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hi my name is Mario Perez 11 phone I am the founder of social media show hi I'm Acharya current founder and director of Family Arts at wiha's creation hi my name is Dolly Wright and I'm a singer this is Bettina Steinhauer they also have a clothing designer it's the Lord open and I'm a home-based business person DJ my name is Jessica Dee and I currently work for one of the biggest properties on this trip hello everybody I am Kiki Dolman I am the CEO of ru it entertainment here in Las Vegas hi my name is dawn where I'm the founder of the giving water a local nonprofit I am Alicia okay Catalina wine house with Ichigo hey welcome to honeybees women empowerment yo and I'm always here hi I'm dawn I'm here sometimes and even here in heart all the time amazing and you watch it all the time I welcome viewers welcome women out there and this show is not just about women but it's also injured in general public no matter what gender you are we are here to empower you yeah yeah yes that's what we do and we do that in all of our lives and what we do yes exactly yes and you know um we have this show already this is our belief I believe 9th episode we've been doing this for yes and we had a we had the previous week's obey unarmed women empowerment dating feminism all our take in the past weeks and today we have obesity that's a fat subject but viewers before we go go into the subject matters we would like to shout out to our other women empowerment host Kiki Dollaz da Lian right Betty Knight Steinhauer miss currents I'm trying to remember all the names Jessica and la Torre accounts there you go I got it and of course every week we don't know who's coming because we are women in power and we also work every single day we just keep on grinding yes yes but since this is my studio I've always either you're a homebody well anyways lady so how's your week do your day's going so far ah my day's been really good things have been popping the giving water is taking off we're opening the 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share yes and by the way you look wonderful I love your hair I'm amazing yeah we would like to thank the one who did it we did it let's check out I'll post it um my son got his hair cut too oh yeah it's beautiful she's famous she was in for like 35 years cutting yes and I've seen the video oh I remember you said in the video I'm gonna I'm gonna have to really thank you and shout out for you and I didn't did I oh my god I do remember I'm sorry I don't mean to put you at all I'll do it no it's a good remembering cuz that was a very hectic Expo yeah and then we just fell right back into the game is that so I will do that and she is opening up a shop across from the hard rock I had to go and see her say Christine please go to my facebook so that you can so you can see it it's pretty funny I look like the red cousin in the Lord how's your day so far oh it's a wonderful day you know it's blessed to be you know I always say that it's I'm so grateful to wake up above ground and that underground right yeah so every every day is actually a blessing yes from above and you know if you still see feel and you know use all your awesome five different senses meaning you're alive be thankful no matter what comes your way is he still a blessings I agreed like this yeah like it is what you make it yes it is yes and the power that you have unless you take like we're talking about obesity food is very powerful yes it is Thanks all of your senses and I think that's one of the reasons it's so powerful yes yeah go ahead no no that's fine yeah I just wanna let you guys know that although we're gonna be talking about obesity we are not licensed or certified about obesity but we everybody everybody knows the general effects oh yeah I wish I couldn't get that week that was that was a lot of emotional eating and yeah I think people eat for all kinds of reasons and the least of them being in this society health or to sustain your life and body because if we really ate to sustain our life and body it wouldn't be as much as we can see yeah you know what funny is here in the US the main what we call that very people are very conscious on their size in the Philippines they're very conscious with their color their skin so here in America there's a lot of weight and loss companies in the Philippines there's a lot of whitening whitening no whitening so poisoning everything is whitening oh wow yeah yeah well you know wait I'm so bright if I use that stuff but I well I I never did thanks God I don't need to go through the color or anything but does it work yeah okay I am gonna give us an example my sister uh-huh my sister my sister who's in Hawaii hi sister she she watch my show so anyway she we are we have a Spanish blood so our our color is a little bit lighter than normal Serafino okay so all my sisters and my brother my oh my or the siblings are light colors like me okay the only one that a little bit darker not really really dark is my sister in Hawaii so not cuz she's tanning in Hawaii no no it's not but anyways trying to Jesus yeah he is very she's very insecure of her skin because all all the siblings he has you know it's a lighter color but this isn't this is this is a fact and I know it is even you don't admit it she is the prettiest among all the siblings now she is very pretty her face structure a really really awesome but she said that I'm prettier but I know that I'm fit here but you're pretty you're really pretty but we're going to talk about that our next segment right now we are talking about the irregular thing well now by the way before we go and break the three talking points that we're gonna be talking about yes I'm gonna so that we can actually let our viewers know now we're gonna be talking about what are the thing that's considered obesity what is their body body mass or body mass index sorry our