Octonauts – Family Affair

Rosie told me that the life of a Nocturnals is really exciting oh it is as a medic I do you search for sea monsters like Kwazii uh well here let me show you what I do I'm Kwazii says that an octonaut has to be prepared for anything to happen that's true you want to try doing something that I do I'm ready for anything all right then here's a real challenge bandaging will practice a combination bandage a flipper sling and a rib wrap ha now you try it I want to learn how to be an OP – not what a medic but I'm an optin ort and a medic I mean a real Octonauts like Kwazii ready for action oh I have to be ready for action – you know in case someone gets hurt wait ah [Applause] oh but it is time for lunch here you go matey haha last one there for your rotten fishing Oh the mom towel and much to the anger [Applause] captain what's going on we just received a call for help from the guppy Captain Barnacles here go ahead dashi captain we seem to be stuck can you locate us okay we've lost radio contact dashi and Shellington are stuck and we've got to get them unstuck hmm I wonder what they're stuck in we'll find out when we get to them and we need to get to them fast can I come too please no it might not be safe your big brothers right Pinto you better stay here with the vegimals I'll tell you all about it when we get back captain I've seen marks like this before unless I'm very much mistaken they were made by my cousin your cousin yes my cousin Irving the giant squid – lets show them my family photos I've been helping Professor inkling put his family photos on the computer that's me and one of my relatives the blue-ringed octopus my little cousins the Firefly squid and that is my distant cousin that giant squid that's your cousin it's the only photo of him I've got and it's not even a good one I haven't seen him in a long time he's enormous the octopus and the squid are in the same family I'm small and he's big but we're alike in many ways we both have arms with suckers excellent for holding on to things aye that explains how you cousin grabbed the gup-a but why would he do it well cousin Irving may have been trying to ask for help that's a funny way to ask but I don't think he meant to hurt you and well in fact I think you scared him really both my cousin and I squirt ink when something scares as you see the ink allows us to run away and hide without being seen captain we need to fight him and make sure he's all right professor sound the octo alert Octonauts to the launch Bay optionals our mission is to find england's cousin the giant squid Kwazii peso into the GUP captain I don't usually go out on missions at Irving is family if he needs help that I should be there let's do this oh the fish biscuits how nice to have them flip thank you Benjamin I won't hurt ya whoa vegimals I think that's all the biscuits we have room for prepare for launch open the octohatch tweak be sure to keep an eye on your little brother we're going to have so much fun man we're gonna play games on the octopods and McGinty who'll ride Pinto but we can't play right now Captain Barnacles and the others are out on a mission and they need my help there's an injured fish who needs a medic right away Pinto promised to do whatever your big brother tells you and peso good luck on your mission love you love you too mummy hi mom Wow a mission this is just like the time those baby sea snails were in trouble and you saved them remember you were a big hero oh I wouldn't call myself a hero well how about when you have to take care of animals that are big and scary you have to be really great to do that well it's all part of the job can I come with you please please please I don't see why not as long as you stay out of trouble I will oh wow thanks peso I'm on my way and I thought my little brother Pinter with me ah very good we'll see you both in a few minutes Pinto scarf off helmet on good to see you again Pinto hi glad you're here to help out your brother where's the patient right this way I bet it's Barracuda or a devil fish or maybe even a giant octopus oh that's the patient Rosie aah Oh Eric it's really really serious can you even talk Hey actually I've got a bruise on me hey Pinto would you please hand me your stethoscope a thermometer tender prizm body cast just a bandage roll please ah there that should do it – II can you please take a picture so I can show my friends what a hero my big brother is no problem you should rest would you like to come back to the octopod with us so that you can get better thank you don't mind if I do good work peso and Pinto we still have some exploring to do around here see you later back at the octopod thank you for inviting us to come home with you to celebrate Professor inkling you're welcome peso and I'm excited to show you the place where I grew up dashi inkling family photos coming up there I am with my nephew squirt I can't wait to see him he looks just like you professor and this is where squirt lives and where I grew up there seemed out it looks like a huge mountain it is a seamount is simply an undersea mountain exactly Shellington lots of creatures make their homes there including the golden coral she's five hundred years old five hundred years old that's a lot of Christmases she's beautiful I've never seen coral that color before the golden coral grows only on this sea mount at Christmas we all gather round her and sing a special song with the Christmas tree worms Christmas tree worms now you're pulling me poor no they're real they live inside holes in rocks and when they pop out they look like little Christmas trees yes they make Christmas on the seamount very special and if we're going to make it there in time for Christmas then we better get going dashi activate launch launch activated captain oh I've got to finish this surprise and time for Christmas hand me another Hamma tuna oh thanks [Applause] yes into that B hotties it must be tweaked I've heard her hammering and drilling all week ah she's working on a top-secret Christmas present I wonder what she's making I wish I knew matey but she won't let anybody down we'll just