[Drew Hoffman] N-S-S-E. What does it stand for?
Let’s find out. [Drew Hoffman, off screen] Okay. The question is…
What does the acronym ’NSSE’ stand for-
N-S-S-E? [Interviewee 1]: What? [Interviewee 2]: New, South, Sports, Extravaganza… [Drew Hoffman] The question is: What does
NSSE stand for, N-S-S-E? [Interviewee 3] National, Student, Society, Entertainment…
Or Enterprise… [Interviewee 1] National, Suicide, Safety…
I have no idea. [Interviewee 4] N-S-S-E?
[Drew Hoffman, off screen]: Yes. [Interviewee 4] I have no idea, honestly.
I can’t even figure out another word with “s.” [Interviewee 5] National, Secret, Service, Empire [Interviewee 6] Never, Socializing, Students,
Environment… [Interviewee 7] Gosh… National
Society for Student Educators? [Interviewee 8] National Survey of Student Engagement [Western Illinois University logo on screen] [Text on screen] Freshmen and Seniors
Your feedback on the National Survey of
Student Engagement influences decisions about improvements made
at Western! Complete the survey sent to
your Zimbra for a chance to win an iPhone or
iPad Mini 3. Remember…
Your Opinion Matters!

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