Creator yeah and then are we going to be talking about some symptoms and causes of obesity and also health and fitness so what do you should do and you are believing living testimony of that I've been 92 since I am 16 so you know see we're gonna talk about that more in our next segment so right now I think it's an Asian thing I most of my Asian friends are very skinny the Japanese ones that ya oughta jump in like me yeah I can and they never get skinny I know I mean they never get fat they are terribly skinny my one friend had four kids and she would order breakfast and eat their leftovers it was insane but then go ahead like a size two yeah and it sometimes it's you know it's so hard for me to find me our clothes we go to the junior yeah I have to go to the junior department and that's okay but anyways I want to shout out to all the people we have so much people actually join us Randy I don't see the one on the top so I'm gonna be going downwards is with Randy Besser a baker Thank You Courtney James Anthony whirling high wah-wah in s Marya oh that's me Jeremy yeah Ernestina Dolores Deborah John Mark or if I don't pronounce your name right please let me know and thank you so much for tuning in if you have something to say please go on the comment box and say something because we cannot just be talking and talking and talking okay we want yeah we're on your feedback on this subject matter any last thoughts before we go on the break oh my god all kinds come to mind okay so I'm a food I mean you know well are we gonna go under we're gonna go ahead and take a break for now we're gonna pay some bills and we will be right back please don't go away viewers thank you so much for tuning that tuning in don't go away d yeah social medias yours is about branding and opportunity and outreach we are entertainment company powers others by promoting and supporting our community and everyone who reaches our content here on social media show so we're a family we are family we are family we are family we are family we are family we are family we are family and we want you to be part of our social media shows fan hi my name is Mario Perez 11 phone I am the founder of social media show hi I'm Acharya Carlo hey welcome back to honey bees women empowerment show and to those women and even if you're not a woman go ahead and say something that you're here and all those people that would like to Alex Ortiz just say thumbs up thank you so much Alex alex is your friend right yeah yeah but anyways for those women or anybody want to join our show and if you guys have any topic in mind please let us know I know that we have we have already a long list of topics we don't know it's fun to you to uh where we start but anybody who comes in like you you want to talk about this we're gonna talk about what you feel want to talk about and also it depends on the gas too because we're gonna be calling or inviting some specialists who knows about the topic yes so yeah yeah we supposedly have hi Jojo we suppose they have Jojo today but I love it and we're doing a show on obesity but anyways let's actually talk what is obesity obesity means you know obesity means having far too much body body fat it's been it's about much more than your clothing size or how you look it can seriously affect your health your whole body feels it from your joints to your heart blood pressure blood sugar and other systems the stur fat cells producing inflammation and various hormones which boost your odds of chronic medical conditions it is seems like those odds are stacked against you remember that it's possible to beat them the first step is to know where you stand what's your body baby body mass index yes I know yours you know what I don't really know I didn't even think that I didn't stand on the scale yeah I know yeah well I did stand on the scale but have I did what the skill of course a week Oh what's the week you don't do it every day oh I never order but according to here it says below eighteen point five and there is underweight so between 18 and 24 almost 25 is normal yes well I'm sure I'm overweight and if you are twenty five to twenty nine point nine you're overweight 30 or higher you are obese I think you know the mind says this and there's no in-between because to be obese or nothing no no you either obese or not the experience there's nothing okay there you go just saying you're not obese period you getting a great how I'm gonna be no no but I think what's important is um the numbers do give you a good indication of what's going on inside your body yes like my mom she was very skinny like 95 92 pounds and she had the Widowmaker and had five arteries redone and then closed over 95% so I think what was that 92 vessel or – yeah I think the numbers are really good indication of what's going on inside and around yeah and you don't look obese yeah no no even though she keeps saying just right here I your same you're in the red well those are two very correct statements I feel because she is in the red and but she's at the tail end of it moving into somewhere else and you see progress because you have gone from 265 201 155 160 right see you know so you know 45 right yeah the thing is okay if I get down to 130 I feel miserable so what is your weight to get down do you remember what weight you feel bad oh if I got to I remember when I was as I was losing two pounds 180 pounds of still too much no no it was your lowest weight where you didn't feel good we needed to get ya 130 is mine too if I get down – how tall are you thank you me too so you got so if you're fine and a half highlights – yeah like 135 really I'm really sure I am for 1100 your way boys yes if I go on 100 I'm happy yeah it's like what is your down look what do you feel like you what is your low way where you feel like well ours is 130 what is your low way I think I'm okay with 92 overnight because I need feel healthy I don't have energy