Ocean’s Eleven (1/5) Movie CLIP – Calling Out the Bluff (2001) HD

Head masks.
There’s some. Don’t let him fool you.
There’s boatloads, If you can move ’em. Take one. But you can’t. My fence seemed
confident enough. If you’re dealing in cash,
you don’t need a fence. Some people lack vision. Probably everybody
in cell block e. That’s $500. Guys, what’s the first
lesson in poker? Never bet on the–
no. Leave emotion
at the door. That’s right, topher. Today’s lesson–
how to draw out the bluff. That much money
this early in the game, I’m saying he’s holding Nothing better than
a pair of face cards. Barr? [sighs] all right. Eh, I fold. Josh?
No. I’m game. I will see your 500, And I will raise you
another 500 of my own. That’s a very
handsome bet, josh, But be careful. We don’t want to push him
too high too fast. Want to keep him
on the leash. Holly? Call.
Call? Call. And I’ll call. Ocean:
I’ll see you 500, Raise you 2,000. [whistles] Guys, you’re free
to do what you like. That’s a lot of money,
but I’m staying in. He’s trying to buy
his way out of his bluff. Josh? 2. [groans]

50 thoughts on “Ocean’s Eleven (1/5) Movie CLIP – Calling Out the Bluff (2001) HD

  1. It was not a real call out and was part of Rusty's cold decking con. He knew what cards Danny had because he dealt them on purpose.

  2. Its like Christmas already seeing all my favorite persons in one scene after I forgot all abt it. Holly, Josh, Shane, Brad, Clooney….oooooh I like u too Barry lol

  3. Topher Grace, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Shane West, Barry Watson & Holly Marie Combs all in the same place 

  4. These poker scenes never make any sense. First it's not a sign of skill to get a good hand, that's just luck. Second, everyone in is retarded because just cuz one guy has a bluffing hand doesn't mean they all do.

  5. I love how this scene is shot, and what it establishes in such a small amount of time. When you realize what the two are doing, this is a perfect set up for their particular friendship. Keep in mind how long they hold on Danny's reaction to Rusty's advice: As soon as Rusty mentions a bluff, Danny knows Rusty is still watching him like he would, and he's all in on helping the cold deck that's already been subtly established. Danny says flat out, before his "big speech" Rusty is "cold-decking" these half-wit celebrities. Whether Rusty planned it, or Danny switched in a stack, both guys are old friends: And Rusty's total nonsense about calling a bluff is a subtle confirmation that he's pleased to see Danny again, and more than willing to get involved in his shenanigans. Danny gets a confirmation of his observation when they're in the car: "I am bored." "You LOOK bored."

  6. Holy shit. I would hate playing poker with those people. Calling other people's strategies out loud is obnoxious, but ultimately acceptable. However, calling and raising are exclusive plays. It's really irritating to play with people that call then raise. The fuck? Just raise and obnoxiously splash the pot only once, instead of twice back to back. Also, fuck you very much for splashing the pot. That shit isn't okay.

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  9. not how to call out a bluff, never talk, is he in position or betting out of position? trying to shove on the turn is a great indicator the flop went bad. idk what the hell these guys are doing

  10. 😎 now i always remember movies parts like this cuz of people remember to move last no matter how bad it hurts remember the end.

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