have to wait until Christmas to find out in the meantime would you help me wrap a few presents peso of course I love wrapping presents Octonauts let's get ready for Christmas doctor boat I see it I see it we're almost there mum yes dear I'm so excited to see my big brother the Octonauts I hope they get here soon Pinto mum you're here I can't wait to ask peso about his adventures and look mum we get to swim through the octohatch see how it opens isn't that cool yes dear I have pictures waiting for us up in the launch Bay mum Pinto vision I'm so happy to see you know peso let me look at you are you eating enough and getting enough sleep mom tell me about your undersea adventures peso how many creatures have you saved I reckon you're the bravest of all the Octonauts oh that's not true I'm just one of the most valuable members of the crew you should be very proud of peso my son the medic thank you so much for taking us to see the iron clam race Captain Barnacles we all want to see it I think Hugo's going to win again Hugo wins the iron clam every year oh what's the iron clam race and who's Hugo I'll show you I've got some great video I shot of last year's race there's he go in the sliding event whoa he's fast he broke the penguin diving record – he went deeper than any other penguin ever has and held his breath for more than 20 minutes wow that's a long time even for a penguin yeah and he sweeps almost as fast as the top three no one can beat Hugo he's so good at everything are you ready to watch the iron clam Pinto I am Gucci I have a big surprise for you what kind of surprise but since Hugo wins every year this year no other penguin was brave enough to go up against him well don't tell me they're cancelling the race they were going to until your little brother had his brilliant idea yep I saved the race by finding the one penguin brave enough to compete against Hugo right who are you hi well it looks like it's just you and me so what rocket where'd he go loco quasi that's what my mum always says rocks I want me out right back why cuz it's better I'm sure the rocks that I gave you were exactly the same no my rock had a brown spot on it you miss one doesn't miss rock back no I'm sure we can work this out no flip sorry flap you mean flip yes Floop I mean fleep I mean both flappity flippers Oh fab if you flip over your rock you'll see it has a brown spot just like flaps I mean flips you right flappy now I mean we know whew see that burden I'm 80 I like to play a little game with him watch Nick hey you big big birthday you don't scare me see now he's coming to get me um that was close Rocco me hearty you have to be a little more careful even in my pirate days I know where to go Rocco quasi job today this water is getting rough get Canonical's there's a storm event in and it's being me to the HQ there's a big storm on the way that's dangerous for the Adelie penguin parents they could get lost and see the storm will blow ice and snow onto the shore peso kwazii we'll need to find a way to keep the chicks warm dashi contact peso and tell him to get ready for ice and snow already on it captain I'll find and rescue the Adelie penguin parents but I'll need a bigger gun twig meet me outside the octopus with the gup-c got it cap Octonauts let's do this red urchins destroy kelp roots they can wipe out an entire kelp forest unless there are sea otters around you Ethan pearl hello Shellington everybody this is my sister pearl on the sea otter oh hi yeah I'm pearl is a scientist just like me she knows practically everything about kelp forests and kelp plants actually killed isn't a plant at all it's a type of algae see so this is who you wanted us to meet her not exactly but I'm sure pearl can tell us what's wrong with a kelp forest ah yes I'm afraid I've fallen a bit behind on my urgent duties urgent duties yes we see otters are what's known as a keystone species the whole cube forest depends on us to eat the red urchins so they don't destroy it it's our duty as sea otters but I've never seen you eat an urchin ah well actually as it turns out I'm allergic to urgence Shellington helps the kelp forest in a different way as an Octonauts usually I can keep the urchins under control all by myself but lately I've been kind of busy with well let me show you he's right over here an optimum kelp so he wouldn't drift away everybody this is periwinkle this is who I wanted you all to meet my new nephew [Applause] he's still just a baby so I spend most of my time feeding him cleaning him I'm teaching him how to find food once pet is a little older he'll be able to dive down to eat red urchins do as a matter of fact it's just about time for Perry's first diving lesson oh but I still have to catch up on my urgent duties pearl why don't you and Shellington give Perry his diving lesson and let us clear the turns out of the kelp forest oh that would be wonderful Octonauts let's do this come on uncle Barney Pulu let's go all right Cubs you're about to begin a journey that all polar bears have made for as long as any of us can remember and we're the only players in the world who make this journey so are you ready to go and earn your first olace count badges yes then let's get started by climbing that now take it slow run for fish with the back paws ladies and now we slide down on our tummies well done Cubs now it's time to use my favorite mother Scouts kill her swimming follow me Cubs ha use your pores like pedals in the water form a line everyone and stay close ah there's nothing better than an icy swim the rest of the crew don't know what they're missing [Applause] I'm tired me too we'll find a nice flow soon the take arrest is a colony of walruses on that ice floe walruses are very territorial they don't like to share their ice floe with anyone we'll find another ice floe come on I'm not afraid of lorises you know come on hey this ice floe is walruses only Kalkan it's been my experience that tentacles untangling tentacles is never a good idea I'd have to agree but I could protect these fish I don't have stinging tentacles but I do

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