I don't that's the biggest thing for me is I just don't have energy at that it's very interesting because there's so many subjects onto obesity that's why I went over three topics that way we don't go go out of town about yeah you know this is the thing is when I when I see women who are probably considered obese yeah yes I and they know how to to handle themselves I felt like I felt like I adore them it's empowering Liat empowering it's empowering when I see them with their thing and they still a walk like a powerful woman it's still okay I don't like those people who either very skinny or very many people there yeah very big and they they they're like they don't have that energy those are the things so it doesn't matter what your size is if you want confidence yeah you're not mean to people and you're happy with yourself like I always say if you love yourself yeah I run that all the things I can remember the hoorah you can go back and the beginning because we run those are those we've all the women's of involved and women empowerment they they say what they think about women empowerment yeah well it was what I'm trying to say was when you are overweight uh-huh the you car you considered obese right when you are underweight you are considered malnourished yeah unhealthy yeah I know it's either/or you have to you have to to balance your diet and everything so we strike life is a balance mm-hmm but I did leave in a medical study oh this was a couple years ago I think so I and don't quote me on any of these facts please google it cuz the Internet's always right but not medical books anyway there was a study with some people that are obese all the time from is wild them up there is a gene that they have in their DNA yes that creates that so you know there are different factors that come in to all of this yeah and I just want to mention that so you don't think we're like you're either fat or skinny so you know there are different factors that come in to all of this yeah and I just want to mention that so you don't think we're like you're either fat or skinny we don't want you to hate us there are all kinds of medical reasons also white people are and that's why we all think that your personality and their self-esteem and how you come across is more important than the way you look because people will feel your energy first yes they'll see you and then move on to see if they want to be you know what funny is I I don't know if this is a fact but I see in IR I heard it too a lot of friends that oh my god think another god I hate me and this one that african-americans guys love big girls there my last co-host loved big women like bigger the better yeah we brought in a woman at 350 and he was like can he go twice that big so um and his wife is big and she he feeds are all the time and loves that and I think it's just what people love yes not Baris it makes you feel is more important than a nice yeah cause lord knows if I'm not so small yeah yeah it's you know it boils down to who you are I think as a person and then of course we all want yeah who we know to be healthy yeah so it's finding the balance so what do you guys think the causes of obesity – over sugar yeah [Laughter] calls are very important you gotta avoid those chemicals chemical put it on the panel yes well chemicals do all kinds of things I think I think I like that these are three on the food because honestly I eat like a pig I can't oh my god I can go to a buffet and just eat like crazy treat me too oh well if you are trying to date me I'm sorry but I don't know I don't want to go to a buffet when I am on a date only with friends okay when I go to a buffet I eat like oh my god I try everything and I go probably five times yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna make sure that I actually eat more than what I think that right there I'll play a whole bunch of vegetables and then I have an Oscar I don't we meet you know that but I have this I a half of that sometimes I've squared over cheese sometimes when I all the time and then I have like one portion I have half of all vegetables and then I have this little bit of pasta but a whole bunch of true and how much it's rally that's I I'm just gonna point out this is how I got really fat by big plates you know going back and forth five or six times and at that point when you're doing that it doesn't matter if you're eating fruit or lettuce or vegetables yes came into consumption at that point and I think that's where Americans and people have to think about how much you're consuming and you know ask for smaller plates we've switched in my household to smaller plates and it's me see how much less you eat aren't smaller oh yes it is it is because I've learned a little trick that I threw up losing weight I had to use it to my plate cuz I noticed when I had that big plate my brain was paying even more well you want to fill up that space yes and then when I had that smaller plate I feel like I've been left yeah sometimes it's uh it's discipline huh yeah it takes discipline yes that's number one because are you there because you know yeah yeah because I'd rather if I have discipline then I'm gonna be skinnier but if I don't have discipline I'll it like yeah yeah but I just everybody just loved eating yeah there are two control I thought I mentioned to control yeah what do you want to make no yeah do you consider yourself obese on the questionnaire on the website and the boy yeah full yeah and I love it um it was like at 5% or 8% yes and maybe was it like 60-some percent and now since our conversation no is it 67% and maybe is it 33 good job I hope you guys have looked in the mirror and seeing reality yeah cuz I know when I look at the mirror a lot of times I look so much fatter and less in shape yeah than I am more than other people see me see so what do you guys think about you know about them about what you have to do so that you