Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition Review nutraphoria testomonial

hello everyone my name is Tonya and I am a mindful eating and health coach and a registered health professional I wanted to share my review of neutral for you because I am a neutral phoria student I absolutely love this program I looked at a lot of programs before I decided to join new trattoria so for me I had a bit of a hard decision I'm also a certified annulled educator so the way I learned was really important so I went to look at a few bricks and mortar schools and they totally didn't resonate with me once I got into neutral phoria I have to say the community hooked me everybody is so giving very generous and very knowledgeable we're from all over North America all walks of life and all ages and that really made me who is a mature student but a lifelong learner I'll never stop learning I always have my nose in a book and of course that was really important to me the format is so I want to say simple but just in the sense that it's intuitive you can get around their platforms and format very easy to pick up where you left off you can take your studying anywhere and I as a working health professional you really need it to be able to manage my time differently and not the tied to a classroom I needed to get up at 5:00 a.m. and do a little bit of homework it was awesome I am able to structure that into my day I don't know what else you'd like to know about nutri for ya so you can certainly send me an email or a message it is accredited and that was really important to me as well there's a lot of information a lot of supplemental reading you can take part of if you choose there are two tiers tier one which once you finish you can start working with with other clients and so you have your basics of fundamentals of nutrition and nutrition science and some meal planning and some coaching too and you can go on to tier two and do the full enchilada or taco or whatever it is you like and be a holistic nutritionist which is what I signed up for I really am happy with nuta foria the price is reasonable just saying now my phone is ringing so I'm gonna go answer that might be new tutorial thank you for listening I really hope you have a great day and if you just go to nutri for yeah I don't think they'll regret

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