O TIMBRE DO DIMEBAG – Amplitube CFH Collection (with subtitles)

Let’s do this or what? Today we have a new fresh out of the oven thing to show to you Dimebag’s tone collection by AmpliTube man This is a special collection from CFH album A very cool plugin recently released Thanks to technology today we can reproduce dimebag’s tones wich is a very unique tone and I particularly am really fan and I believe so many of you guys are fan too. Ik multimedia made I Rig and amplitube with Grady “Champion”, Dimebag’s guitar tech, roadie and friend. That guy was with them all of those years This man was with Pantera in studio, live and funny moments That guy knows everything about that guitar sound Not many people can reproduce that tone Actually, no one could do it. It’s such an unique tone. I think dimebag is one of the most authentic person when we talk about guitar tones And CFH is no different It came with a sonority, man, at that time, with so much gain. That guitar screamed. Ok then, that’s it. They made this amazing plugin, this presets collections Dude, awesome That’s it guys, let’s do what we gotta do it’s very very similar, man fuckin’ awesome look how it’s tight, right? it’s very tight noise gate as hell I’m gonna play a little of original cfh, just for us to remember how it sounds then you’ll see how similar it is so fuckin’ cool there’s wah wah too so much fun I wish I could have this plugin when I started to play Pantera’s songs, 10 to 15 years ago This tone is from Clash with reality Trying to reach this tone is very difficult you need to try so many resources you need to take the own ample eq do a mid cut to try to reach this kind of sound But IK gave us this amazing plug in. There’s a tone I really like… the tone that dimebag used live who already saw pantera’s live concerts knows it’s this tone it sounds exactly like this In fact, this is the sound of FOH it’s quite different from album’s tone because it’s used alone It’s mono fuckin’ cool I’ll try something now. I’ll play over a vinnie paul’s cfh backing track let’s see if it works the input signal starts with eq in a crazy mid curve This is another eq, based on original pq3, which is a parametric eq right after that we can see the head here we have Darrel, which is actually inspired by randall rg100 I saw this cabinet for selling in Teodoro Sampaio when I was a young boy I didn’t have money, so I didn’t buy it. Now I’ll never see this again The closest I can get, is with i rig and amplitube good for us amplitube brought this thing I guess it doesn’t even exist cause whoever got this, will never let it go Collectors will never ever sell it if they sell it, it’s gonna be too much expensive Harmonics are very apparent in this amp an interesting thing is to know how this tone was made Here we can see which cabinet he used, which adjustment he is using that he is using a double eq with noise gate how much of the noise gate how does each threshold button works, you know this is so important you can understand how the hardware works out and in a digital way, in your own home without the need to buy all those things Could you imagine turn all those things on? it’s a lot of things You need to know where to put the mic Where the mic is placed on the plugin gives you an idea we can switch order
we can add other stuff there’s a lot of options and stomps and eq that are really cool we could add and that’s pretty nice you’re free to create your own sound to learn how this set up thing works which is really important sometimes people don’t know if you should turn the noise gate on before, after.
a delay, is it comes after or before it’s very cool to understand how it really works from here, it goes to cabinet A, fuckin awesome Look how insane this is there are two ambience mics… a 57 at the speaker this is a 4×12 cabinet with a jaguar speaker. It’s written Panther it’s the kind of cabinet you can’t buy nowadays, so this is very cool, it’s amazing. you know? the whammy bar… this was his mark he wanted to be different from others and indeed he was the first difference you can notice, is about guitar tones and not only on the record, that was awesome it was awesome live as well I guess 80% is his hand His hand was fuckin’ amazing His solos was fuckin’ amazing He can be compared to guitar geniuses like Van Halen, Jimmy Hendrix
each one in your own age this dudes really made some difference into people’s lives. if it wasn’t for Dimebag, I would never be here right now, talking to you guys, there wouldn’t exist Project46. My lifestyle would be completely different So with this kind of product, we can keep his legacy alive. I wish they were alive. He and Vinnie Paul. They changed my life. I can only thank them I feel like this is a gigantic shortcut A search we no longer have to make Send it to your friends Share it with you metalheads dudes Pantera’s fans, high gain fans, Dimebag fans technology fan, this kind of plugin came to make our life easier. Let’s enjoy it.

100 thoughts on “O TIMBRE DO DIMEBAG – Amplitube CFH Collection (with subtitles)

  1. O Ola Englund, e o Keith Merrow, eles montaram a guitarra com a mesma linha de captadores, usaram os mesmo AMPs que o Dime, você não sente diferença pra o tone do Dime, por plugin não tira o mesmo nem… kkk

  2. Qm dera eu com 15 anos tivesse isso, só tinha um cubo jaguara, com ganho sem vergonha kkkk.. Imagina a floods nesse efeito

  3. Porra! Du Caraleo esse vídeo mano!
    Tá de parabéns por nos trazer essa puta novidade timbrosa!
    Vlw aí, baita músico tu é 😎🤘

  4. Velho, esse wah wah que vc usou foi um pedal de verdade ou tem como usar o wah wah do plugin? Se for do plugin como vc fez para controlar?

  5. Muito massa o vídeo !!!
    Mas confesso que como não conhecia o canal, logo que bati o olho pensei “que isso ?? Cover do Silas no YouTube??? Hahahaha

  6. O cowboys lembra muito o máster of puppets do Metallica som seco e estridente o master e de 1986 era uma inovação pra época muitas outras bandas tentaram tirar o som cru e seco do máster pra mim as top bands do mundo Metallica e pantera

  7. Cara, vc usa o I-Rig Stomp?

    Acabei de conhecer o amplitube por causa do seu vídeo

    Tem como mostrar + do amplitube em si?

    Vlw abraço

  8. Cara tua é excelente mano um dos melhores vídeos que já vi pelo YouTube sobre o timbre do mestre Dimebag

  9. Se possível, tenta explorar outras sonoridades do Dime, pq salvo engano ele usou o mesmo Randall no TGSTK, então não deve ser complicado conseguir algo desse álbum com o CFH Collection

  10. Se eu não me engano ainda tem uma pedaleira super simplesinha da zoom que se vc equalizar certinho vc obtém uma sonoridade parecida. Claro que é baixa qualidade, coisa pra tocar em casa, Mas é muito interessante.

  11. Agora me respondam por favor ( pode ser estupido) como faço pra gravar uma faixa usando o amplitube, e não pedais

  12. Pantera é a maior banda que já existira!! Depois desses caras não tem outra banda Que tenha um trabalho igual ou ao menos parecido!

  13. Eu recriei o timbre dele na g1xon do que parece mais a do vulgar display of power do que a do cowboys from hell… Eu tenho 15 anos qualquer curiosidade 🙂

  14. 😱😱😱puta q pariu Vey e muito igual eu tenho q achar esse programa muito irado o som do Dimebag.

  15. Porra muuuitoooo foda!! Mas tbm tenho que insvetir um milhão em equipamentos para conseguir tirar esse timbre….

  16. Boa noite amigo , baixei recentemente o amplitube 4 com o CFH e vi que necessito de uma interface de áudio q reproduza fielmente o timbre . Qual seria uma boa e se tiver uma intermediária tbm que me dê o som real do timbre , ficaria grato pela indicação . Obrigado pela atenção , Eduardo .

  17. Excelente vídeo. Muito louco, inacreditável que o timbre desse programa tenha chegado tão próximo ao do Dimebag!

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