won't be considered even obese like health and fitness and there's all these surgeries right that's going on liposuction or something they don't you feel isn't that scary I've had two nose jobs I ain't doing that anymore it's so painful oh my god oh no I'm not doing dude let's do it trying to do it natural if you can try to do it natural because I hypothyroid and that's being hypothermic it's hard to get it off from 2009 to 2014 and then I went clean eating diet like that exercise and I started and I started busy yeah so you're saying that the best thing is you know exercise and diet and bala eat you know it balanced diet balanced I hear yes yes waha balance your diet yeah yeah don't eat so much like me it's unless your metabolism can handle it but when what I did when I was way obese was I read a book called fit for life mm-hm and it had you could eat an apple but you couldn't eat for an hour and a half afterwards and so I could stay evening and munching all day and I lost the extraordinary mouth Wow but you know what does she she's a vegetarian and she only eat healthy eating here she owned I donated help so that may eat some stuff you know once a while like I may have things that I'm not supposed to have but I mainly do eat healthy you know that's okay to have a birthday but I just don't do it every single day right when you do it every single day it's gonna come a habit what happens you're gonna get it back so you're telling your you're telling the viewers that yes it's okay to eat it unhealthy sometimes Stan I mean it's only you know Michael no that's it yes or you're in a date it's a pick a date okay so yes oh yes or no yes okay yeah you gotta answer yes it's okay yeah it's okay to eat sometimes um unhealthy right right I think it all the time my family is pretty much all diabetics and they have a piece of candy now in there but it's it's you know it's really good but if you balance yourself out you can't do that yeah yeah you know so you cut something out of the other end and I think that's like you suddenly just consume too much only things we needed to consume if we think about what does it take to sustain our body yeah you know what funny was I bring up you as a vegetarian because a few weeks ago one of my friend asked me well me my daughter and I loves meat right so we get like a lot more meat than veggie and one time my one of my friend asked me that hey I want to bring you to this veggie house and he said that he's gonna make they make all the meat through bed vegetables yeah I had a veggie hot dog the other day oh you did and okay this is the thing when he mentioned that you know I'm like no like no no no no no no no I don't want surprised you exactly right anyways so we went there and the food is wonderful oh my god you can't believe it the food it looks like beef it looks like shrimp it looks well yeah it looks real the only thing that may only are China you know issues an issue and that is after I ate I'm coming again I guess it's the vegetables next time you need to give us this is this is funny dog so since I love it so much a veggie house it's actually by spring mountain if I'm not mistaken it's really really well no anyways oh you never did you guys have to try at this book good anyways after me loving that restaurant I called my daughter and said hey daughter I'm gonna take you to this restaurant is very and she's like well I said veggie house and the same exactly reaction no see the trying new things is really good it is I want to do stats at the Mirage so if it it is insane it is so good it is most delicious so it's a happening place in town I want to try that yeah yeah but that was that was good the salad I'm just gonna talk about the food was amazing but even there actually it was proportioned awesome look doesn't one thing I can complain about that but talking about food that was my last really good meal I'm sorry Alex artist just said don't give up and cold turkey completely well anyway guys this is our topic obesity according to Dolores you know help some cheap base sometimes not everyday all right sometimes we cheat and reach it and the cheat day like cheat and the cheat already and then you still cheap don't overdo it and also according to dawn that when you under 30 she doesn't feel good under 30 pounds 30 pounds and also we said that just eat I know we said that even though you're big or small it doesn't really matter your personal actually prevail yes yes and I would say eat more colors yes yes yeah the more colleges are white and eat more kids yeah yeah that's right yes god of the white anyways guys I think this is a really nice topic we're gonna be back on the last segment oh yeah so please don't go away and we're gonna be talking about women's issues or boy issues yes this is the first first episode are we gonna be doing this every week surprise yeah all those women are guys out there that watching us if you have some issue that we want to discuss please let us know comment or message of social media just give me like a daily answer question thing it can be whatever you want yes so right now we're gonna go on break please stay tuned don't go away social medias yours is about by branding and opportunity and outreach your entertainment company empowers others by promoting and supporting our community and everyone who reaches our content here on social medias yo so we were family we are family we are family we are family we are family we are family we are family we are family and we want you to be part of our social media shows fan you hi my name is Mario Perez xi all I am the founder of social maybe hey welcome back to honeybees women empowerment show and we just finished our topic obesity and how we are on the air right now anyways so this is the brand new thing with honeybees it is all on every last segment we're gonna be asking for all people out there who had either boy issues or women issues in their life