD COME INTO THE VRC. VOLUNTEER AND TO HELP THE RESIDENTS IN THIS AREA. IT COULD BE DOCTORS, IT COULD BE PROFESSIONAL LABORS, IT COULD BE ELECTRICIANS.” Berry says the beautiful thing about the state of Ohio, is that as soon as a disaster occurs people go out their way to help out. And that is what this operation is all about. BERRY: “TODAY, THIS WEEK, YESTERDAY WE’RE PRACTICING FOR THE BIG ‘WHAT IF’ COULD HAPPEN..SO WE’RE GOING TO BE READY! WE’RE GOING TO BE READY TO PROTECT OUR STATE AND WE’RE GOING TO BE READY TO PROTECT OHIOANS.” STANDARD OUR The Y-S-U football team is

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