Ogni Santo 23 – Episodio #6: The Social Network

The Italian State has a centralized system unique in the world able of paying salaries to 90 administrations and 2 million employees. Today the Ministry of Economy and Finance is building a new platform that will manage 11,000 administrations and 3 million people This is the story of this challenge The first few weeks and ten days I thought, “Where am I?” but you’re not coming to the contract meeting? I either stay here or I come to the contract meeting Then I completely adjusted myself you just have to go and check that the reduction coefficient is that one but I’d like you to repeat what you said. So 0.70… In Italy I don’t know if it’s good or bad but you legislate with a very high frequency background voices This evening I’m at the office until 8:00 p.m., then I’m out for a birthday dinner… I can give you a list of the expenses they put on your pre-filled form I can print this out for you Did they start using it? What? Pre-filled I think so No, but we saw… I mean, we saw it At the moment I have no statistics, but… I hope so! Good morning! Did you see the e-mail exchange on school monitoring? But you didn’t call me then? I sincerely…. didn’t go or I’d have noticed you were not there because I told Claudio: call a meeting to organize the test I had given my availability but then no one called me back I didn’t notice that you were missing among the guests good morning Alone? Fabio? Come background voices Yes, it passes some emission. Today there is the special issue about short substitutes and firefighters chargeability previous one So next week I’m going to Latina. I’ll do it here with telephone assistance, i.e. with the telephone assistance group. and next week I’m going to Latina for the webform assistance group. and so we talk about the functionality I’m not going to introduce it to you because they already know the one from users but I would like to hear their suggestions if there was anything that would not to us…. based on questions they ask etc.. maybe you too, on the facebook page if there’s anything let’s see if the functionality actually responds at least most of the questions that are asked of us we are giving a powerful tool in the hand of short substitutes etc… and therefore You should tell her. i.e. do not publish a week before the communication saying that the next week the application is coming out and they don’t have time to read the manual or the time to find the training pills etc etc…. for the first time we are succeeding to get closer to the people we serve. while before we were always seen as a monolithic block the central administration which manages the system for the payment of salaries today we can probably get the outside world to understand that behind this black box there are people trying to get close to each other to the reality of the people we manage this time before publishing, since sometimes someone proposes to me questions, criticisms, etc.. on infographics that we published three months ago and I say yes, it’s okay, but infographics is a static thing so I can’t change it three months later But that gave me the idea of share it externally before publishing the infographic I don’t know. For example, we’ll send it to Office IV. or at Office II because if we then miss out on any of the details we can also update it a reality, this of the Management, which is forced daily to confront with the user with the service, with having to pay the salary you can’t say, this month you know what I say? I’m tired this month I don’t pay salaries You still have to solve the problem. so you’ve got that operational push that’s typical of peripheral administration. tend to be, rather than the central administration but you can also seize opportunities e.g. Community or change projects because you’re a central government administration you are also close to the legislator so you can also work for the laws to evolve positively so you have tools that a peripheral administration doesn’t have but that protocol you sent to me, can you open the attachment? Yes I don’t get the attachment… what do they say? They rewrote us again? background voices …just as far as… because here is the signature… People are very well prepared there’s a very high level here great officials in their individual competencies and even those who don’t have a degree are great at it I’ve never found a quality this high not so widely I as an executive am very comfortable about my staff’ skills so I’m the one who’s leaning on them. Hey I saw the e-mail exchange between you and Stefania, but do I need to sign the letter? I’ve already answered her Simona’s not here. Simona… No, I was looking for you for that thing… the one I already told you through the phone, meaning that he was gonna talk to the accounting firm Mazzotta says it serves to manage both the Armed Forces and the Carabinieri in the same way I think it’s obvious so.. I’m in contact with the Carabinieri because if it is a one-off accessory why is that still in doubt? because they practically reopened the possibility that it could be on PG1 Then Giuseppe’s question was, if they say it’s about PG1, do we make it? no, because they’d given you for sure that it was so as well as in the letter you took it for granted that it was so. so now I’m calling him back and say this to him because the problem is not so much Armed Forces, but it is for all others for whom we have to make the calculation based on the service provided even worse if we are asked to charge it to another PG, such as PG49, where we should make an implementation to make an exception. no I think this will eventually be the PG1 but I wanted to know if it’s PG1, if we can do it, but we can’t do it. no, we’re not ready at all. so you have to wait until the next month Well, I’ll call him now and tell him. no, I wasn’t expecting this thing either, suddenly. Well, thank you and excuse me I wanted to come back on the visibility cone their concern is that third parties might be able to trace their military strength back to their own. a hacker’s job let’s just say that if we give a cone of visibility on the salary side this cone is total

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