no matter what it is any issue any issues any women or yes we're gonna give you our unprofessional based on our experience how we can deal with this problem so that there is this issue one of our viewers or follower of social media shows messaged me and she said that she's been ignoring this guy for so long and even the guy actually take the initiative to go and see her or ask her to go out but they they dated in the past right now and then he came back and she's like blowing him off yeah yes yes but now they are now the guy the guy went to the Philippines yes there's a lot of pretty women there you can see me yes you can see a duplicate of me but anyways and now the girl is the girl now is like hey come back come back I miss you I want you back I want you I wanna see you right now please don't date anybody out there so what do you guys think what is your best advice about this equation what do you mean here that there's no what the story what what they'll they have what what what do that do you mean by hearing them well okay if they have like issue a problem you know learn how to address it right to each other you know communication so has the groom usable holds the guy that she's jealous yeah I'm what did the guy say they get the guy start ignoring her because she ignored her so the mirror reflection is what I think well um I I gotta say yeah it's a girl's problem yes exactly and um I don't know why cuz I don't know the girl in the red part of the email yeah um she needs to deal with her insecurities yeah and I think she needs to write down what she really wants in a man yeah and see herself in that type of relationship and then I think if it's meant to be it'll come back together on babe I mean you gotta love the girl for cry and now the guy has to decide was the girl nice enough to him when they were together well no there's a girl world yeah yeah the guy is not okay it's not ignoring totally ignoring right yeah it's not not ignoring the other women totally ignored like he still say something but in the Adam man knows that he is trying to do a payback and it's payback time so has the man asked the woman to be in a relationship yes okay yeah then it's the woman's problem darling you had so you need to make a decision about what you want and see yourself in that kind of a relationship and then let it come to you yeah that's my communication comes in munication because you know that's when the communication cuz you're talking out your you're finding out your difference in both clubs you know what it's like they're different she's just fickle and she has something good yeah and she's putting him off because something better might be out there yeah yeah nd yeah yeah sometimes you don't realize you know how good it is let's go back to the play the food yeah how do you play the food is into little it's moldy and no good anymore you go away hungry that's right man we're gonna go hungry better go and ask him to help get your flight plane ticket and follow him there you go may take the initiative yourself but how about is let's say let's actually uh play devil's advocate in here how about if you know this woman is not ready for a relationship but we just love that kissy but she seen she's seen a potential to be this is the man for her well that's what we just said she got a shit-or-get-off-the-pot she's a man but she's not ready she's gonna be left hungry so first before you come into a relationship so if you love yourself it's easier to somebody else to love be more well anyways that is our that's our topic for today and also that is our advice to the women and Eve women are going through the same situation take our advice or don't just do what makes you happy yes exactly yes well anyways this is a really great episode so far thank you so much for being here again hope to see you guys again next to you and viewers if you miss the first part of the show you can go back to our Facebook our Facebook page you can go also to honeybees women empowerment page we are also on YouTube Instagram link in Twitter tweet everything or you can go to social media shows calm all the other shows is in there you can see all their shows everybody shows and also next weeks next week do we have a topic next week so you're gonna do bully next week are we can we yeah all right we're gonna be talking about about bullying so if you guys have anything that you want to talk you wanna you wanna certain a certain topic that you want us to talk about please email us info at social media shows calm and also for those people who are joining us from Hawaii remember you are three hours behind we always start at 3:00 Pacific Standard Time if you're from New York you are ahead so make sure you put your time a little bit backwards and also please don't forget to what let's talk all right after this my guest is Miss every height evany hiya oh that's right you know what I was thinking that is high at Hotel but anyways evany hiya she is a very good chef you guys better go better stay tuned on the next on neck show let's talk world with Maria thank you so much we will see you guys again next week my name is Maria my name is dawn and mr. loris you can I stop great night this is honeybees women empowerment thank you guys hi my name is Mario Perez xi all I am the founder of social media show hi I'm Latoya current founder and director of Family Arts at wiha's creation hi my name is dolly right and I'm a singer this is Bettina Steinhauer they also have a clothing designer and that's the Lord open and I'm a home-based business persons of ej8 my name is jessica feet and i currently work for one of the biggest properties on this trip hello everybody I am Kiki dolmas I have the CEO of ru it entertainment here in Las Vegas hi my name is dawn where I'm the founder of the giving water a local nonprofit I am Alicia aka Catalina Winehouse with Ichigo

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